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Quiet Bathroom Masturbation

Quiet Bathroom Masturbation

14:08 min | Added 11 months ago

My parents are in the living room, so I sneak into the bathroom to show you something SUPER special! I turn on the bathroom fan to make sure they can't hear me and talk as quietly as possible. I then do a sexy strip tease before masturbating with my fingers - including a close up pussy shot! Then things get even hotter when I pull out my dildo. It's so hard to stay quiet as I fuck myself with my dildo, once again including close up shots so you can see just how sexy it looks going in and out of my pussy. I have a toe-curling orgasm, but I'm not done yet, I still want more. Knowing my parents are in the other room has made me sooo horny. So I sit on the toilet and finger fuck myself again until I have a second orgasm!

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