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Height 4'11"
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Espi Kvlt

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Horror writer and Snake Queen. I have a B.A. in English-Writing, but I love making porn even more.

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Amateur Porn Video : Body Stocking Slave

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Body Stocking Slave

Espi is your little slave girl, and you want her to strip for you. She is leashed, collared, blindfolded, and wearing an adorable body stocking. She removes everything but the collar and leash just for you.

Amateur Porn Video : Slave Leia Strip

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Slave Leia Strip

Princess Leia has been captured, but she doesn't mind stripping for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Darth Talon Strip

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Darth Talon Strip

Watch Darth Talon dance around in her cute bra and panties and then take them off and show you her adorable body.

Amateur Porn Video : Pink Babydoll Strip

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Pink Babydoll Strip

Watch as I dance around in my cute pink lingerie just for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Blood Fetish Dance

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Blood Fetish Dance

Watch as I dance around and rub blood all over my whole body!

Amateur Porn Video : Kidnapped Princess Espi

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Kidnapped Princess Espi

Princess Espi has been kidnapped by the evil king. He makes her strip off her clothes and then get into the bathtub with him and give him a blowjob. Then he rubs his penis against her clit. (Note: this video only has music - no moaning sounds or anything.)

Amateur Porn Video : Dirty Jock Espi

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Dirty Jock Espi

Espi has just gotten home from her college's cheerleading practice and she is so dirty and needs to clean up. Wash her strip out of her clothes and get into the bathtub, then watch as she masturbates with her fingers and with then with the water that comes out of the faucet. (Note: There is music in this video and no actual moaning sounds or anything.)

Amateur Porn Video : Body Study

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Body Study

A short, artsy video where I show you close-ups in high quality of my naked body.

Amateur Porn Video : Quiet Masturbation

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Quiet Masturbation

An old masturbation video I shot when I was visiting my parents for Christmas, so I had to stay extra quiet when making it! Watch as 19-year-old Espi fucks herself as quietly as she can in this AP exclusive video never before published!

Amateur Porn Video : Little Espi Leopard Lingerie

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Little Espi Leopard Lingerie

One of my older masturbation videos, never before shared with the public, and now an AP exclusive! Watch as 19 year old Espi fucks herself with her brand new pink dildo!

Amateur Porn Video : Lonely Empress

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Lonely Empress

Empress Espi is so lonely in the palace all by herself while her husband is off at war. As she is sitting all alone, she can no longer resist her sexual urges, and she begins to finger herself. Then she pulls out the glass dildo that she has been hiding in secret for a special occasion and gets it all wet in her mouth before fucking herself with it and having a loud orgasm. Music by: krischanmusic

Amateur Porn Video : Your Little Emo Kitten

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Your Little Emo Kitten

Your little kitten Espi is all alone and is so desperate for her master's return; she is such a horny little slut! Watch as she fingers herself in all different positions and moans loudly wishing her master was there to help her cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Queen Espi Fucks the Slave Boy

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Queen Espi Fucks the Slave Boy

You are surprised when you learn that Espi has called for you to come meet her in her chamber room. You thought that since you’re a mere servant, she never even noticed you before. But when you arrive, you find her sitting on her bed in nothing but a jacket. She begins to tease you with your body and then finger fucks herself right in front of you. She then pulls out her magic bullet and inserts it into herself, and then she surprises you even more when she attaches a mouth and fully functional tongue to it, calling it her “Magic Slave Boy Toy.” She makes you watch up close as she fucks herself with the toy, and then she lets you put your penis inside of her and fuck her while she rides you and continues using the tongue on herself, both on her clit and on her asshole. Then, she pulls out a sword and begins to fuck herself with it, and you soon realize why she wanted you here - you are to be her next Magic Slave Boy Toy. After she cuts out your mouth and slices off your dick, she finishes herself off with them.

Amateur Porn Video : Holy Fuck

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Holy Fuck

Little nun Espi can't stand to resist temptation any longer, and she wants you to watch while she fucks herself for the very first time. Watch as she strips out of her tunic and shows you that she wears nothing underneath! Then she dips her fingers in holy water and lathers her throbbing pink pussy. She pulls out the brand-new dildo she bought just for the occasion, sucks on it, and then fucks herself until she has an intense orgasm that makes her look like she's possessed by a demon.

Amateur Porn Video : Sleepy Masturbation

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Sleepy Masturbation

I've just woken up from my nap and I'm so horny. I had a dream about you and now all I want to do is please myself. Watch me have an amazing orgasm with my Bodywand, as I make it go at top speed and press it hard against my adorable pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Night Light

3 Loves

Night Light

Sequel to "Morning Light"! You come home to find Espi all dressed up in her adorable chemise. But instead of doing what you think she will, she decides to torture you again, by rubbing the Bodywand once more over her cute vagina and having another intense orgasm! Espi just loves to make you suffer by making you watch her masturbate!

Amateur Porn Video : Slave Beauty

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Slave Beauty

You have released me from my deep slumber and I am eternally grateful. Because of this, I will now become your slave. Watch as I strip out of my dress just for you, then lock myself up inside a collar. Watch as a spank myself, proving I am worthy to be your slave. I will then give you a blowjob and after that, gag myself. I begin to finger myself, preparing for you to take me. And then you put your cock inside of me, backwards and forwards. Then I get out my Bodywand with your dick still inside of me and you watch my expressions as I cry out in pleasure. Look at my eager pussy and my pleased expressions up close. Then I lie down with your dick still inside of me and the Bodywand still pressed against me and have a loud orgasm. I finish it off by licking all the cum off your dick.

Amateur Porn Video : BodyWand Reading: Paradise Lost

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BodyWand Reading: Paradise Lost

Succubus Espi reads Paradise Lost while masturbating. The thought of Satan revolting gets her super horny! Watch as she struggles to read the lines until she finally has a loud orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : Voyeur in the Window

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Voyeur in the Window

You have had a crush on Espi Kvlt since the two of you entered the same class at your college, and you're so infatuated with her that one day, you decide to bring your camera to school, follow her home, and wait by the window for her to take a shower. It's your lucky day, because you find the perfect window that looks at her right where she showers, and you're able to see everything! But you're even more surprised when, after Espi has finished cleaning off her body, she begins to masturbate, first fingering herself standing up and then sitting down so that the water from the shower head can pound into her clit. After she's had a loud orgasm, you watch as she dries herself off and rubs lotion all over herself. You can't believe you got this all on tape! And you can't wait to smirk at her in class tomorrow!

Amateur Porn Video : Orochimaru Shirt Strip Tease

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Orochimaru Shirt Strip Tease

Espi is so excited about her new Orochimaru shirt, and seeing him on her tits makes her so horny, that she gives you a long strip tease. Watch as she shows you her body, with fans blowing against it and making her hair cascade around her, as she plays with her boobs, and even touches herself in this sensual video.

45 Photos

Pinup Sweetheart

In this 45-photo set, watch me strip out of my adorable pin-up dress and show you every inch of my sexy body!

115 Photos

Foot Fetish Collection

Over 100 photos of me showing you my feet, trying on a bunch of shoes and showing you how my feet look in and on top of them, and even using the heels of some of my shoes to masturbate!

145 Photos

Ass Lovers Bundle

Love ass? Then this photoset is just for you! Includes all ass shots from all the photosets I have for sale, as well as a collection of extras available only in this bundle! Also includes photos of me masturbating with my ass in your face!

50 Photos

White Dress

Me stripping out of a white dress and showing you my breasts, ass, and vagina and fingering myself! 50 photos long and shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Spike Bra Fingering

Stripping out of spike bra and black panties and then fingering myself. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Thigh Highs

Sexy posing in thigh high stockings and removal of black panties. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Skull Bra Strip

10-photo set where I strip out of a skull bra and black panties.

10 Photos

Sexy in the Bathroom

Sexy close up shots of me in the bathroom.

50 Photos

Sleeping Beauty 2

Slave Beauty has awoken from her slumber and is now your slave! Watch her strip out of her princess dress and finger herself to show her gratitude! This 50-photo set was shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Dildo Suck and Fuck

10 photo set of me sucking and fucking a dildo. Shot with a DSLR.

22 Photos

Army Coat Suck and Fuck

Watch me strip out of my Army coat, then my bra and panties, then suck and fuck myself with a dildo in this 22-photo set! Shot with a DSLR.

16 Photos

Wonder Woman

A 17 picture, Wonder Woman themed set, shot with a DSLR camera.

22 Photos

Underbust Corset

A 22-photo set in which I wear an underbust corset. Props include a fake skull and a whip.

27 Photos

Storm Trooper x Darth Vader

A 27-photo Storm Trooper x Darth Vader set, in which I am dressed as a Storm Trooper that gets seduced by Darth Vader! Shot with a DSLR camera.

58 Photos

Snake Kigurumi with Orochimaru

A 58-photo set of me dressed in a snake kigurumi and also featuring Orochimaru. HD photos, shot with DSLR.

20 Photos

Sleeping Beauty

A 20-photo set in which I am dressed as Princess Aurora. Shot with DSLR.

24 Photos

Slave Leia

A 24-photo set featuring me in a slave Leia costume. Shot with a DSLR.

34 Photos

Sailor Mars

A 34-photo set in which I am dressed as Sailor Mars. Shot with a DSLR.

28 Photos

Sailor Girl

A 28-photo set in which I wear a sailor girl costume, shot with a DSLR.

71 Photos

Snake Espi's Cave

A 71-photo set of me dressed as a snake, drinking from my water bowl and fucking myself with a mouse vibrator.

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