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Joined May.12, 2015
Height 5'4"
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Resident plant slut and self-portrait professional. Give me a spanking and spit on my pussy all day.

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Mickey and Finch video by Finch Linden

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Mickey and Finch

Mickey & I have been trying to bang on camera for months and FINALLY. Kissing, dick sucking, pussy eating, so much enthusiastic fucking in my first b/g p in v video.

Aether video by Finch Linden

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Luminiferous aether: the medium for the propagation of wave-based light through empty space. Consisting of subtle particles explaining the mechanical interactions between bodies. | | | | "...though in the ether of the ancients there was nothing taken notice of but a diffused and very subtle substance; yet we are at present content to allow that there is always in the air a swarm of steams moving." | | | | Nipple teasing, pulling and pinching; masturbation over panties with bouncing and moaning; full frontal pussy & ass.

heather grey panties video by Finch Linden

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heather grey panties

watch me squirm and soak through my panties as I beat off and cum with a cute little purple vibrator.

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