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queer glam trans-chick who wears more black than grey and habitually practices her handwriting. plays the accordion and paints her house too much. smiles more than is allowed for a millennial. ~ thinks your cute !! ~ ESCAPEES // MIDWEST

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The Florist 2 video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

The Florist 2

That girl has been rushing past your work window almost everyday again. Somedays she looks in and smiles. Somedays her beautiful arrangements are blocking her face, but you're sure she is still as happy - and nasty, as ever. One Friday you arrive to work to find a single rose and another invitation. "Come over tonight?" Of course, you go. She invites you in wearing the same tiny dress as before. She teases you for what feels like ages before slipping a toy into herself and sucking on a wet dildo. "Just a little bigger.." she disappears and come back with two more huge dildos to play with. You watch her stretch herself out and struggle to fit the giant dildo into her tight little hole. You think about her rushing past your window, barely able to carry her load without spilling everywhere. Her face is red with pleasure and she moans more and more as it she stuffs herself and gapes herself for you to see. "Emma" you think, "don't forget her name is Emma."

Vibes in Latex video by emmaescapes

3 Loves

Vibes in Latex

1080p // 18min // The gift of all gifts arrived in Emma's mailbox today! She woke up early to try on her new latex leotard and show off her figure for you. "You'll NEVER get to touch this" she teases, talking down to you in between wiggling around. Things get real slick as she squeezes a jeweled buttplug in and starts grinding her hitachi. She hastily clears a spot to lay back for you to enjoy her skin-tight clothes. After some struggle and hardcore wiggling giggling, she cums up close to the camera and all over her vibrator. xoxoxo

Rough Strap-On Sex or Video Games video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Rough Strap-On Sex or Video Games

1080p // 22min Emma's been playing video games for too long and Orrin wants some loving. They tease her until she loses the game, and she starts a wrestling match she knows she can't win. There are giggles at first, but then things get more serious when Orrin starts pulling Emma's hair and holding her down. "Yes, please!" She loves it rough. Orrin puts on their strap-on and Emma sucks on it for awhile. She eventually wiggles out of her panties and up-close you see Orrin's dildo slide inside her. Emma gets real loud and Orrin goes for the big guns. They sit on Emma's back and use both hands to give her the hardest fucking of her life. Speechless and in heaven, Emma cums and Orrin lays on the couch next to her. They aren't done, and slide into Emma from behind when stroking her cock and pulling her hair more. Emma cant take anymore enters a post-cum trance when Orrin picks up the controller for their turn..

Orrin and Emma Have A Quickie video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Orrin and Emma Have A Quickie

1080p // 8min // "Nothing gets Emma and Orrin horned-up like a thunderstorm! Shut-tight indoors and listening to the rain, things escalate quickly. Orrin doesn't have trouble making Emma cum, and she doesn't hesitate asking for more."

Emma Gets Naked In The Great Outdoors video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Emma Gets Naked In The Great Outdoors

Out in front of God and everybody, Emma does a quick sunset tease in the woods. After such a long hike, wouldn't you want to strip down? Watch her nervously flash her cock and tits you over and over, all the while checking over her shoulder.

Mirror Rider video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Mirror Rider

(version 2.0 of "Emma Rides Again") 1080p//12min Squeezed into her favorite corset and heels, Emma teases her own asshole with a dildo stuck firmly to a mirror. You see from multiple angles as she coaxes the toy into her tight little hole. In classic 'ride-or-die' style, she fucks the cock mercilessly, going from moaning to groaning, to all out screaming in pleasure. Things get messier and messier and Emma doesn't seem to let up on the hard and deep fucking.

Stroking Emma 7 - Morning Time video by emmaescapes

3 Loves

Stroking Emma 7 - Morning Time

15min//1080i You and Emma just woke up at her place after a night together. Her makeup is smeared away and her hair is an absolute mess, but the fun hasn't stopped.. She tells you about a dream of hers, and becomes 'quite aroused'. You watch her wank away her morning wood, POV style, and see her cumshot upclose and in the morning sunlight. "Breakfast?"

Fingerfuck Me video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Fingerfuck Me

After a night out, Emma takes you back to her place and asks what you want to do. "Talk about my outfit?" she suggests as she teases her fingers along her tights and under her tight black dress. She teases you with her ass, and sucks on a dildo for you. Too turned on to stop, Emma starts sliding her fingers in and out of herself. "Please, fuck me.." she whispers, and fucks her dildo until she cums all over her legs and bed. Maybe next time she can borrow some fingers?

Pencil Pusher Pumps Herself video by emmaescapes

4 Loves

Pencil Pusher Pumps Herself

"""" The new bookkeeper at work is all business and you can’t stop thinking about her. You memorized her phone extension, what time she goes on break, and how she likes her coffee… but yesterday, she caught you staring. She confronts you, and demands you show up to her place for punishment or she will make your job hell. The next day you knock on her door, and she invites you upstairs.. In a skin-tight catsuit, she makes you watch as she grinds on the flowers you had brought her. She puts her big ass in your face and teases you while giggling to herself. She stuffs an inflatable buttplug into tight little hole and counts off as she pumps herself full. You want so bad to reach up and touch her. You even want to help, but she keeps up the tease as she changes into skin tight shiny leggings. She fucks herself inches away from you with a big double-ended dildo and shakes her bare ass in your face more. “Now, lick my asshole.” Work is going to be a lot different on Monday. """

Beginner's DP video by emmaescapes

4 Loves

Beginner's DP

A freshly showered and very horny Emma shows off her tiny black hot pants to you. She finds that she's hard by the time she peels then off, and strokes a little to get in the mood. She gets her ass wet and slides in her glass plug, then a small pink dildo beside it. Having never done double anal before, she squeals with excitement and demands a bigger toy to finish off the job.

Very Special Valentine video by emmaescapes

4 Loves

Very Special Valentine

Valentine's Day was a warm sunny day and you snuck out of the house early to buy Emma some sour starbursts and purple rose's. You were supposed to be back in time to start breakfast before she woke up but she was two steps ahead of you. Instead of in bed still asleep, Emma has donned a very special outfit for a very special partner. She teases you a bit, rolling around on the bed and giggling. Somehow, her fishnets rip open and her leotard is pulled out of the way as she plays and teases with her glass dildo. You hand her your other gift (a shiny jeweled butt plug) and she coaxes it inside of her slowly. The thought of something of yours inside of her is too much and she cant stop stroking herself. With her ass in the air and her dick tucked between her legs, she cums all over her fishnets. I guess next year you'll have to wake up earlier?

Oil Makes You Soft video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Oil Makes You Soft

She just wanted to have the softest body he had ever put his hands on, but poor Emma gave herself razor-burn. Good thing she was stocked up on baby oil! She gets so excited she doesn't even takeoff her t-shirt or panties off when the oil starts flying. It coats almost every inch of her as she squirms around. To really let the sights sink in, she slips in her favorite glass toy and loudly enjoys an oil-slicked teasing session

Stroking Emma 666 video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Stroking Emma 666

That ketchup pentagram you made with your friends last night seemed to be a fruitless gesture.. until you hear tiny moans coming from the guest room.. Flashlight in hand, you creep in to find a sweaty specter masturbating alone in the bed. You crouch to keep quiet, but she’s already noticed you - and doesn’t care. She keeps stroking her phantom phallus, and her messy pubes glisten eerily in the beam of your flashlight. You can’t help but be spellbound, as she brings herself to unholy orgasm. 

 Maybe stick to ouija boards next time… or maybe not.

The Florist Is Nastier Than You Thought video by emmaescapes

3 Loves

The Florist Is Nastier Than You Thought

You remember the flower girl, she rushes by your window every few days carrying bouquets bigger than she is. Well she's noticed you too. She invites you over and is wear a tiny dress, no panties. The evening starts with small talk, and her fingering herself. Within minutes, she's showing you her dildo collection. One at a time she fucks herself with each toy as they get bigger and bigger. You remember the innocent girl running back and forth with huge flowers. Now you're watching the same girl spread her ass in your face, and her creamy white lube drip out of her hole. She makes herself cum with the biggest toy, and sends you back to your office with cummy kisses. Oh yea, her name? Emma

Midnight JOI video by emmaescapes

1 Loves

Midnight JOI

Dressed to impress and out past her bedtime, Emma gently teases herself as she starts to tell you about how soft her skin is. She gets more and more horny as she goes on telling you to stroke, sliding her own hand up and down her favorite dildo. She teases some more, and doesn’t even get undressed before demanding you to cum as she counts down. Can you stay up late enough?

Red Lace & Toe Curls video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Red Lace & Toe Curls

Emma slips into some red lingerie and shows off her ass and feet. She slides the panties out of the way and fuck herself until she is screaming in delight. Isn't getting your feet licked and tickled fun? Emma thinks so. (loud audio)

Stroking Emma 4 video by emmaescapes

1 Loves

Stroking Emma 4

Emma bares-all in another installment of her jerk-off series. Her knee-socks are in the air and her shirt is rolled up over her tits. She dirty talks and gets lost in her own pleasure, and in yours!

Emo Girl Plays With Her Gag Reflex video by emmaescapes

2 Loves

Emo Girl Plays With Her Gag Reflex

How much can she swallow? Amateur-cocksucker Emma sucks and licks a blue dildo while making eyes with you. She squeaks and moans inbetween gagging and drooling everywhere. Her nipples beg to be played with, and she tries to swallow even more than before. Could someone please get this girl some napkins and a dick to suck?

Oiled and Eating Cum video by emmaescapes

3 Loves

Oiled and Eating Cum

Squeezed into tight latex stockings and a faux-leather skirt, a very oily and obviously proud of herself Emma E teases and poses for you. She grows very erect thinking about you squirting more oil on her while she rubs against you. She cums on herself and has some finger-sucking cum-eating fun before kissing you goodbye.

Red Dress video by emmaescapes

4 Loves

Red Dress

It’s date night again and Emma looks amazing in dark red sans-panties. She’s getting better at fucking in a moments notice, but practice is always worth it. She fingers herself, then squeezes her favorite blue dildo in and pounds hard until it slips. Her giant black dildo comes to the rescue and she fucks herself even harder and deeper. She rides it and strokes herself before cumming all over. Did it get on her new dress? Is he going to notice?

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