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Emu Chaton

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Joined Aug.01, 2016
Height 6'0"
Body Type Curvy
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

Emu Chaton

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Hi! My name is Emu! I'm in to a variety of things such as sleeping and posting my butt on the internet. Let's be friends.

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Emu and Tai's Shower Adventure video by Emu Chaton

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Emu and Tai's Shower Adventure

MY CO-PUPPY! SHE'S BACK! OH HECK! Watch as two incredibly gay dorks have an incredibly gay shower and forget to use a single cleaning product. We use our mouths instead, it's okay.

Fishnets, Oil & An Emu video by Emu Chaton

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Fishnets, Oil & An Emu

I've been meaning to show this fishnet bodystocking off to you all for ages, but because I'm me, I had to add a little something extra. Watch me oil up my gorgeous, fishnet-covered ass for you until I decide to break out my plug and fuck myself for a little bit. After a little while, I start to get super in to being an oiled up slut and slowly peal off the bodystocking, all while still showing off my curves for you. What I'm saying is that I get really gay. This video contains critical amounts of booty, oil, and me being an absolute dork. A must have for anyone that must have things.

Emu's Outdoor Adventure video by Emu Chaton

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Emu's Outdoor Adventure

As a major exhibitionist, something that I've always wanted to try is making content in public. Unsurprisingly, I couldn't keep that as just an idea forever, so here we are. Watch me shake my ass in broad daylight for a tiny bit before heading off to the bushes to take care of myself. After getting comfy, I start stroking my cock in a POV view until I end up cumming hard all over my hand like the incorrigible slut for nature that I am. Filmed in 60 FPS! That's like, a really clear shot of my dick. A portion of the video is a lil quiet, but it doesn't last forever and certainly doesn't taint the ending. I also try my best to evade the hungry bugs, which is pretty hot I think.

When Emu Met Tai video by Emu Chaton

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When Emu Met Tai

Have you ever noticed how much I scream about cute girls and how cute they would look eating my ass? Well, after doing that for the 1000th time, something unbelievable happened - A CUTE GIRL APPEARED! And she may or may not have been known slutty pup Tai Crimson (@TaiCrimson). Playing around with this gorgeous girl has always been a dream of mine, and you can certainly see why watching this video. This lovely clip includes ass eating, ass licking, rimjobs, and even anilingus. Maybe a bit of spanks too. :3 Similarly, me and Tai also did a video for her channel that you most definitely should buy as well. You can check it out at :3

JERKIN IT video by Emu Chaton

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I was jerking off and I decided to record it for you. Somehow I feel like we've been through this before. Watch me stroke myself off and play with my cute tits until I cum all over myself just for you :3

Butt, Bath & Beyond video by Emu Chaton

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Butt, Bath & Beyond

SHOWER BUTTS! BATH BUTTS! OILED BUTTS AND ANAL! This video is pretty much the ultimate showcase for how gorgeous my ass is. Watch me take a quick shower and show off my big, wet ass for you like a good girl should. After this, I hop in the tub to get my gorgeous body even shinier for you, with my ass directly in your face the entire time. At this point, I start teasing you for how smitten by my ass you are, and all with an arrogant little smile on my face. Finally, after showing off so much for you, I cover my ass in oil and fuck my ass with a plug from multiple angles, all while happily teasing you until forcing you to cum for me.

Impromptu Jerkoff & Cum video by Emu Chaton

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Impromptu Jerkoff & Cum

I was having a pretty nice timing jerking off and I thought I might as well start recording it for all of you as a little quickie. Watch me stroke my hard cock until I cum all over myself and eat it up like a good girl should.

Emu's Jerk Off & Cum Adventure video by Emu Chaton

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Emu's Jerk Off & Cum Adventure

Though most of you know me for my butt, I like to show off other things too from time to time. Watch me stroke my cock until I eat up my cum just for you :3 Includes me saying dorky things and minor technical difficulties. I think those are pretty kinky.

Emu's Buttplug Adventure video by Emu Chaton

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Emu's Buttplug Adventure

I play with my Tantus Ripple (large, of course! :3) for 5 minutes and show you how well I can take it. I also talk to the viewer quite a bit, although I'm certainly more of an awkward dork than a sexy one. There's an audio drop for a few seconds at one point, and it's because I had to cut out a bunch of unsightly background noise. It's sexier that way, you see. *featuring barking doggos

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