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I write horror, make porn, and love snakes. Sith Lord. Holder of a B.A. in English-Writing. Buddhist. Witch. Married to Orochimaru.

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Amateur Porn Video : Emo Girls Love Robots

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Emo Girls Love Robots

Everyone knows emo girls have a robot fetish, and now you get to watch this cute emo girl live out her fantasy. Watch as she puts on a sexy strip show and then spanks her ass just for you! Then watch as she gives the robot dildo a BJ before fucking it as hard as she can. The dildo is so big, and Espi needs extra help from her Bodywand in order to get herself extra wet and come to a loud orgasm before sucking the dildo again. (Music provided by Teknoaxe.)

Amateur Porn Video : OrochiEspi Sex Tape the Third

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OrochiEspi Sex Tape the Third

Orochimaru and Espi are at it again! Watch as Espi sucks his dick with the camera in her face, then watch her fuck him in various poses and different camera angles, leading up to Orochimaru finishing her off by giving her head while she uses the vibrator on herself until she orgasms!

Amateur Porn Video : It Has Three Modes!

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It Has Three Modes!

Lady Freeman knows there is more to the Gravity Gun than it's two simple symmetrical and asymmetrical modes, and she's out to prove it. Watch her strip out of her Black Mesa uniform and fuck herself with her fingers. Then watch her turn on the Gravity Gun and discover its third mode - sex toy! She fucks herself with it in various positions and then has an orgasm as the gun shoots off in excitement!

Amateur Porn Video : Show You a Real Tunnel Snake

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Show You a Real Tunnel Snake

When Espi takes you to her room in Vault 101, you think she's just going to show you her newly advanced Pip Boy. Turns out she has other things in mind when she says she wants to show you a "real tunnel snake." She strips out of her Tunnel Snakes jacket and Vault 101 jumpsuit, and then she starts to finger herself. You are shocked when she ends up having an orgasm right in front of you, but she isn't done yet. It turns out her "real tunnel snake" is a dildo she had hidden, which she sucks right in front of you and then fucks herself with. She then pulls out another surprise - a vibrating tunnel snake! She fucks herself with both of them, and then she has a second orgasm, but she still isn't done! She ends by using only the vibrating one to have an astounding THIRD ORGASM!

Amateur Porn Video : Wise as Athena

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Wise as Athena

Watch Wonder Woman strip out of her sexy dress and rub her clit and then use her vibrator until she has an intense orgasm! (Music Provided by Teknoaxe.)

Amateur Porn Video : Arwen Tel'Hukaa

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Arwen Tel'Hukaa

Arwen thinks she's all alone in the forest, and she uses the opportunity to fuck herself while thinking about Aragorn. Watch her strip out of her dress, and then masturbate in various positions, staying as quiet as possible so no one notices what she's doing.

Amateur Porn Video : Under the Sea Simulator

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Under the Sea Simulator

Mera is unfortunately stuck on land and all by herself while Arthur runs off trying to save the day. She can't stand being cooped up all by herself, and while she could go help her husband, she has other things in mind. Watch as she fills up a bathtub and takes a steamy bath, finger fucking herself and using her dildo in multiple positions while she achieves orgasm in this water-filled masturbation tape.

Amateur Porn Video : The First Cumming

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The First Cumming

Watch as Espi bathes in sacred water, strips out of her robes, and begins to fuck herself in the light of candles. After finger fucking herself in various positions, she gets out her Jesus figurine and fucks herself with that until she reaches orgasm. Video is a little over eight minutes long. (Music:

Amateur Porn Video : Purification

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Espi wants you to watch her purify herself, but not in the way you're thinking! Watch her lather her body in water, remove her panties, and then use the shower head to masturbate. She then uses the panties to fuck herself, shoving them all the way in her pussy. Then watch her fuck herself with her glass dildo. After that, she lies under the running bathtub water until she has an intense orgasm! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Up Close and Personal : Vagina Edition

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Up Close and Personal : Vagina Edition

You've seen my face up close while I had in orgasm in two videos. Now watch my vagina up close as I masturbate just for you! I start by taking off my sexy panties and rubbing them all over my vagina, and then I put my pussy right up in the camera for you to see. I fuck myself with my fingers in several positions, and then I pull out my mini lightsaber and fuck myself with that. I also use my BodyWand and then, for the finale, I use both at the same time, all the while keeping my pussy up nice and close for you to gaze at.

Amateur Porn Video : Darth Ophidius Gets Ultra Fucked

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Darth Ophidius Gets Ultra Fucked

Darth Ophidius is home alone this holiday season and feeling lonely, she decides to give herself some company. Watch her strip out of her pajamas, finger herself, and then fuck herself with her pretty lightsaber. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Bounty Fucked

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Bounty Fucked

Darth Vader takes Boba Fett to the back room of the cantina, where he plans to discuss how the finding of Han Solo is coming along. But he is surprised when he sees that Boba Fett wants to do more than talk, and as Boba Fett strips out of his armor, Darth Vader is startled to realize he's actually a hot woman! Watch as Boba Fett strips out of her armor, sucks Darth Vader's dick, and then fucks him in various positions in this 16 and a half minute video!

Amateur Porn Video : Naughty Lil Goth Princess

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Naughty Lil Goth Princess

Even though Espi the naughty lil goth is now a princess, the rules she must follow are now even more strict. But everyone knows that she hates following rules! It's bedtime in the palace, but she would rather strip out of her gown, finger fuck herself, and then use her BodyWand until she orgasms just for you! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Mary's Gift

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Mary's Gift

The little known fourth wise man has come bearing a gift for Mary. Watch as the virgin releases her sexual desires, first finger fucking herself, and then opening her gift - a crystal dildo! Watch her fuck herself with it in multiple positions until she finally has a loud orgasm for the very first time! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Peach's Awakening

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Peach's Awakening

Bowser has captured Princess Peach yet again, and he forces her to do a burlesque show just for him!! After she finishes doing that, he makes her go even further, telling her she has to play with herself. But instead of resisting him, Peach finds herself enjoying her sexual awakening, and when Bowser gives her a vibrator to use on herself, she happily does it and experiences her very first orgasm! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Venus Steals Kyu’s Toy

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Venus Steals Kyu’s Toy

fter you have matched enough bubbles and gotten Venus’s clothes off, you are surprised when instead of having sex with you, Venus finds Kyu’s vibrating rabbit and uses that on herself instead! Watch as she shoves it down her throat, then fucks herself with it, putting both her vagina and her ass right in your face! Venus tries to contain her moans - after all, she is a goddess - but she can’t contain herself and loudly orgasms. Music from:

Amateur Porn Video : Naughty Lil Goth

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Naughty Lil Goth

Espi is a naughty lil goth girl who thinks she can break whatever rules she wants to! She sneaks into the bathroom in the middle of the night after a night of partying and strips and fucks herself for your viewing pleasure, trying to be as quiet as possible so she doesn't wake up anyone. But she can't control her moans as she has an amazing orgasm! Watch her fuck herself and suck her fingers in this almost 8 minute video.

Amateur Porn Video : Girlfriend Sends You a Porno

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Girlfriend Sends You a Porno

You are surprised to open up your e-mail and see that your girlfriend has made a naughty video just for you! Watch as she shows you her naked body for the very first time, then spanks her ass until it's bright pink. Then watch as she masturbates in multiple different positions, and finally, has a loud, intense orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Gloria Ramsay

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Gloria Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's twin sister, Gloria, also loves to cook, but in a very different way. Watch as she strips out of her chef clothes and fingers herself. Then watch as she sucks on various vegetables and fucks herself with them, including putting a carrot and a piece of asparagus up her cute pink pussy at the same time! After she has worn herself out with the vegetables, she fingers herself one final time for a loud orgasm. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Butt Focused Strip Tease

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Butt Focused Strip Tease

Watch me strip out of my cute lil bikini and spank my butt over and over again until it leaves pink hand prints! (Music provided by

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Bikini Babe

A 39 photo set of me stripping out of my cute pink bikini and showing you my body!

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Pinup Sweetheart

In this 45-photo set, watch me strip out of my adorable pin-up dress and show you every inch of my sexy body!

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Foot Fetish Collection

Over 100 photos of me showing you my feet, trying on a bunch of shoes and showing you how my feet look in and on top of them, and even using the heels of some of my shoes to masturbate!

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Ass Lovers Bundle

Love ass? Then this photoset is just for you! Includes all ass shots from all the photosets I have for sale, as well as a collection of extras available only in this bundle! Also includes photos of me masturbating with my ass in your face!

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White Dress

Me stripping out of a white dress and showing you my breasts, ass, and vagina and fingering myself! 50 photos long and shot with a DSLR.

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Spike Bra Fingering

Stripping out of spike bra and black panties and then fingering myself. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

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Thigh Highs

Sexy posing in thigh high stockings and removal of black panties. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

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Skull Bra Strip

10-photo set where I strip out of a skull bra and black panties.

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Sexy in the Bathroom

Sexy close up shots of me in the bathroom.

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Sleeping Beauty 2

Slave Beauty has awoken from her slumber and is now your slave! Watch her strip out of her princess dress and finger herself to show her gratitude! This 50-photo set was shot with a DSLR.

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Dildo Suck and Fuck

10 photo set of me sucking and fucking a dildo. Shot with a DSLR.

22 Photos

Army Coat Suck and Fuck

Watch me strip out of my Army coat, then my bra and panties, then suck and fuck myself with a dildo in this 22-photo set! Shot with a DSLR.

16 Photos

Wonder Woman

A 17 picture, Wonder Woman themed set, shot with a DSLR camera.

22 Photos

Underbust Corset

A 22-photo set in which I wear an underbust corset. Props include a fake skull and a whip.

27 Photos

Storm Trooper x Darth Vader

A 27-photo Storm Trooper x Darth Vader set, in which I am dressed as a Storm Trooper that gets seduced by Darth Vader! Shot with a DSLR camera.

58 Photos

Snake Kigurumi with Orochimaru

A 58-photo set of me dressed in a snake kigurumi and also featuring Orochimaru. HD photos, shot with DSLR.

20 Photos

Sleeping Beauty

A 20-photo set in which I am dressed as Princess Aurora. Shot with DSLR.

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