Emu's Outdoor Adventure

Emu's Outdoor Adventure

5:08 min | Added 1 year ago

As a major exhibitionist, something that I've always wanted to try is making content in public. Unsurprisingly, I couldn't keep that as just an idea forever, so here we are.

Watch me shake my ass in broad daylight for a tiny bit before heading off to the bushes to take care of myself. After getting comfy, I start stroking my cock in a POV view until I end up cumming hard all over my hand like the incorrigible slut for nature that I am.

Filmed in 60 FPS! That's like, a really clear shot of my dick. A portion of the video is a lil quiet, but it doesn't last forever and certainly doesn't taint the ending. I also try my best to evade the hungry bugs, which is pretty hot I think.

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