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Joined May.15, 2015
Height 5'0"
Weight 105 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 32B
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Hi, I'm Gwenevieve. Bratty domme and lover of science fiction. I like World of Warcraft, weed, and movies. I watch a lot of TV. I drink a lot of coffee. I'm pretty boring. I'm totally that weird girl in school you wanted to fuck.

  • Amateur Porn Model Gwenevieve
  • Amateur Porn Model Gwenevieve
  • Amateur Porn Model Gwenevieve
Amateur Porn Video : GFE Playing Alone in Bed

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GFE Playing Alone in Bed

Up close and personal, soft, natural lighting, tons of closeups. 16 minutes long but discounted due to no sound in the video, still fucking awesome. Taking off my panties and edging myself, playing with only my fingers until cumming.

Amateur Porn Video : Wet and Messy Bikini BJ

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Wet and Messy Bikini BJ

After a long, sexy day of romping around the beach with you, needless to say we are both quite turned on. I've been rubbing your cock through your swim gear all day and you've got the boner to prove it! Why don't I just take care of that for you. I know you love how I look in my cute American Eagle bikini, and I know you can't resist my mouth wrapped around your throbbing dick.

Amateur Porn Video : Foot and Leg Worship

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Foot and Leg Worship

Worshipping my soft, pale legs and feet. My POV.

Amateur Porn Video : Adidas Sneakers and Socks Foot Worship

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Adidas Sneakers and Socks Foot Worship

Worship my beautiful, bright, new sneakers while on your knees. Aren't they perfect? Size 7 1/2, and pair adorably with my Harry Potter socks. Watch me show you every angle of my Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Superstars, then slide them off and tease you with my cute socks.

Amateur Porn Video : Early Morning GFE Foot Tease

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Early Morning GFE Foot Tease

I shot this while lazing around in my bed one morning feeling cute, wearing only a tank top and panties. Just a quick GFE, intimate video of me showing off my soft legs and feet in the bright morning light. I rub myself lightly through my white and grey panties while teasing you

Amateur Porn Video : Spring Has Come

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Spring Has Come

I'm wearing a cute, coral-colored bralette paired with a black skirt, black velvet choker, and super soft over-the-knee socks. Watch me flirt and tease while listening to my favorite band, showing off the cute pink undies underneath my skirt. Then I pull out my beloved hitachi and show myself (and you) a good time, all while trying to keep quiet so my neighbors don't hear me through the bedroom walls. Very fun, light-hearted, bright video shot in only natural daylight. This video is non-nude, and includes an awesome close-up of me squirting in my panties and soaking them.

Amateur Porn Video : Lularoe Leggings Worship

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Lularoe Leggings Worship

Hanging out on my porch in some awesome lighting and showing off my awesome ass in my new, super-soft, amazingly cute, light blue Lularoe leggings. Lots of bending over and getting up close and personal with the camera so you can really worship my nice bum in them.

Amateur Porn Video : Smoking an American Spirit Outside

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Smoking an American Spirit Outside

Quick, casual video of me lighting up a cigarette from the yellow pack of American Spirits - my favorite cigarette, no contest. Lots of good views of me inhaling and exhaling. Doesn't show me finishing the cigarette, just a little over 3:00 minutes of me smoking on my porch in a Hollister hoody, with my red hair put up in a bun.

Amateur Porn Video : Soapy Tits Worship

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Soapy Tits Worship

Come get up close and personal with my big, beautiful breasts. Watch me lather them up and play with them while showering, and gently rinse them off. Lots of different angles, bouncing boobs, and soapy fun.

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbating in my Fluffy Bear Coat

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Masturbating in my Fluffy Bear Coat

Giving myself a quick orgasm with my fingers while wearing a lacy, purple bra and fluffy white bear coat. Lots of cute tummy and thigh jiggling. Super genuine video - was filmed for private reasons, but I decided to release it. :)

Amateur Porn Video : Red Light Panty Worship

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Red Light Panty Worship

Teasing you while wearing a black tank and gray full-back panties in the relaxing red light of my salt lamp.

Amateur Porn Video : Bear Coat BJ

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Bear Coat BJ

Wearing a cute, fluffy, super soft, white coat with bear ears on the hood, and my panties and cute, lacy, purple bra, I give head sitting on the couch. Wintery vibes make it perfect for the holidays. :) Includes: bra and panties, bear coat, cum swallowing

Amateur Porn Video : Blowjob Teaser

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Blowjob Teaser

Curious about my videos but want to test the waters first? Or maybe you just want to tease yourself with some glimpses of Gwen with a dick in her mouth. A small 2 minute compilation of 30 seconds from a few of my personal favorite blowjob videos, put together to tease the cum out of anyone willing to watch.

Amateur Porn Video : Sunny Spring POV Facial

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Sunny Spring POV Facial

The bright spring sun is shining through our window and I'm wearing a pretty floral sundress and shiny black heels. Watch me suck cock happily in the sunlight and take a beautiful facial with the light dancing off of my pale skin. Summer is coming and so are you. ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Alpha Cock Blowjob

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Alpha Cock Blowjob

I've seen your internet history, I know you secret kinks. What really turns you on. I know you've always wanted to see me suck another man's dick, so I made you this video while you were away for business. Watch me suck his alpha cock and swallow his alpha cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Cumshot Compilation 2

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Cumshot Compilation 2

Everyone loves the money shot.

Amateur Porn Video : Hitachi Gush Noir

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Hitachi Gush Noir

Very amateur squirting video featuring a barely legal, chubby Gwenevieve and her hitachi. Lots of close ups.

Amateur Porn Video : Yellow Dress BJ

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Yellow Dress BJ

Giving head in a cute, casual, yellow dress and knee-high Harry Potter socks. Cum swallowing at the end like the very good girl I am!

Amateur Porn Video : Enjoy the View

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Enjoy the View

Solo fun with my hitachi. Back in the day when I had my cute lavender hair and was rockin' these fishnet tights all the time.

Amateur Porn Video : Our First Fuck Video

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Our First Fuck Video

Everyone has to start somewhere! Ridiculously amateur, barely-legal, POV doggystyle fucking. For those who REALLY like the amateur thing ;)

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