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Horror writer and Snake Queen. I have a B.A. in English-Writing, but I love making porn even more.

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Amateur Porn Video : Nerdy Student Gets Facial and Creampie

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Nerdy Student Gets Facial and Creampie

I've been waiting in your office for two hours! I don't know why I'm here - I'm the valedictorian and an honor roll student, and I'm going to Harvard in the fall. What could I have possibly done wrong? But when you finally do show up, you tell me exactly what it is I've done: I never wear bras when I'm in your math class. I tease you every single day, and now, you're going to video tape me masturbating, sucking your dick, and fucking you. If I don't, you have me lifting my shirt up on video, and you'll send it to everyone I know, including my parents. I pretend to be upset, but as I start masturbating for you, I reveal the truth. I've wanted this for a long time, and you know I'm being honest, because you can see how wet I am already! I suck your dick, and you start fucking me, but you aren't ready to fully fuck me just yet. First, you want to cum all over my face. So I go back to sucking your dick and let you get your creamy cum all over me! Then you fuck me in multiple positions before filling me up with your cum! I have another secret to reveal to you, though: I bring my vibrator to school and use it to jerk off during your class, and I have it with me today. You fuck me one more time as I use the vibrator on myself until I reach an intense orgasm! And then you let me know that it's not over yet. I'm going to be spending the night at your house. To be continued...

Amateur Porn Video : Emo Neighbor Gets Creampied

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Emo Neighbor Gets Creampied

I see that your wife has left and you've opened your windows. With how often I catch you staring at me, that can only mean one thing - you want me to come over and fuck you. I sneak in through your window, and after reminding you that you always look at me naked from your window, I put on a strip tease for you to remind you why you like me so much. After that, I finger fuck myself, to get you REALLY hot and bothered. Then I suck your dick to get you nice and hard. Ok, now I'll let you fuck me, but you have to promise to cum inside of me! You fuck me in multiple positions before filling me with your delicious cum! But I'm not done yet - I want to have an orgasm, too! So you fuck me some more until i have a toe-curling orgasm! Your wife will never find out, but I'm yours now. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Quiet Bathroom Masturbation

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Quiet Bathroom Masturbation

My parents are in the living room, so I sneak into the bathroom to show you something SUPER special! I turn on the bathroom fan to make sure they can't hear me and talk as quietly as possible. I then do a sexy strip tease before masturbating with my fingers - including a close up pussy shot! Then things get even hotter when I pull out my dildo. It's so hard to stay quiet as I fuck myself with my dildo, once again including close up shots so you can see just how sexy it looks going in and out of my pussy. I have a toe-curling orgasm, but I'm not done yet, I still want more. Knowing my parents are in the other room has made me sooo horny. So I sit on the toilet and finger fuck myself again until I have a second orgasm! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Spanking Compilation 2016

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Spanking Compilation 2016

If you prefer watching me spank my ass until its bright red to anything else, this is the compilation for you! Featuring tons of clips from my various spanking videos, plus my ENTIRE video, "Spank-a-Holic Spreads," this compilation is full of hand slaps, paddles, and ass spreading galore!

Amateur Porn Video : Fake Cum Compilation 2016

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Fake Cum Compilation 2016

Do you love seeing cute girls covered in cum? This year I got a dildo that shoots fake cum, and I shot a bunch of videos with it for your pleasure. Now you can get every single scene that includes cum shots in a single video! This video compilation includes the following: -From my video "Emo Girl Gets Creampied with Big Dildo": Includes four minutes from the original scene of me masturbating until the cum from the dildo fills up my vagina in a sexy creampie! Then watch me continue fucking myself with the dildo, as well as my vibrator, until I have an orgasm, with the juices spilling out all over my vagina and the dildo! -From my video "Step-Sister Cums From Dick and Facial": Includes eight minutes from the original scene of me jacking off with the dildo until I simulate an orgasm and cum all over the place! Then I give the dildo a BJ and my face gets covered in cum! - From my video "Holy Fuck 2: Fuck Me, Father": Includes seven minutes from the original scene of me giving the dildo a BJ until it cums all over me! Then I fuck myself with it until it cums inside of me! Watch it cum inside of me AGAIN from a super close up shot of my vagina! Then watch me attempt to fist myself, both from the close up view and the far out view, with the cum getting all over me and spilling out of my vagina!

Amateur Porn Video : Orgasm Compilation 2016

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Orgasm Compilation 2016

Is your favorite part of porn watching someone cum? Do you want to see my toes curl and my moans get impossibly louder over and over again? Then this video is for you! Featuring my orgasms of 2016, watch me cum over and over again, with all different kinds of sex toys, in all different kinds of positions!

Amateur Porn Video : Blowjob Compilation 2016

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Blowjob Compilation 2016

Are you a lover of watching hot girls suck dildos? Get all the dildo blowjobs I ever did in 2016 - all in one massive video! Features every single blowjob I ever did in a video the entire year

Amateur Porn Video : Nerdy Girl Fucks Massive Cock

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Nerdy Girl Fucks Massive Cock

When I invited you over, you weren't expecting me to start talking about your massive cock! I'm just a shy, nerdy girl. But I'm also a massive slut! I ask you if I can see your cock, to see if it's really as big as they say. You say you'll show me as long as I strip out of my clothes. Watch me do a strip tease for you, and then, as soon as you let me see your huge dick, I immediately start sucking on it. I can't resist, it looks so sexy! Then I start masturbating while sucking it because it turns me on sooo much. I then get fucked by your huge dick in multiple positions before I have an intense orgasm! Video features my biggest dildo EVER! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Kinky Nerd Has Multiple Orgasms

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Kinky Nerd Has Multiple Orgasms

Oh my - underneath this nerdy girl's Wonder Woman shirt is her kinky bondage lingerie! Watch her strip her shirt open, showing off her amazing boobs. Then watch her use her Bodywand until she has an orgasm! But she isn't done yet! She strips out of the rest of her clothes, then she bends over with her ass in your face as she fingers herself and uses her Bodywand until she has another, super intense orgasm. (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Spank-a-Holic Spreads

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Spank-a-Holic Spreads

I'm such a slut for spanks! Nothing else makes me sooo horny! Watch me spank myself over and over again - both with my hands and with all three of my paddles - in this spank-filled video! My ass gets redder and redder as the video progresses, and I even gag myself at one point because I just can't handle it! I spread my ass a bunch so you can see how horny all this spanking is making me, plus get a good look at my red ass.

Amateur Porn Video : Mi Amor

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Mi Amor

You come home to find your lover waiting before you. She does a long, sexy strip tease, wherein she takes off her dress and lingerie and makes you soak in every single inch of her body. As she does her strip tease, she begins fingering herself. She has missed you so much, she can't help herself. But once all her clothes are off, she pulls out a glass dildo and gives it a blowjob right in front of you. She wants you to yearn for her, she wants you to crave her. She then fucks herself with it in several positions - even a couple extreme close-ups of her pussy to make you want her even more. And then she has an orgasm that makes both of your legs tremble. So, what do you say? Are you ready to take your lover? (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Water Slut

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Water Slut

Water makes me so horny! Watch me strip out of my clothes, then get in the shower and smack my ass a ton of times! Then watch me masturbate in multiple positions until I orgasm! (Music provided by

Amateur Porn Video : Punk Rock Girl!

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Punk Rock Girl!

We jumped up on the table, and shouted "anarchy"! And then she took me home and started fucking herself with her vibrator right in front of me! I took my dick out to masturbate while she did it, but to my surprise, she started giving me a blowjob! Then she took her boobs out and let me put my dick inside of her. I fucked her, and then she used the vibrator on herself while I plowed her, until she had an orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : Christmas Sweater Slut

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Christmas Sweater Slut

Christmas sweaters are my favorite - I get so horny when I wear them! Watch me spank myself a bunch of times - you can see my ass getting red through my cute panties! And then watch me masturbate with my sweater on. I start by fingering with it pulled down, then use my dildo, and then pull my sweater up so you can see my tits as I masturbate in different positions until I orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : Landlocked Mermaid

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Landlocked Mermaid

Mermaids need water to get off, and I'm a mermaid in disguise! I sneak into the bathroom in the middle of the night to unleash my desires. Watch me jack off in the tub as I try to be as quiet as possible so I don't wake up my human hosts. I jack off in multiple positions in the tub, then use the shower head to give myself an orgasm! But I'm not quite done. I then fuck myself with the weird stick (and find out later it's the toilet cleaner - oopsie!) to give myself a second orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : Candy Cane Surprise

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Candy Cane Surprise

Christmas makes me so horny, and I just can't resist how sweet this candy cane feels on my tongue. Watch me fuck myself with it in various positions, then orgasm all over it and lick off my sweet, minty flavored taste!

Amateur Porn Video : Let's Play!: Complete Collecton

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Let's Play!: Complete Collecton

Watch me use my vibrator while I try to play multiple my video games! Includes all parts in the four-part series - four different video games, four different orgasms!

Amateur Porn Video : Let's Play!: Part 4

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Let's Play!: Part 4

Watch me use my vibrator while I try to play my video game! Part 4 in a four part series!

Amateur Porn Video : Let's Play!: Part 3

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Let's Play!: Part 3

Watch me use my vibrator while I try to play my video game! Part 3 in a four part series!

Amateur Porn Video : Let's Play!: Pt. 2

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Let's Play!: Pt. 2

Watch me use my vibrator while I try to play my video game! Part 2 in a four part series!

115 Photos

Foot Fetish Collection

Over 100 photos of me showing you my feet, trying on a bunch of shoes and showing you how my feet look in and on top of them, and even using the heels of some of my shoes to masturbate!

145 Photos

Ass Lovers Bundle

Love ass? Then this photoset is just for you! Includes all ass shots from all the photosets I have for sale, as well as a collection of extras available only in this bundle! Also includes photos of me masturbating with my ass in your face!

50 Photos

White Dress

Me stripping out of a white dress and showing you my breasts, ass, and vagina and fingering myself! 50 photos long and shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Spike Bra Fingering

Stripping out of spike bra and black panties and then fingering myself. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

20 Photos

Thigh Highs

Sexy posing in thigh high stockings and removal of black panties. 20 photo set shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Skull Bra Strip

10-photo set where I strip out of a skull bra and black panties.

10 Photos

Sexy in the Bathroom

Sexy close up shots of me in the bathroom.

50 Photos

Sleeping Beauty 2

Slave Beauty has awoken from her slumber and is now your slave! Watch her strip out of her princess dress and finger herself to show her gratitude! This 50-photo set was shot with a DSLR.

10 Photos

Dildo Suck and Fuck

10 photo set of me sucking and fucking a dildo. Shot with a DSLR.

22 Photos

Army Coat Suck and Fuck

Watch me strip out of my Army coat, then my bra and panties, then suck and fuck myself with a dildo in this 22-photo set! Shot with a DSLR.

16 Photos

Wonder Woman

A 17 picture, Wonder Woman themed set, shot with a DSLR camera.

22 Photos

Underbust Corset

A 22-photo set in which I wear an underbust corset. Props include a fake skull and a whip.

27 Photos

Storm Trooper x Darth Vader

A 27-photo Storm Trooper x Darth Vader set, in which I am dressed as a Storm Trooper that gets seduced by Darth Vader! Shot with a DSLR camera.

58 Photos

Snake Kigurumi with Orochimaru

A 58-photo set of me dressed in a snake kigurumi and also featuring Orochimaru. HD photos, shot with DSLR.

20 Photos

Sleeping Beauty

A 20-photo set in which I am dressed as Princess Aurora. Shot with DSLR.

24 Photos

Slave Leia

A 24-photo set featuring me in a slave Leia costume. Shot with a DSLR.

34 Photos

Sailor Mars

A 34-photo set in which I am dressed as Sailor Mars. Shot with a DSLR.

28 Photos

Sailor Girl

A 28-photo set in which I wear a sailor girl costume, shot with a DSLR.

71 Photos

Snake Espi's Cave

A 71-photo set of me dressed as a snake, drinking from my water bowl and fucking myself with a mouse vibrator.

55 Photos

At the Bunny Patch

A 55-photo set of me dressed as a bunny, sticking a carrot made of Recess in my vagina. Yes, that is a real sentence. Shot on a DSLR camera.

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