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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Always happy to hear feedback or future video suggestions, tweet me: @ElouisePlease <3

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Amateur Porn Video : Home Wrecking Slut Filth Talks

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Home Wrecking Slut Filth Talks

You're wife is such a dull, boring bitch. Your marriage is stale and you both know it. Your cock only throbs for me now. Imagine fucking me on your bed that you share together, smearing my makeup all over her side of the bed. I'd even wear one of her favourite dresses, even though it would be wayyyyy too big for me. Just so that every time she wore it afterwards you'd get an instant hard on for me. Flashing back to when you had me bent over your bed in it. My pussy is way tighter, I'm way hotter and way younger. All she does is nag and talk about her boring, boring work day. Yawn! You want to fuck me instead, your home wrecking little slut! ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Gagged Wand And Glass Toy Cum

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Gagged Wand And Glass Toy Cum

I'm gagged and stuffed with a leather horse bit gag to muffle my moans and screams whilst I use two toys at once. The combination of my lelo wand and my glass thruster dildo is completely overwhelming as I pound my pussy and rub the wand hard over my clit on the highest setting. Watch as I'm silenced, only able to whimper whilst I fuck my pussy red raw!

Amateur Porn Video : Put A Baby In My Belly

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Put A Baby In My Belly

I want you to put a baby in my belly so badly. Please, please breed me. I want you to fuck me and shoot all of your seed deep into my stomach and make me pregnant. I want it so badly, please fill me up and make me your pregnant little slut. I want my belly to grow nice and big for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Tease And Toy Cum

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Tease And Toy Cum

I'm dressed in a gorgeous lingerie set complete with stockings, suspenders and a silk robe. Pretty soon the robe comes off and I show you what I look like without it, before peeling down my knickers too. I show off my sexy curves, teasing and dirty talking to you before grabbing my dildo to play with. I fuck myself slow at first and then hard and fast, talking to you and teasing you along with me the whole time. Watch as I play with myself until I cum nice and hard on my chair ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Dinner Time Caged Jerk Off Instruction

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Dinner Time Caged Jerk Off Instruction

You're locked up in my cage and you haven't been fed in a while, but luckily for you I'm feeling in a rather generous mood. I've even brought you a bowl for you dinner, but I never said that you were going to get actual food. Haha, no way! You're going to have to fill up your bowl for me if you want to eat anything tonight. Watch my every instruction as I guide you through some hot jerk off instructions, you're going to wank your cock for me and cum right into your doggie bowl! Once you do, I want you to eat up every last bit of it for me. I went through all of that effort of letting you jerk off, so you better not waste a single drop. There's a good little pet!

Amateur Porn Video : 10 Minute Mind Fuck Challenge

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10 Minute Mind Fuck Challenge

Take my ten minute mind fuck challenge and see just how far I can take you... will you last the full ten minutes? As the timer counts down I get more and more evil, with fewer breaks in between and deeper, longer sniffs of your meds! You will be my little slut and you will be begging for the timer to hit zero! Follow my every instruction and don't miss a single sniff whenever I tell you to. Watch as I smile and laugh, but if you're a good little slut then I might reward you with my boobs ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Shower Perve And Toy Play

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Shower Perve And Toy Play

I jump in the shower as usual and begin to get soaped up but then I spot that my boyfriend has hidden a camera in the bathroom, right in front of the shower!! Well, two can play at that game and I decide to put on a super hot show for him so that he'll realise that he needs to hide his camera in better positions. I grab one of my favourite toys and along with the shower head and give him a show! ;)

Amateur Porn Video : School Girl Desperation Floor Pee

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School Girl Desperation Floor Pee

I've just got home from School and I've been drinking lots of water and realise that I need to pee so so so soooo bad!! I try to use the bathroom but one of my family members is already using it!! Oh no!!! What do I do?? I bang on the door and ask them to come out, now I'm getting really desperate as I jump around and try to cross my legs. In an act of complete desperation I grab a pan from the kitchen, put in on the floor and I'm so embarrassed as I fill it right up, spilling and missing and peeing all over the floor at the same time!! I try to clean the most of it up before someone sees, but I can hear a noise and so I grab the pan and run off to hide it under my bed!

Amateur Porn Video : Naked Slut Dishwashing

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Naked Slut Dishwashing

Naked sluts washing their dirty dishes really turns you on, doesn't it? Be a fly on the wall as I wash my dishes and the sides of the kitchen, completely naked! Watch my toned body and my boobs jiggle as I move around. I even get nice and soaped up, splashing bubbles onto my boobs and the rest of my body. I'm a messy little dishwashing slut

Amateur Porn Video : Two Girls Meds Mind Fuck

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Two Girls Meds Mind Fuck

We're feeling pretty evil and we want to give you a really intense mind fuck ;) Watch us as we take turns to tell you to deeply sniff your meds, going a little bit further each time. We begin by telling you to get your cock out of your pants and to stroke it for us, but feeling more and more evil we end up going *much* further and soon you'll be taking deeper and longer sniffs, holding out your finger, spitting on it and putting it right up your arse for us! Follow our every single instruction and we'll help you along the way, showing off our amazing breasts and bodies. We will take you further and further until you turn into our anal slut, with a surprise ending to help further your mind fuck ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Two Girl Tickle Fetish

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Two Girl Tickle Fetish

I've got Yuffie Yulan tied up on my chaise and I'm going to tickle her until she laughs and screams!! Watch her wiggle and wriggle as she tries to resist, but in the end it gets too much and I tickle her until she begs me to stop! ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Long Hair brushing Flirt

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Long Hair brushing Flirt

I'm topless, brushing my long silky brunette hair in front of you. I flirt with you, slowly brushing out every last knot and making my hair super smooth and shiny. I switch positions so that you can watch me from the front, side and back. Running my fingers through my haired switching between two different brushes. Hear the bristles move through my locks and watch as I pay great attention to each section of my hair. Watch my naked breasts move as I run my hands up and down and hear each stroke, every spiked bristle pulling through my shiny long hair

Amateur Porn Video : Sniff Your Poppers And Do As I say

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Sniff Your Poppers And Do As I say

Before we start this video I have a little challenge for you! You have to go and put a full glass of your piss in the fridge to be nice and chilled. You're going to watch my video and do EXACTLY as I say, following my every instruction. Get your cock ready, grab your poppers and let me give you the most intense mind fuck ever! I want you to jerk your cock exactly as I say, taking deep sniffs of your meds every time I tell you to and without stopping until my finger leaves my nose! Each time we're going to get more and more intense and I'm going to start by telling you to dip your finger into your nice chilled glass and then we'll go further and further. This video was highly requested since posting my others. Get ready to watch your favourite poppers video yet!

Amateur Porn Video : JOI Whilst Smoking A Cigarette

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JOI Whilst Smoking A Cigarette

I'm dressed as a sexy school girl, complete with ripped stockings and a black bra. I've always found something really sexy about a gorgeous women taking deep long drags from a cigarette, especially when dressed in a sexy outfit! So sit back and pay attention to my every word as I guide you through some very hot jerk off instructions whilst smoking my cigarette and playing with my pussy at the same time.

Amateur Porn Video : Bad Babysitter

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Bad Babysitter

Whilst tidying up in the kitchen I discover a hidden camera on the floor, which has been left filming up my skirt every time I've been round your house babysitting for you. I'm disgusted at first and I decide that I need to take some revenge. I go straight into your fridge and swig your milk straight from the carton, saying cheers to the camera. I eat some food from your fridge but I decide that this isn't enough. Stripping out of my top and skirt, I tease to the camera and ask if this is what you wanted to see? Me in my hot little outfits that I always wear at your house? I never realised that you had this side to you before! I always thought that I was a pretty rubbish babysitter to be honest but you always asked me to come back... I guess now I know why ;) I grab your wooden chopping board and spank my butt with it, before hunting round the kitchen to have more fun. Finding some utensils in the draw I decide to be super naughty and I fuck my pussy with them, saying that I can't wait until your boring wife next makes you dinner and uses them!! Next I grab a brush from the cupboard and insert that too, playing with it in my pussy before moving around the floor with it sticking out of me, sweeping the floor as I go. All the while swigging more of your milk straight from the carton. For my big finish I grab your wifes favourite cooking pan and I squat over it, peeing right into it and telling you that I'm just going to pour it out, let it dry and then put it straight back into your cupboard! That will teach you for trying to film up my skirt!!

Amateur Porn Video : Jerk Off Instructions & Cum On My Butt

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Jerk Off Instructions & Cum On My Butt

I'm dressed in a gorgeous black pvc and lacey lingerie set (which is completely crotchless!) and I want you to jerk it over my gorgeous butt. I tease and torment you as I bend over, showing off my gorgeous pussy before completely stripping off to just my black striped stockings. Let me direct you and take the lead as I instruct you to grab your cock and wank over me. I want you to follow my every direction before I countdown and tell you to cum all over my butt!

Amateur Porn Video : Nose And Nose Picking Fetish

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Nose And Nose Picking Fetish

I focus on my nose and nostrils, along with my mouth and tongue in this closeup nose picking fetish video, along with some dirty talk and seductive licking and teasing with my fingers.

Amateur Porn Video : Anal Adventures

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Anal Adventures

I'm dressed to impress in a fishnet bodystocking, red lipstick and black patent high heels. Showing off my new toy, I tease that it's going to go straight into my butt. Every single ridge will be super intense as I fuck myself deep and hard, stretching my tiny butt before moving onto something even bigger! Watch as I pour lube over my butt, getting it nice and sticky. Pushing my thicker toy deeper and then pulling it out, making myself gape wide open for you. An absolute *must* for all anal and gaping fans.

Amateur Porn Video : Sweaty And Stinky After A Long Run

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Sweaty And Stinky After A Long Run

I've just got back from a run in the cold, cold weather, but I did manage to work up a good sweat! So before I jump in the shower, I thought I would film a video for you! I reeeeeallly do need one, if you could smell my armpits right now, they are pretty stinky - which means I definitely had a good work out. My boobs are very shiny right now and I have a great patch of underboob sweat and under my arms too. I mean I did choose grey, which is the absolute worst colour for sweat! Even my butt is covered in sweat and my gym pants are so tight, you can see everything. Let me show you every patch of sweat before I jump in a nice long hot shower ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Sleeping Sister, Pervy Brother POV

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Sleeping Sister, Pervy Brother POV

I come home drunk after a night out with the girls, I've had such a fun night but drank wayyyyyy too much. Looking into my bedroom I remember what a mess I left it in, my bed is covered in the outfits I tried on before I left. So that's decided, I'm staying in your room Bro! I'm so so drunk and sleepy and as soon as I lay down I'm completely out, still fully dressed and everything. You've always had a huge crush on me and I've seen the way you look at me, like you want to fuck me. You open the door to find me flopped on your bed, completely lifeless to the world. Feeling brave, you sneak into the room and prod me to see if I respond. Realising just how comatose I am you decide that now is finally your chance. You grope me over my clothes, checking to see if I respond before pulling down my tights and lifting up my dress. Slowly and cautiously at first you rub my pussy and then slide your fingers inside of me. Even in my sleep, you can feel how wet I'm becoming and you can't believe your luck! You always knew that I was a little slut and this just confirms it. I let out a few little moans and you take that as a sign to go further, flipping me over onto my back and sliding your fingers back into my tight wet pussy. What a hot sister you have!! And all in your bed too, you'll be wanking over this for months and months.

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