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Mi Amor

Mi Amor

14:56 min | Added 11 months ago

You come home to find your lover waiting before you. She does a long, sexy strip tease, wherein she takes off her dress and lingerie and makes you soak in every single inch of her body. As she does her strip tease, she begins fingering herself. She has missed you so much, she can't help herself. But once all her clothes are off, she pulls out a glass dildo and gives it a blowjob right in front of you. She wants you to yearn for her, she wants you to crave her. She then fucks herself with it in several positions - even a couple extreme close-ups of her pussy to make you want her even more. And then she has an orgasm that makes both of your legs tremble. So, what do you say? Are you ready to take your lover?

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