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Horror writer and Snake Queen. I have a B.A. in English-Writing, but I love making porn even more.

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Amateur Porn Video : The Interrogation of Karin: Part Two

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The Interrogation of Karin: Part Two

Karin thought masturbating was enough to set her free, but as it turns out, she was wrong. She is taken to a loud room so the others can't hear her, and now she must suck the interrogator's dick, then strip out of her clothes, and then let him fuck her in multiple positions. Watch as he pounds away on Karin, and she finds she really enjoys it - so much so that she ends up having an intense orgasm! Karin then licks the interrogator's dick clean, and he informs her this isn't over - it will never be over for her.

Amateur Porn Video : Up Close and Personal: Gagged Edition

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Up Close and Personal: Gagged Edition

Watch Espi's face up close as she finger fucks herself and moans loudly just for you. She then uses the vibrator on herself, moaning louder and louder as she makes the vibrations more intense. Then watch as she gags herself with her ballgag while the vibe is still on her clit and orgasms with her moans muffled by the gag. She drools all over herself and shows you the spit that covers the ballgag at the end of the video.

Amateur Porn Video : 21st Century Succubus

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21st Century Succubus

You come home to find a strange file on your desktop. "ill_wait_for_you.mp4" it says. You don't remember saving anything like that, so you open the file to see what on earth it is. You are shocked to find a video of a succubus on your bed! You have no idea how she got in, or how she got into your computer, but she has taken a video of herself stripping to a song and then fucking herself! You are even more surprised when she switches from fucking herself with her fingers to fucking herself with a vibrator. Where on earth did she get that? You watch as she orgasms with the vibrator, fingering herself as she does. Then you watch as she licks her juice off the vibrator. You know there's only one thing to do: you have to summon her back. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Skyping With Vision

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Skyping With Vision

Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, just can't stand being away from Vision so long when he's out saving the world. She convinces him he needs to take a break to Skype with her, and he obliges, but he gets a lot more than he anticipated when he turns it on and sees Wanda is completely naked! She doesn't speak, but instead, just starts masturbating. Watch as she fucks herself with both her fingers and scarlet red dildo in various positions before having an intense orgasm just for him!

Amateur Porn Video : Top Off, Panties On

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Top Off, Panties On

Sequel to "Top On, Panties Off"! Watch me strip out of my sweater and show off my cute leopard print panties. Then watch me use my vibrator in various positions until I have a super loud, super intense orgasm just for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Ivy Loves Harley Loves Ivy

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Ivy Loves Harley Loves Ivy

Ivy’s secret revealed! She loves to watch porn of Harley jacking off to her and jerk off! She starts off by going through Harley’s dirty photo set (which you can purchase here: and then she opens up Harley’s masturbation video (which you can purchase here: and shows off her tits as she jerks off in the same positions and with a doll of Harley at the same time as Harley does. Watch her fuck herself until she orgasms watching Harley do the same! (Music provided by - and the song is called "Roses for My Girl" which is extra cute!)

Amateur Porn Video : Skyping with Girlfriend

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Skyping with Girlfriend

You are away from your girlfriend, and you Skype with her all the time, but tonight she lets you know it isn't quite enough - she needs more sensual pleasure. Watch as she finger fucks herself while you jack off with her, so that she can feel closer to you than she has in a while. Then watch her pull out her dildo and have an amazing orgasm just for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Harley's Daffodoll

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Harley's Daffodoll

Poison Ivy gets so turned on reading Harley's comic, she just can't resist anymore! Watch as she strips down her dress, shows off her boobs and vagina, and then finger fucks herself. And then watch as she pulls out her favorite doll of Harley and fucks herself with that! She fucks herself in multiple positions and then has an orgasm with the help of her favorite little Clown Princess! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Top On, Panties Off

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Top On, Panties Off

Watch me strip out of my panties and smack my ass. I give you a peek of my tits, but just for a moment! Then I fuck myself in multiple positions, with the paddle, my fingers, and a glass dildo. I have an intense orgasm using the dildo and then I finally take off my shirt so you can get a good view of what's underneath!

Amateur Porn Video : In Love With My Psychic

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In Love With My Psychic

You visit me every single week, and this week, the tarot cards tell us what we both already knew but were too afraid to say: we wanna fuck each other. I look into my crystal ball and see something coming up very soon in both of our futures: I'm going to fuck myself, and you're going to watch me and jack off. I have another trick up my sleeve: I turn my crystal ball into a crystal dildo! Watch me finger fuck myself in multiple positions and then use the crystal dildo to cum at the same time as you do! I can't wait to see you again next week. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Weird Goth Girl Fucks Her Shoe

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Weird Goth Girl Fucks Her Shoe

When you took her home from the concert, this is not what you were expecting. Watch this horny little goth girl show off her fishnet bodystocking and sexy high heels, then strip off her shoe and show off her cute feet. Then watch as she sucks the heel of her shoe and fucks herself with it in multiple positions before she cums for you! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Interrogating Karin

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Interrogating Karin

Karin has been taken by to Konoha and is being interrogated for information. Her lies aren't working and she's running out of options. She decides she'll tell Ibiki everything, but he has to do something for her first. Use a jutsu to make himself look like Sasuke and watch her fuck herself. He agrees, and Karin strips out of her clothes and fucks herself with her glasses and a glass dildo until she orgasms. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Girlfriend Teaches: Bodywand

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Girlfriend Teaches: Bodywand

(JOI for Vaginas) You're having a slumber party at your girlfriend's house when she says you should play Truth or Dare. You reluctantly agree, as she is much more daring than you, but you get really into it when you dare her to take her pants off and she actually does it, revealing that she doesn't wear panties. Now it's her turn, and she dares you to let her dominate you to giving you a JOI using the Bodywand she bought you for your birthday. Let your girlfriend guide you through how to fuck yourself with your Bodywand, doing exactly what she says, and then cum with her at the same time! But you've been so good that that's not all - she gives you a second show at the end for doing such a good job being her slave!

Amateur Porn Video : Emo Girl JOI

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Emo Girl JOI

I see you staring at me, and now it's time to be punished! I'm gonna take off my clothes, but only if you do something for me - I'm gonna tell you exactly how I want you to masturbate. But I get so turned on watching you that I have to do it myself. How about this? Let's cum together! Watch me fuck myself and then countdown to when we both have an orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : CPR Training

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CPR Training

You're a newly hired lifeguard ready for CPR training, but things take a surprising (and sexy) turn when Espi teaches you how to do CPR in her very "special" way.

Amateur Porn Video : Beautiful No-Face

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Beautiful No-Face

You have heard of the No-Face ghosts, but you have never actually seen one, until now. She isn't what you expected, as you can only see up to her neck. By magic or because nothing else exists, you are unsure, but there is no way for you to see anything but her beautiful body. She takes you to the bathroom, and though you are afraid, you let her seduce you. She shows you her body close up, then she gets into the water so you can watch as it drips all down her skin. She then closes the shower door so you can watch as she pushes her body against the steaming glass. She then has a surprise you weren't expecting - she pulls out a dildo, face fucks herself with it, and then fucks herself in front of the glass before having an orgasm. But she isn't done yet. The thought of you masturbating while watching her has turned her on so much, she fucks herself and has another orgasm outside of the shower. She then face fucks herself a second time - so hard she gags on the dildo. You hope she'll visit you again. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Step-Sister Teaches Lil Bro Masturbation

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Step-Sister Teaches Lil Bro Masturbation

Hey, lil bro! Isn’t it great that you just moved in and we have to share my bed? Have you masturbated before? Let me teach you how! Let me show you my amazing boobs and cute pink pussy, and teach you how it’s done. Watch me fuck myself and orgasm loudly just for you! Now it’s your turn. You better cum when I tell you!

Amateur Porn Video : Ring-a-Ding-Ding!

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The Courier has come to Benny’s suite, tempted him with her charms, and then killed him right in front of his own bed. But she isn’t finished yet! Watch as she strips out of her Vault outfit and fucks herself in various positions, before having her grand finale using Benny’s gun Maria to give herself an orgasm! Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Worship Your Goddess

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Worship Your Goddess

You think I don't see you standing in front of my window every single day, trying to watch me change so you can catch a glimpse of my ass? I know how much you want me, and now, you're going to be punished for your actions. Pull out your dick and stroke it for me as I make you worship my ass and tits. You better not cum until I say! Keep stroking it as I touch myself through my panties and make you worship me in order to see what's underneath. When I'm finally satisfied, I take off my panties so you can see my vagina, and then I make you watch and suffer as I give myself an orgasm right in front of you! You've been a good boy, so I give you a countdown until you're allowed to cum for me.

Amateur Porn Video : Watch Me Watch Porn

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Watch Me Watch Porn

I am all alone at home - finally! - and I am super excited because this means I get to watch porn! Watch as I pull up my skirt and fuck myself while watching porn of Ophelia and Cyrin. I start by fingering myself, then use my vibrator doggy style so you can see my ass. Then I show off my boobs before lying missionary and having an amazing orgasm! Video used with permission by QAP Collective:

115 Photos

Foot Fetish Collection

Over 100 photos of me showing you my feet, trying on a bunch of shoes and showing you how my feet look in and on top of them, and even using the heels of some of my shoes to masturbate!

145 Photos

Ass Lovers Bundle

Love ass? Then this photoset is just for you! Includes all ass shots from all the photosets I have for sale, as well as a collection of extras available only in this bundle! Also includes photos of me masturbating with my ass in your face!

50 Photos

White Dress

Me stripping out of a white dress and showing you my breasts, ass, and vagina and fingering myself! 50 photos long and shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Spike Bra Fingering

Stripping out of spike bra and black panties and then fingering myself. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Thigh Highs

Sexy posing in thigh high stockings and removal of black panties. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Skull Bra Strip

10-photo set where I strip out of a skull bra and black panties.

10 Photos

Sexy in the Bathroom

Sexy close up shots of me in the bathroom.

50 Photos

Sleeping Beauty 2

Slave Beauty has awoken from her slumber and is now your slave! Watch her strip out of her princess dress and finger herself to show her gratitude! This 50-photo set was shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Dildo Suck and Fuck

10 photo set of me sucking and fucking a dildo. Shot with a DSLR.

22 Photos

Army Coat Suck and Fuck

Watch me strip out of my Army coat, then my bra and panties, then suck and fuck myself with a dildo in this 22-photo set! Shot with a DSLR.

16 Photos

Wonder Woman

A 17 picture, Wonder Woman themed set, shot with a DSLR camera.

22 Photos

Underbust Corset

A 22-photo set in which I wear an underbust corset. Props include a fake skull and a whip.

27 Photos

Storm Trooper x Darth Vader

A 27-photo Storm Trooper x Darth Vader set, in which I am dressed as a Storm Trooper that gets seduced by Darth Vader! Shot with a DSLR camera.

58 Photos

Snake Kigurumi with Orochimaru

A 58-photo set of me dressed in a snake kigurumi and also featuring Orochimaru. HD photos, shot with DSLR.

20 Photos

Sleeping Beauty

A 20-photo set in which I am dressed as Princess Aurora. Shot with DSLR.

24 Photos

Slave Leia

A 24-photo set featuring me in a slave Leia costume. Shot with a DSLR.

34 Photos

Sailor Mars

A 34-photo set in which I am dressed as Sailor Mars. Shot with a DSLR.

28 Photos

Sailor Girl

A 28-photo set in which I wear a sailor girl costume, shot with a DSLR.

71 Photos

Snake Espi's Cave

A 71-photo set of me dressed as a snake, drinking from my water bowl and fucking myself with a mouse vibrator.

55 Photos

At the Bunny Patch

A 55-photo set of me dressed as a bunny, sticking a carrot made of Recess in my vagina. Yes, that is a real sentence. Shot on a DSLR camera.

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