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Height 5'6"
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Hey! I'm Ember and I like to make fantasies cum true! I'm a switch so sometimes I like to be Daddy's Little Princess and dress up in cute things to make Sir's cock twitch, and other times I want little sissy sluts to bruise their pathetic little dicklets for me. I have many fantasies, let me make yours come true. ;*

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Amateur Porn Video : Bedroom Booty

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Bedroom Booty

I was feeling playfully bouncy, and I caught the amazing phenomenon on camera! Lots of bouncy booty and a butt plug.

Amateur Porn Video : Elf Girl Cums Creams and Squirts

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Elf Girl Cums Creams and Squirts

Watch this sexy naked elf girl play with her two favorite toys! She finally discovers how to squirt after cumming and creaming for a bit! Multi-cum!

Amateur Porn Video : Elf Girl Masturbation

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Elf Girl Masturbation

Watch as this cute little blue haired elf girl makes herself cum super hard!

Amateur Porn Video : Strip and Creamy Hairy Cum

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Strip and Creamy Hairy Cum

First I have to get out of my cute soft grey hoodie, slowly sliding it off my body, playing with my perky boobs in their pastel bra as I go. Next are my black boy-short panties, that properly label my cute ass as "SEXY". Then I start to have some fun with my hairy pussy, using my fingers and a vibrating wand. I even show my sexy butt off for you. I bet you want to sink you cock in my perfect ass... maybe another time. For now you get to watch my cum with my wand. To finish off I show you all the cream my fluffy little pussy made, before I lick my fingers clean while watching you intently with my pretty multicolored hazel eyes. (No dialog, just moaning and wet noises.)

Amateur Porn Video : Glass Toy Anal for Daddy!

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Glass Toy Anal for Daddy!

Daddy! I'm so happy you're home! I wore my butt plug like you asked and now I want your cock! Use my toy? I want your thick.... Okay Daddy... In this video I fuck my little(pun intended) ass for you. I cum anally twice. (No squirt)

Amateur Porn Video : I Heart Playtime!

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I Heart Playtime!

I had a great time making this! I was so horny and super wet! All I wanted was my holes to be all filled up, especially my bum! I start out teasing my cute asshole before slowly putting my gem plug in. I take it out and put it back in a few times during this video, showing my asshole stretch around the plug. I then use my red glass wand to play with my pussy before I become so aroused I need something bigger than my plug in my tight ass! So I take out my plug and ride the glass dildo for a bit util I can't take it anymore and start ramming it in my ass. I use my wand vibrator throughout this video, and I am using it as I cum on top of my glass dildo! I lick my fingers clean at the end!

Amateur Porn Video : Princess Plug and Wand Vibe!

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Princess Plug and Wand Vibe!

Watch me struggle in my stripped stockings, to get my purple gem plug into my little bum! Then watch me play with my wand doggy-style, giving you a nice view of my plug. I then flip over onto my back and cum super hard with my wand(while still showing off my plug)! To finish the video I show myself removing the bum plug!

Amateur Porn Video : Ember's cozy solo!

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Ember's cozy solo!

Watch me bring myself to orgasm using my fairy wand and heart shaped glass dildo, while wearing my pink wig! I added some leftover Christmas lights for little magic sparkle. ~

Amateur Porn Video : Cumming with Hiccups!

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Cumming with Hiccups!

Pretty typical fap session. Just fingers. I hiccup a bit. It's pretty neat. (100% real hiccups, not from alcohol)

Amateur Porn Video : Ember's First Wand!

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Ember's First Wand!

I finally got one of those plug-in toys and oh, did I underestimate their power! Watch from the second I turn it on my body is in ecstasy. I gradually go up during the video(but not to full power, this thing is wayy strong.) Tons of moaning, gasping, eye rolling goodness right till the end where I cum for the longest time I have EVER cum!

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