Fake Cum Compilation 2016

Fake Cum Compilation 2016

19:56 min | Added 1 year ago

Do you love seeing cute girls covered in cum? This year I got a dildo that shoots fake cum, and I shot a bunch of videos with it for your pleasure. Now you can get every single scene that includes cum shots in a single video!

This video compilation includes the following:

-From my video "Emo Girl Gets Creampied with Big Dildo": Includes four minutes from the original scene of me masturbating until the cum from the dildo fills up my vagina in a sexy creampie! Then watch me continue fucking myself with the dildo, as well as my vibrator, until I have an orgasm, with the juices spilling out all over my vagina and the dildo!

-From my video "Step-Sister Cums From Dick and Facial": Includes eight minutes from the original scene of me jacking off with the dildo until I simulate an orgasm and cum all over the place! Then I give the dildo a BJ and my face gets covered in cum! -

From my video "Holy Fuck 2: Fuck Me, Father": Includes seven minutes from the original scene of me giving the dildo a BJ until it cums all over me! Then I fuck myself with it until it cums inside of me! Watch it cum inside of me AGAIN from a super close up shot of my vagina! Then watch me attempt to fist myself, both from the close up view and the far out view, with the cum getting all over me and spilling out of my vagina!