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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Always happy to hear feedback or future video suggestions, tweet me: @ElouisePlease <3

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Amateur Porn Video : Anal Adventures

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Anal Adventures

I'm dressed to impress in a fishnet bodystocking, red lipstick and black patent high heels. Showing off my new toy, I tease that it's going to go straight into my butt. Every single ridge will be super intense as I fuck myself deep and hard, stretching my tiny butt before moving onto something even bigger! Watch as I pour lube over my butt, getting it nice and sticky. Pushing my thicker toy deeper and then pulling it out, making myself gape wide open for you. An absolute *must* for all anal and gaping fans.

Amateur Porn Video : Sweaty And Stinky After A Long Run

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Sweaty And Stinky After A Long Run

I've just got back from a run in the cold, cold weather, but I did manage to work up a good sweat! So before I jump in the shower, I thought I would film a video for you! I reeeeeallly do need one, if you could smell my armpits right now, they are pretty stinky - which means I definitely had a good work out. My boobs are very shiny right now and I have a great patch of underboob sweat and under my arms too. I mean I did choose grey, which is the absolute worst colour for sweat! Even my butt is covered in sweat and my gym pants are so tight, you can see everything. Let me show you every patch of sweat before I jump in a nice long hot shower ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Sleeping Sister, Pervy Brother POV

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Sleeping Sister, Pervy Brother POV

I come home drunk after a night out with the girls, I've had such a fun night but drank wayyyyyy too much. Looking into my bedroom I remember what a mess I left it in, my bed is covered in the outfits I tried on before I left. So that's decided, I'm staying in your room Bro! I'm so so drunk and sleepy and as soon as I lay down I'm completely out, still fully dressed and everything. You've always had a huge crush on me and I've seen the way you look at me, like you want to fuck me. You open the door to find me flopped on your bed, completely lifeless to the world. Feeling brave, you sneak into the room and prod me to see if I respond. Realising just how comatose I am you decide that now is finally your chance. You grope me over my clothes, checking to see if I respond before pulling down my tights and lifting up my dress. Slowly and cautiously at first you rub my pussy and then slide your fingers inside of me. Even in my sleep, you can feel how wet I'm becoming and you can't believe your luck! You always knew that I was a little slut and this just confirms it. I let out a few little moans and you take that as a sign to go further, flipping me over onto my back and sliding your fingers back into my tight wet pussy. What a hot sister you have!! And all in your bed too, you'll be wanking over this for months and months.

Amateur Porn Video : Tight PVC Booty Worship

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Tight PVC Booty Worship

Worship my gorgeous butt as I shove it right in front of your face, wrapped tightly in my PVC catsuit. You will be sat drooling as I rub my hands and nails over it, showing off exactly how tight the PVC is wrapped around my gorgeous curves. Watch every single wiggle and slow, purposeful move as I taunt you up close and personal. Worship my arse and maybe if you're really good, I'll pull the zip down just for a second and let you see my exposed butt and the slightest glimpse of my pussy. Maybe next time I'll let you see more, I'll decide.

Amateur Porn Video : Filling And Spilling My Wine Glass

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Filling And Spilling My Wine Glass

I'm pretty desperate for a wee but I spot a wine glass in the apartment and decide to film a video! First of all I fill the glass full of water to add to my bladder, not that I really even needed to with how much I'm wiggling! I'm wearing some pretty lingerie but decide to slip into a pair of black patent heels too, along with my red lipstick. Next comes the fun part!!! I want to test my aim and see if I can fill up the wine glass on the floor. In a messy attempt I manage to pee into the glass and cover the wood floor at the same time, peeing everywhere and creating a puddle on the floor which splashes onto my heels too. The relief is instant and I feel so much better afterwards!

Amateur Porn Video : Slutty Sister Home From College

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Slutty Sister Home From College

I'm home from college and I'm bragging to you, my Brother, about how much of a dirty slut I've turned into whilst I've been away. I've really been practicing with the boys and I know that you're my Brother and I shouldn't even be telling you all of this, but my deepthroat skills are *amazing* now! ;) They really are, and when I ride a guy I can drain his balls so quickly, I love it!! Urghhhhhh I miss being at college, I miss being a naughty little slut... you know what.... why don't I just show you? But I swear, if you tell Mum and Dad or *any* of your friends, I will destroy you! You know for a fact that I have so much dirt on you and I could ruin you my dear Brother... Watch as I use my halfman toy as my Brother in some fantastic POV angles, deepthroating his cock before riding him and dirty talking the whole time. "Fuck my throat Brother" "Tear my pussy up Bro" etc ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Foot Tickling And Torture With E-stim

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Foot Tickling And Torture With E-stim

I'm strapped to a chair with my bare feet completely exposed, feeling extremely nervous. A variety of implements are laid out and one by one they are all used on my feet, gradually getting more intense on my soles. To start with I'm tickled with a feather tickler, then tickled by hand so that I'm begging for it to stop! Next a pin wheel is ran up and down the soles of my feet and in between my toes which had me writhing in agony but also made me incredibly wet. Finally, the ultimate torture was the use of an e-stim electro play device, which was in the hands of an extremely sadistic person who had full control, ending with it cranked all the way up to its highest setting. Watch as I scream over and over again, and when I can't take any more I plead with him to stop and say that I will do absolutely anything!

Amateur Porn Video : Smoking in a PVC catsuit with red lips

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Smoking in a PVC catsuit with red lips

Watch me take long, deep drags as I smoke my cigarrette whilst dressed in a PVC catsuit complete with black thigh high PVC boots! I'm also wearing red lipstick which gets all over the butt of my cigarette as I put it into my mouth. See the smoke pour from my mouth as I tease that it could be slowly wrapping around you ;)

Amateur Porn Video : First Time Violet Wand Play

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First Time Violet Wand Play

Watch as I play with my Violet Wand for the very first time!! I go through each different attatchment, working my way over some of my most sensisitive body parts. See the sparks dart over my boobs, butt, pussy, feet and even my nose as I experiment with the sensations and pain levels of my new Violet Wand. As you'll find out, some attatchments are slightly more evil than others and some body parts much more sensitive. I look forward to shooting more videos including custom requests with this electrifying new toy ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Hot Wax Play With Harmony Reigns

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Hot Wax Play With Harmony Reigns

Harmony Reigns tells me that one of her deepest darkest fantasies is to try wax play! She's never tried it before and always been curious and she knows that it's something that I've enjoyed in the past - although admittedly on the receiving end! ;) I'm very keen to break in her wax play virginity and so we light some candles, let them pool and then the fun begins! We drip and pour wax over each others boobs, butts and various body parts. We experiment with different intensities by changing the distance and it's a very hot and messy outcome for both of us ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Desperate Caged School Girl Pees Panties

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Desperate Caged School Girl Pees Panties

I've been captured in my school uniform and locked up in a cage with no chance of escape. I'm begging and pleading to be let out but you say no, even though I *promise* that I'll be a good girl and I won't tell anyone if you do. You soon realise that the reason I'm begging so much is that I really, really, really need to pee! I plead and plead but instead you point to a small glass bowl in my cage. I'm humiliated and say no at first, but by now I don't have much choice. My hands are tied and I can't even remove my white cotton school girl panties and so in my desperation I pee through them into the bowl.

Amateur Porn Video : Fuck Me, Breed Me

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Fuck Me, Breed Me

I'm so ridiculously bored of my husband. I don't ever want to have sex with him again, I'm just using him for his money and so that I don't have to work. I'm bored of his pathetic white cock. I want to have sex with you instead, over and over again. I want your asian cock inside of me and I want you to use me like the white slut that I am. Please, please, fuck me and shoot your load deep inside of me. I want you to breed me, over and over again, I want your asian baby inside of me. My white husband is so pathetic, I want your asian cock instead. Fuck me and breed me baby.

Amateur Porn Video : Brutal Girl On Girl Forced Orgasm

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Brutal Girl On Girl Forced Orgasm

Yuffie has me bound and collared and decides that I've been far too much of a little slut lately and that I need to be punished. She grabs a fistful of my hair and pushes me over, grabbing me by the face and making me tell you how much of a slut I've been lately and why. She then decides to embarrass and punish me, spitting into my mouth and using a flogger on my butt. I scream and writhe around but Yuffie is in a very devious mood and decides to give me the most brutal forced orgasm. I have an extremely powerful vibrator strapped onto me with a harness and I have no choice but to cum over and over again. Loud, mind blowing, uncontrollable and vicious orgasms over and over until I'm completely used.

Amateur Porn Video : Don't Tell Mum!

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Don't Tell Mum!

Oh my god, what are you doing in my bedroom?!?! This is so wrong, I can't keep catching you like this, and... oh my god do you have a hard on right now? I'm your sister!!!! This is *so* weird! What can I do to make you get over this perry obsession that you seem to have with me lately Brother? Ok, so this may seem a little bit crazy but I really can't see any other way. Hand me those knickers. We're going to get this out of your system once and for all. Just please **Don't tell Mum**. I can't believe that we're going to do this... Watch those white knickers that I found you with end up around your cock as I tease you and then stretched around my ankles whilst I ride your brains out. Hows this for your fantasy, Brother?

Amateur Porn Video : Jewellery Fetish JOI

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Jewellery Fetish JOI

You bought me this gorgeous necklace and so I decided to show it off without wearing a shirt. You're always, always buying me jewellery and I never realised why... Anyway, as a little reward to say thank you, I'm going to treat you to something special. I'm wearing every single bracelet that you bought me, a necklace, two rings, a watch and some gold dangly earrings. Each piece of jewellery makes a sound as I move my wrist and body, asking you to follow my lead with my jerk off instructions. Imagine how my rings would feel as they touched your shaft, imagine my bracelet gliding over the edge of your erection. You thought that I didn't realise, but now I've figured it out... you have a jewellery fetish! ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Teenybopper Elouise Jack Daniels Slut

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Teenybopper Elouise Jack Daniels Slut

This is an old video recorded when I was around 18 years old, watch me as a slutty blonde teenybopper ;) I give you a fantasy blowjob before showing off my new toy - a hitachi hands free rider, which combined with another toy jammed into my pussy makes for a filthy heady combination. Various angles, dirty talking and my slutty teenybopper self ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Applying Pink Lipstick

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Applying Pink Lipstick

Watch as I apply layers of pink lipstick to my lips, slowly and precisely, taking my time and teasing as I do. Next I take a long tube of pink lipgloss and glaze it over the top. I pucker and smack my lips, giving loud kisses to the camera and pouting up close and personal.

Amateur Porn Video : POV Closeup Blowjob

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POV Closeup Blowjob

Watch me in perfect POV closeup position as I tease and drain every last bit of spunk out of your cock. Listen to me dirty talk the whole time as I lick, suck and wank you off. I look right into your eyes as I get my tongue around every last bit of you, tasting you as I go. You will *love* every single second of my perfect blowjob.

Amateur Porn Video : CFNM Two Girl Humiliation JOI

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CFNM Two Girl Humiliation JOI

I'm with one of my friends and we are both in need of some entertainment. Feeling devious I decide to humiliate you in front of her. I introduce you as my "waste of space" boyfriend and we make you take down your jeans and your pants for us. We both laugh at your pathetic excuse for a cock, hahahaha. It's teeny weeny! I continue to humiliate you as I ask you to jerk your cock for me in front of my friend. We're both laughing at you as you follow my instructions like a brainless puppet. After a while I begin to bore of you and I tell you to cum for me, quickly. Now that you've served your purpose I'm going for a drink, to find myself a real man to fuck. Bye bye boyfriend! Hahaha :')

Amateur Porn Video : Oral Popsicle Practice

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Oral Popsicle Practice

I tease and suck with my popsicle, sliding it in and out of my mouth in the most seductive type of way. Watch me drool and dribble as it begins to melt and the cream runs out of my mouth and down my lips, my arms and the rest of my skin.

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