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Height 4'11"
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I write horror, make porn, and love snakes. Sith Lord. Holder of a B.A. in English-Writing. Buddhist. Witch. Married to Orochimaru.

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Amateur Porn Video : Step-Daddy's Hidden Camera

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Step-Daddy's Hidden Camera

Now that you know what I do when you and Mommy are away, you've made it your mission to catch me and record me in the act! It doesn't take long for the hidden camera to do it, either! The hidden camera catches me doing everything I said: rubbing my cum everywhere, pulling out my hidden toys, and having an orgasm even after you and Mommy have already returned home! I can't be stopped!

Amateur Porn Video : Teasing Step-Daddy

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Teasing Step-Daddy

I know you want me. I see the way you look at me. I dress like a slut around you on purpose. And now, I'm gonna make you suffer even more. You can watch me fuck myself, but you can't touch. You can see what toys I have hidden under your bed. And when Mommy gets home, I'm just gonna gag myself and keep going until I cum all over the bed. Will Mommy notice? I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

Amateur Porn Video : HORNy Succubus

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HORNy Succubus

Lilith is back to tease you some more! Watch her show you every inch of her perfect body, as she then begins to spank and finger herself in several positions. Then she reveals to you how truly HORNy she is when she starts fucking herself with an actual horn! Watch her orgasm all over her favorite horn toy and then suck it in a POV-style position right in front of you, smiling as you squirm and wish she would fuck you, too. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Fuck Me, Steve

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Fuck Me, Steve

Espi wishes she could fuck Steve Rogers, so she does the next-best thing. Watch her finger fuck herself in her Captain America dress, and then fuck herself with her Captain America pen while she uses her Captain America Tsum Tsum to simulate her clit in multiple positions before she has a loud orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : FulFILLING Desitny

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FulFILLING Desitny

Watch Kylo Ren strip out of her dress, finger herself, and then suck and fuck herself with all three sides of her crossguard lightsaber! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Espi gets REALLY into checking herself out in the mirror - so much that she can't help but lust after herself as she begins kissing and licking her reflection. She presses a dildo against the mirror and sucks on it, and then she masturbates with both her fingers and dildo on top of the mirror in multiple positions so that you can see her sweet pussy getting pounded from all angles. After having an amazing orgasm where you can see her O-face in the mirror, she teases you by showing off her vagina in the mirror one more time.

Amateur Porn Video : Dinner Party

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Dinner Party

You were invited to an extravagant party thrown by one of Espi's rich relatives. Little did you know that the real reason Espi wanted you to come was because she had the hots for you! Now, she wants you to watch her jack off in front of you and wants you to do the same. She drags you off into a back room, and you hope she'll stay quiet, but she isn't worried, hoping that the sounds of the loud party will drown it out. Watch her strip out of her fancy lingerie and masturbate in multiple positions before she has an intense orgasm. Then watch her lick all the cum off right in front of you! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Old School Masturbation

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Old School Masturbation

Espi is home visiting her family and wants to masturbate the way she did when she still lived there. Watch her as she scrubs her wet, nude body all other with body wash, turning herself on until she can't take it anymore. She starts masturbating with the shower head, and when that isn't enough anymore, she starts using the top of the toilet plunger. Then she lies under the running bath water and lets it fill up, as she forces herself to orgasm before it gets too full. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Cleaning Dirty Feet

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Cleaning Dirty Feet

Espi is such a dirty girl, and she needs to clean up her feet for your viewing pleasure. Watch her wash off her feet with soap and water, then suck on them and get all the water off. Then watch as she covers her feet in lotion, covering every inch. She then puts on nail polish before sucking on her toes again. Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Mononoke

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San is all alone in the forest, but not for long! She strips out of her clothes and then masturbates as quickly and quietly as possible before the wolves return! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Harley Loves Ivy

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Harley Loves Ivy

Harley's secret revealed! She loves to watch porn of Poison Ivy and jerk off! She starts off by going through Ivy's dirty photo set (which you can see by joining GodsGirls for 50% off here: and then she opens up Ivy's masturbation video (which you can purchase here: and shows off her tits as she jerks off in the same positions and with a dildo at the same time as Ivy does. Watch her fuck herself until she orgasms watching Ivy do the same!

Amateur Porn Video : Shower Fuckery

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Shower Fuckery

Espi shows you some close-up shots of her body in the shower, rubbing the water all over her tits, pussy, and ass. She then finger fucks herself and fucks herself with her dildo with really close-up shots of the dildo going into her vagina. She then has an orgasm louder than the water pounding against her pussy. But she isn’t done yet! As she dries herself off with her Avengers towel, she sees Steve Rogers on her boobs in the reflection of her camera screen and she needs a second go. Watch her finger fuck herself until she comes to a second orgasm! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbating with Girlfriend after Prom (JOI for Vaginas)

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Masturbating with Girlfriend after Prom (JOI for Vaginas)

Prom has just ended, and your girlfriend takes you home with her. You expect that you two are about to have sex for the first time, but she has other things in mind, as she asks you if she can masturbate with you and tell you what to do the whole time. You agree, and she instructs you how you're going to fuck yourself as she does it along with you, until you both have an orgasm lying side by side.

Amateur Porn Video : Rebel Girl Teaches You Masturbation (JOI for Vaginas)

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Rebel Girl Teaches You Masturbation (JOI for Vaginas)

You've always thought Espi was such a hot rebel girl that you've had a major crush on her for ages. When she invites you over for dinner and to give you a tarot reading, you don't think much of it other than she still just wants to be friends. That is, until she pulls the "Lovers Embrace" card. Espi says she now realizes why you're always hanging around her, and she wants you, too. But since you've never masturbated before, she isn't sure you can handle her, so she's gonna teach you how to do that first. The rules: you let her teach you, and she'll show you her tits and vagina. Let Espi guide you into how to masturbate as she does it along with you, until you both cum at the same time! Then she finally lets you see what's hiding behind her bra and panties.

Amateur Porn Video : Messy Lipstick Masturbation

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Messy Lipstick Masturbation

Espi is a messy girl! Watch her suck and fuck her dildo in various positions, getting her lipstick all over her face, while also using the Bodywand, until she has an intense orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : JOI: Only Good Boys See My Tits

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JOI: Only Good Boys See My Tits

You love how my breasts look in this tank top, and you instantly get hard when you see them. But not so fast! You're going to have to do something for me before you even have a chance of looking at them! I'm going to tell you exactly what to do with your penis, and if you disobey me even once, you can kiss seeing these perfect breasts goodbye. Do everything I say as I tell you how I want you to jack off, then cum with me at the same time as I do, right when I tell you, and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you see them.

Amateur Porn Video : Sexy no Jutsu

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Sexy no Jutsu

Itachi uses Sexy no Jutsu for the first time, and there’s only one thing to do now! Itachi fucks himself in various positions until orgasm and is very excited to experience a vaginal orgasm for the first time!

Amateur Porn Video : Comic Book Fetish

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Comic Book Fetish

Don't kinkshame me! Espi loves to jerk off to her favorite comic books, and she does that in this video while reading Wonder Woman. She gets so turned on watching Wonder Woman kick ass that she fingers herself, then fucks herself with a dildo, then adds in her Bodywand until she has a loud orgasm. Watch her lick the cum off the dildo as she sucks it inches away from you!

Amateur Porn Video : I Have a Surprise for You!

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I Have a Surprise for You!

Her pregnancy wasn't the only surprise Medusa had for Black Bolt that night. Watch as she strips out of her cute purple lingerie in a seductive tease. She then finger fucks herself before stuffing her vagina with the straps of the lingerie. After that, she shows Black Bolt how talented she has gotten with her BJs by sucking on a glass dildo. She then uses the dildo to fuck herself in several positions before having an orgasm while Black Bolt watches her. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Seventh-Inning Stretch Quickie

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Seventh-Inning Stretch Quickie

Batwoman runs to the bathroom during the seventh-inning stretch, but it isn't for the reason everyone thinks! She has to be quick before the game starts back up, so she quickly strips off her panties and opens up her dress so that you can see her big boobs. She then starts fingering herself, but has to remain as quiet as possible so no one hears her. Then, she pulls out a pouch she had hidden in her utility belt, and inside is a dildo! Watch as she fucks herself with it and then orgasm as quietly as she can before sucking all of the cum off right in front of you! (Music provided by Teknoaxe)

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Bikini Babe

A 39 photo set of me stripping out of my cute pink bikini and showing you my body!

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In this 45-photo set, watch me strip out of my adorable pin-up dress and show you every inch of my sexy body!

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Over 100 photos of me showing you my feet, trying on a bunch of shoes and showing you how my feet look in and on top of them, and even using the heels of some of my shoes to masturbate!

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Love ass? Then this photoset is just for you! Includes all ass shots from all the photosets I have for sale, as well as a collection of extras available only in this bundle! Also includes photos of me masturbating with my ass in your face!

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White Dress

Me stripping out of a white dress and showing you my breasts, ass, and vagina and fingering myself! 50 photos long and shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Spike Bra Fingering

Stripping out of spike bra and black panties and then fingering myself. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Thigh Highs

Sexy posing in thigh high stockings and removal of black panties. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Skull Bra Strip

10-photo set where I strip out of a skull bra and black panties.

10 Photos

Sexy in the Bathroom

Sexy close up shots of me in the bathroom.

50 Photos

Sleeping Beauty 2

Slave Beauty has awoken from her slumber and is now your slave! Watch her strip out of her princess dress and finger herself to show her gratitude! This 50-photo set was shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Dildo Suck and Fuck

10 photo set of me sucking and fucking a dildo. Shot with a DSLR.

22 Photos

Army Coat Suck and Fuck

Watch me strip out of my Army coat, then my bra and panties, then suck and fuck myself with a dildo in this 22-photo set! Shot with a DSLR.

16 Photos

Wonder Woman

A 17 picture, Wonder Woman themed set, shot with a DSLR camera.

22 Photos

Underbust Corset

A 22-photo set in which I wear an underbust corset. Props include a fake skull and a whip.

27 Photos

Storm Trooper x Darth Vader

A 27-photo Storm Trooper x Darth Vader set, in which I am dressed as a Storm Trooper that gets seduced by Darth Vader! Shot with a DSLR camera.

58 Photos

Snake Kigurumi with Orochimaru

A 58-photo set of me dressed in a snake kigurumi and also featuring Orochimaru. HD photos, shot with DSLR.

20 Photos

Sleeping Beauty

A 20-photo set in which I am dressed as Princess Aurora. Shot with DSLR.

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