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Joined Feb.04, 2016
Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 32A
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brunette

Hellen Roxx

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* You just found your new favourite kinky cocktease! * Indulge your imagination. Push your limits. Experience all manner of fetish, femdom, and tease videos here with me. I'm always open to new ideas, so if you have a specific desire I haven't fulfilled, I can also create custom content to bring your fantasies to life. Topless videos and nude videos are now available!

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Amateur Porn Video : Amazon Goddess Enslaves Earth

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Amazon Goddess Enslaves Earth

I am a 50-foot Amazon goddess who has come to Earth to enslave all of you. I demand everyone get down on their knees and worship me. I lift my giant foot above all of you and wiggle my toes in my socks, threatening to squash you beneath my feet if you disobey me. There is no point to trying to resist me, as anyone who attempts to disobey will be destroyed. There is also no point to trying to fight me, as a Goddess like myself is immune to human weaponry. The capture of Earth has allowed me to grow taller and stronger, making it easier for me to enslave other planets! Now that you've all accepted me as your goddess and your ruler, I am even more powerful than before. I will tell you how to properly worship me, and what will happen if you do not follow my orders. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Just Like That JOI

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Just Like That JOI

I've got my pretty purple dildo in my strap on harness today. I'm going to play with it, and you're going to copy exactly what I do. Any move I make, you're going to do the same with your cock. Of course, you'll have the added challenge of having to control your orgasm until I allow you to cum. You can handle that right? Good. Get some lube, and copy everything I do. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Big Spender Striptease

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Big Spender Striptease

I love teasing my boys, and since you've all been so good to me lately spoiling me with gifts and tributes (and of course buying my videos) I wanted to do something for all of you! I've put on my new set of Agent Provocateur lingerie; just sit back and let me dance for you, teasing as I strip. I know how much you love being teased by me, especially when I'm taking things off! If you've spoiled me at all lately, consider this a thank you! Maybe you'd like to reward my generosity. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Controlled By Two Schoolgirls

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Controlled By Two Schoolgirls

Keeping you locked up in chastity was a really good idea! It started out just as a punishment for you being such a creeper, but since we've been making you do our homework we've noticed a huge increase in our grades... and it's given us so much more time to go shopping and flirt with cute boys! We've decided you've earned a little reward for getting us such good report cards. Jolie will give you your key back for now, and you can unlock yourself, but I don't want you to start stroking like crazy! We're going to make you wear Jolie's bra, and stroke very slowly while we tease you. You have to follow all of our instructions; we'll allow you to cum in your hand at the end of a countdown. Featuring Jolie CG 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : You Know You Want Me

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You Know You Want Me

I can tell how much you want me. You live for my little tease videos, don't you? You just can't get enough of me. Is it my gorgeous body that keeps you coming back? Or is it the way I move, swaying my hips for you? Whatever it is, you love being teased by me. You always get my tease videos. What do you think, should I reward you for being a loyal clip addict? Should I give you a little something extra at the end of this video? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. It is the tease you enjoy, so sit back, stroke your cock, and don't cum until I count you down at the end; if you last until then, I promise you'll get a little extra reward. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Money Slave Introduction

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Money Slave Introduction

There are so many of you boys begging to be my money slaves. Do you even know what that entails? Are you aware of how demanding and greedy I can be? I deserve to be spoiled. I deserve to have anything I want. If you're my money slave, it is your job to keep me happy. Watch this to find out how. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Booty Shake And Strip

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Booty Shake And Strip

Teasing you with my perfect body is one of my favourite things to do. I'm wearing a tight white tank top and white stockings, paired with my sexy black thigh high heeled boots, and a wet look miniskirt and panties. I shake and wiggle my ass for you, gyrating my hips like you love so much. I strip out of my skirt and continue to dance and bounce my booty for you. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Study Break Masturbation

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Study Break Masturbation

I just can't pay attention to this book any more, and I still have so much more reading left to do! I'm too distracted. Maybe if I take a little break to relax, I'll be able to concentrate better on my book later. That sounds like a good idea, right? I think a few orgasms will help me relax! I slip my fingers up my skirt and rub my pussy through my panties, then spread my legs at my desk and slide my fingers inside my pussy. Mmm, this is just what I needed! I give myself multiple orgasms until my little study break is over. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Dance Dance Striptease

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Dance Dance Striptease

I adore being your favourite little tease. Watch me give you your own little private dance; you just sit right there and watch me strip out of my clothes, teasing you with my jeans and tank top, strutting in my heels. I shake my ass, show off my sexy flat tummy, and even do a little chair dance for you before stripping out of my clothes! 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Ruling Over You

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Ruling Over You

You know that I control you with my perfect body and my devious mind. You love all of the ways I tease and torment you, and make you even more addicted to me and the power that I have over you. When you first found me, you never dreamed it would be like this. Sure, you liked my little teases, maybe you liked my cute little tits or my long legs or my perfect ass. Something caught your eye and drew you to me. You thought there was no harm in getting one or two of my videos... but then you needed more. Maybe just a few more. And then a few more after that. And then suddenly you had an entire "Hellen Roxx" folder on your computer, full of my videos. You just liked the idea of a beautiful girl controlling you. But now it's become so much more than that. It's so much better now that I make your decisions for you, telling you how to jerk off, when you can cum, what to buy for me... and if I told you to get down on your knees and worship me, you'd do it. The best part about all of this is that you keep begging to be allowed to give me more control and more power. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : How I Blackmail

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How I Blackmail

This video is essential for you to watch if you plan on contacting me about blackmail. I get a lot of boys interested in blackmail. They get so excited watching my blackmail videos, and then they message me asking a million questions. It gets a bit tedious having to give the same instructions over and over and over again, which is why I made this video. This will hopefully answer your questions and leave you more comfortable with the idea. When I blackmail, I don't give cookie-cutter blackmail instructions. I don't give everyone exactly the same thing. Watch this video to find out how I blackmail. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Can't Stand It Masturbation Challenge

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Can't Stand It Masturbation Challenge

Multiple orgasms wear me out! Usually, after I've had a few orgasms, I have a very difficult time using my legs... they get shaky after I cum hard so many times! Today I've been challenged to see how long I can stay on my feet while I use my Hitachi. I'm going to stand in front of you in my pretty lace lingerie and use my Hitachi to make myself cum over and over again. I'll try to stay standing as long as I can. Let's see how many orgasms I can give myself before my legs give out and I can't stand any more! 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Dual JOI And Masturbation For Matthew

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Dual JOI And Masturbation For Matthew

You're going to play along with our little game! Whatever orders we give you, you have to follow. When Hellen gives a command, you and Jolie have to follow it. Then Jolie will give a command, and both you and Hellen have to obey. We're going to be competing against each other, taking turns giving instructions. Let's see if we can all last until the countdown at the end! Featuring Jolie CG; filmed for Matthew 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Secret Sissy

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Secret Sissy

You try to keep it a secret, but I know better. You think that since you have a girlfriend, and you act all manly at work, nobody will know what you're really like. But I do! I know what turns you on. I know what you fantasize about. You are a sissy. You try to keep up appearances and act like a big strong man, but it's all an act! That's not really what you want. What you want is for a real big strong man to force you down on your knees! You try to keep it a secret, but you can't get the thought out of your head! You want it, but you're not sure what to do. I have a couple ideas! I want to help you explore this little fantasy of yours. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Go Go Stop JOI Game

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Go Go Stop JOI Game

You've played the game Go Go Stop before, right? One person says Go, and you can move until they say Stop; once you hear Stop, you have to completely freeze until you hear Go again. I figured we could make an adult version of this game! I'll tease you and say Go, and you're allowed to stroke. As soon as I say Stop, you have to freeze. No stroking. Your hands can't even be on your cock when I've said stop. You have to stay like that until I say Go again. Can you make it to the end? This video is going to be a serious challenge for you! 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbation In Orange Boyshorts Panties

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Masturbation In Orange Boyshorts Panties

Someone just bought these panties from me, so now I have to get them all wet for him! Want to watch me play with my Hitachi and get these all soaked? I know you do! I cum hard over and over, drenching these panties! 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Jolie Is My Bitch

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Jolie Is My Bitch

I call my slave Jolie in to the room; she crawls to me and kneels at my feet. I allow her to worship me, praise me, and thank me. She kisses my feet, and tells me how much she adores being my slave. I remind her how lucky she is to be in my presence. Many slaves beg for the privilege of being able to serve me in person, and I've granted Jolie this honour. I make her bow to me as I relish in my power over her, and then I order her to crawl out of the room to prepare me some tea. Featuring Jolie CG 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Tight Jeans Tease

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Tight Jeans Tease

I just got these new jeans, and they look so good on me! I picked them out, and someone else bought them for me. They're so tight, they just cling to me! I thought I'd use these new skinny jeans to tease you, since I know how much you love it when I wear jeans. Why don't you buy me a pair? I'd just have to model them for you, to thank you for spoiling me with a new pair. That's only fair! You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd like me to show off the jeans you've bought for me. Don't think about it. Just stare at my cute butt in these tight jeans; can you really say no to this? I didn't think so. 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : LOL Money Fetish

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LOL Money Fetish

Do you realize how spoiled I am? I mean, I thought I was a little princess before I started doing all of this, but now anything I ask for, anything I want, I'm given! This set of Agent Provocateur lingerie, these stockings, even my platform high heels, were all given to me by you. Everything I want, I get, and someone else covers the bill! I'm sure you've noticed that my power has been growing. Quite a few of you have even commented on how my power has been developing, and I've been commanding more control over your lives. You're right, and I'm just getting started. Now that I'm exploring my abilities a little bit more, I'm realizing just how good I am at things. I can make you do what I want, and give me anything. This was evident in last month's cash tributes. I thought I'd let you watch me count out some of my tributes, as a cheeky little thank you. I hope you know you're giving me a money fetish! Watch me count out and play with just over five thousand dollars. Thank you boys! 1920x1080 MP4; 2013

Amateur Porn Video : Purple Lelo Toy Masturbation

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Purple Lelo Toy Masturbation

This purple Lelo toy was just sent to me as a gift! Watch me unbox it and use it for the first time. This is my first double-ended toy, so you know I just have to try out how the two different ends feel! 1920x1080 MP4; 2013