Edging JOI Tease

Edging JOI Tease

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I step out of the shower wearing only a towel. I'll allow you to jerk off only while I'm standing here in front of you, but you aren't allowed to see my naked body, and you aren't allowed to cum until I say, or else you have to ruin your orgasm and start this video over again tomorrow.

I pull on a pair of panties, then my bra, and then I continue to get dressed in front of you while you jerk off. Once I'm finished getting dressed, I tell you to stop jerking off. I have to leave for work! You can come back in eight hours and well pick up where we left off.

When I get home, I strip out of my outfit and change into yoga pants and a sports bra; you'll have to stop jerking off again, because I'm going to the gym. I'll be back in two hours, and we can finish things off then.

Two hours later I come home and strip out of my gym clothes... maybe I want to head down to the pool for a few hours in my bikini?

Will I ever let you finish, or will you be left with blue balls?

1920x1080 MP4; 2013

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