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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Always happy to hear feedback or future video suggestions, tweet me: @ElouisePlease <3

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Messy BJ For An A video by Elouise Please

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Messy BJ For An A

I know that I've been a bad girl Sir, but I really, realllllly need this A!! Maybe if I show you how good my oral skills really are... you could change my grade? Come on Sir, I want your BIG cock in my mouth, lets get my face nice and messy. I'm so hot for teacher ;) My second ever boy/girl blowjob video with TONNES of spit, drool and general messiness. Includes an awesome cumshot and cum eating afterwards too!

First Ever Blowjob Video And CIM video by Elouise Please

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First Ever Blowjob Video And CIM

After 5 years into my Adult career... it's finally here! My FIRST EVER REAL COCK BLOWJOB VIDEO!!! All filmed in super high quality with superior audio to match. Watch me give my first ever boy/girl blowjob, complete with all of my favourite things... dirty talk, spit, deep throat, POV filming and ending in a glorious cum shot straight into my mouth ;) It's everything that I fantasised and more, and I'm so happy to share it with you!!

You're My P-o-p-p-e-r-s Slut video by Elouise Please

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You're My P-o-p-p-e-r-s Slut

You're my little p-o-p-p-e-r-s slut, and you'll do exactly as I say, won't you? So before we begin, I have a little challenge for you. I want you to take a pen and write " Slut" across your thighs, so that every time you look down, you'll be reminded of what you are! You know the rules by now, every time I put my finger to my nose you're going to sniff your meds nice and deep for me. Don't stop sniffing until I remove my finger from my nose. There's a good little p-o-p-p-e-r-s slut ;) Now do exactly as I say, I'm going to fuck you up nice and strong!

Fuck Machine Super Squirt video by Elouise Please

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Fuck Machine Super Squirt

I use my new fuck machine up to the highest possible setting, which is super super intense inside of my pussy. It fucks me vigorously hard and fast, making me squirt bucket loads!!!

Ice Lolly Reviews video by Elouise Please

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Ice Lolly Reviews

A fun, light hearted video where I review three different ice lollies in my lingerie ^_^

First Time Fuck Machine Fuckkk video by Elouise Please

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First Time Fuck Machine Fuckkk

Watch as I test out my new fuck machine for the VERY FIRST TIME!! I use it to fuck myself doggie style (my favourite position) and I try out every single speed, resulting in a super wet pussy and a very very intense orgasm ;)

JOI For Male Pornstar Casting video by Elouise Please

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JOI For Male Pornstar Casting

**30 minute long jerk off instruction video!** This is a custom video made for Adam, and therefore uses "Adam" as the name throughout the video. Contact me via twitter: @elouiseplease or my site ElouisePlease.com for your very own custom video! I'm casting for a movie, "Spunk Drenched Sluts" and you're auditioning to be the male lead in my porn film!! As the name suggests, you'll need to be able to absolutely drench me in spunk during the film and so I need to make sure that you're up for the job!! So what I'm going to do is give you some very naughty jerk off instructions and you're going to wank your cock for me right now ;) I go through every part of my body separately... my tits, butt, pussy and face... talking about how I'd get you to hose me down in your spunk! Slowly I strip out of my clothes until I'm completely naked in front of you, as I give you my filthiest jerk off instructions yet! I'm very enthusiastic and thorough as I repeatedly tell you exactly how I want you to wank your cock. I even tell you about how if you get the role in my porno, I'll be taking your cock and putting it in my mouth, I'll suck your balls and even rim your ass. When I'm satisfied that you're up to the task, I put my face up really close to you and beg you to drench me in your hot cum. I want to be absolutely covered in it. Make me your Spunk Drenched Slut!!

Waking My Brother Up With My Pussy video by Elouise Please

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Waking My Brother Up With My Pussy

I pull back the blanket from over my Brother and I'm amazed as his big cock springs up from underneath! I always suspected, but I didn't realise just how big his cock would be!! I wonder if I can suck him off without waking him up... I'm sure just a little bit wouldn't hurt, right? I've always fancied my Brother! I begin to suck his cock, teasing it with my mouth and tongue and getting it deep in my throat. Soon I'm gagging for more and I can't help myself... I jump onto his cock, taking it deep inside of my pussy. I begin to ride up and down, making myself moan louder and louder. My Brother begins to wake up and he's a little surprised but I tell him just to go with it. Just pretend that you're still dreaming if you want Brother, but I know you've always wanted to fuck me!!

Cheerleader Long Nail Handjob video by Elouise Please

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Cheerleader Long Nail Handjob

My nails are the longest they have ever been...they're practically claws! ;) I know how much you love a rough hand job with my nails, but do you think you'll be able to handle them this long?? I think that you definitely will! So sit back and let me play with your cock and balls, dragging and scratching my long nails up and down as I drain your balls of all that spunk!

Batman T-Shirt Dance And Toy Cum video by Elouise Please

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Batman T-Shirt Dance And Toy Cum

I'm wearing a Batman T-shirt with the Joker on it (I LOVE the Joker!!), I start off by giving you a sexy dance, showing off my figure and some of my favourite moves. I pull my T-shirt up so that you can get a good view of my boobs and I bend over, wiggling my perky butt. Now that I've got you in the mood, I continue by grabbing one of my favourite wand vibrator toys. The sensations feel amazing as I rub it all over my clit before making myself cum nice and hard!!

Public Smoking And Flashing video by Elouise Please

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Public Smoking And Flashing

Watch as I smoke a cigarette outside a cafe in Spain, all whilst wearing a teeny dress and no knickers. It's a very busy street but I spread my legs and let you see up my dress, revealing my tanned pussy. A very risky public flashing video, combined with me inhaling smoke deep into my lungs and blowing it out at you ;)

In Class Schoolie Blowjob video by Elouise Please

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In Class Schoolie Blowjob

We're in the middle of a class together and I start whispering naughty things to you. I know how much seeing me in my school uniform turns you on and you've probably got a huge hard on already. Before you know it I'm teasing you further and further and asking you if you've ever been given a blowjob in the middle of a class before? When Sir's back is turned and he's busy writing on the blackboard,d I crawl underneath your School desk and pull down your pants. I waste no time in getting your cock right down my throat and begin sucking you off, dirty talking to you the whole time. I give you a really sloppy blowjob, covering your cock in my drool before going faster and faster, telling you to cum in my mouth!!

Double Penetration With A Double Ender video by Elouise Please

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Double Penetration With A Double Ender

I use my big double ended dildo to fuck my butt and my pussy at the same time. Watch as I gape my arse nice and wide before fucking my pussy too, getting into different positions on the bed. I'm so tight and I moan sooooooo loud whilst I fuck both of my tight holes at the same time, over and over until I cum really hard!

Maid At Your Service video by Elouise Please

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Maid At Your Service

I've been working for you for a while now and I love this job, in fact I really need this job! I've just finished cleaning the whole house, but there's still a little bit of time left before I finish my shift, so I wondered if there was anything else I could do for you? I'm *completely* at your service, is there anything that you can think of? As dirty as you like... I'm sure that we can come up with some idea. I've seen you looking at me before, is it my french maid uniform that you like the look of? Do you want to see whats underneath it, Sir? Soon I'm sucking and fucking your cock like my life depended on it, I love the idea of fucking your brains out and then cleaning you up afterwards! Lets hope I finish my cleaning work early tomorrow and every day afterwards too ;)

Two Girl Small Penis Humiliation video by Elouise Please

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Two Girl Small Penis Humiliation

Vellocet and I have heard you've got a really small penis, so go on then.. get it out for us so that we can see exactly how tiny it is and we can have a good laugh at you! Oh my god... it really is *tiny* isn't it? Hahahaha!!!

Peeing My White Panties video by Elouise Please

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Peeing My White Panties

I'm in the bathtub wearing a pink t-shirt and my white panties. Watch as I pee right through them, getting nice and messy in the tub and then rubbing my butt in the mess!

Hungry Giantess video by Elouise Please

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Hungry Giantess

Aw, what are you doing down there? You look a little lost! You're so tiny aren't you, look how tiny you are! You look very lost and cold, have you been out here for a while? I know... it's nice and warm down my top, how about if I pick you up and I put you next to my boobs to keep you warm? I'll grab your friends too, don't worry... there's lots of room. Hmmm, I'm actually quite hungry and I haven't eaten in a while, it takes a lot to keep a Giantess like me feeling full. Unfortunately for you... my favourite snack is tiny men!

Anal Hooked, Caged, Violet Wand & Dildo Play video by Elouise Please

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Anal Hooked, Caged, Violet Wand & Dildo Play

I'm anal hooked, tied inside a cage, blindfolded and gagged! My wrists are cable tied to the cage and my thighs tied to the cage with rope so that I can't move even an inch. Watch as I struggle before being tormented with a violet wand in lots of different sensitive areas, including over my pussy, my feet and butt. After becoming very, very wet with the electro play, a big purple dildo is introduced and I'm fucked with it until I'm moaning and cumming hard! Hear exactly how wet I am as the dildo is rammed in and out of my pussy. Even after I cum, the dildo is used again until I'm moaning sooooo loud, even through my gag!

Bang My Booty video by Elouise Please

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Bang My Booty

I'm wearing a super hot teeny leotard and stockings, which shows off my butt really well! I get you to follow me up the stairs, showing off my gorgeous arse as I take each step and bending over for you. I shake my butt and tempt you further before telling you to follow me into the bedroom. I bend over on the bed and tell you I've got a surprise for you, before grabbing my dildo and fucking my butt nice and hard. Tonnes of moaning, gaping and anal with lots of closeup camera action and dirty talk ;)

POV Sneaky Brother Blowjob video by Elouise Please

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POV Sneaky Brother Blowjob

I'm bent over in the kitchen loading some dirty washing into the washing machine, when I notice my Brother stood behind me. I turn around to say Hi and immediately notice the *huge* hard on that he has in his pants. Oh my god! "Have you been stood there watching me the whole time?" I'm in shock, but I'm more worried for in case Mum comes downstairs. What an earth would she do if she saw you with that gigantic bulge?? And all because I was bent over! Hmm, what is the quickest way that we can get rid of it?? Concentrate on something really unsexy?? Nope, that's not working. Oh my gosh, I'm going to have to help you out, aren't I? I can't believe that I'm about to give my Brother a blowjob, but if it's the only thing that will make your hard on disappear then I'm going to have to! I hope we don't get caught, and don't tell anyone about this!!

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