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Emu Chaton

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Hi! My name is Emu! I'm in to a variety of things such as sleeping and posting my butt on the internet. Let's be friends.

  • Amateur Porn Model Emu Chaton
  • Amateur Porn Model Emu Chaton
  • Amateur Porn Model Emu Chaton
Amateur Porn Video : Emu's Jerk Off & Cum Adventure

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Emu's Jerk Off & Cum Adventure

Though most of you know me for my butt, I like to show off other things too from time to time. Watch me stroke my cock until I eat up my cum just for you :3 Includes me saying dorky things and minor technical difficulties. I think those are pretty kinky.

Amateur Porn Video : Emu's Buttplug Adventure

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Emu's Buttplug Adventure

I play with my Tantus Ripple (large, of course! :3) for 5 minutes and show you how well I can take it. I also talk to the viewer quite a bit, although I'm certainly more of an awkward dork than a sexy one. There's an audio drop for a few seconds at one point, and it's because I had to cut out a bunch of unsightly background noise. It's sexier that way, you see. *featuring barking doggos

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Being Gay In My Pajamas

This is largely a photoset to test things out before I dive really deep in to this whole sales thing, but basically, it's me showing off my butt in my pajamas! Includes a bonus photo of my ass before a jog that I've never shown publicly.

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