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Petite Blonde Suck and Sensual Fuck video by Elle Faye

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Petite Blonde Suck and Sensual Fuck

This one has a bit of a slower sensual feel. I start off sucking big thick dick trying to shove it down my throat. Then I Fuck in several positions including me on top shot from behind watch my booty shake. Also POV doggystyle and finishes off with me on bottom with a facial at the end!

Collared BJ Fuck and Facial video by Elle Faye

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Collared BJ Fuck and Facial

I start off with 9 minutes of sucking big thick cock, then I get fucked doggystyle and with me laying back! All shot POV and ends with a facial!

POV BJ and Doggystyle video by Elle Faye

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POV BJ and Doggystyle

First three minutes I lay backward getting thick dick shoved down my throat. The other 20 mins is all booty shaking, doggystyle fun! Finishes off with a cumshot all over my back! Higher quality Not the highest quality but this was too good to not share and is quite popular! This was shot in a slightly dark room with my Canon Rebel t5i.

Squirting In My chucks video by Elle Faye

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Squirting In My chucks

Squirting over and over in my chucks & thigh high socks while rubbing and pinching my big soft tits!

Slutty Step Sister video by Elle Faye

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Slutty Step Sister

Your dad says my outfits are too slutty to be wearing around the house, what do you think step bro? Pretty cute yeah? Wanna see a little more? You can look but you can't touch! Well maybe you can fuck me just a little, this is all getting me so wet. Did you cum in me??? Oh my god you weren't supposed to do that, but it feels so good! "Doggystyle" self fucking with a drippy faux creampie at the end!

Stuffing & soaking my pink panties video by Elle Faye

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Stuffing & soaking my pink panties

I start out wearing pink lace panties, using my hitachi to soak them a bit. Then I pull them off and stuff them inside and squirt over and over while they're deep inside my little pussy! I pull them out a few times during to show you, and I suck on them a bit at the end!

Impregnation Fantasy video by Elle Faye

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Impregnation Fantasy

I bet you've been wondering why I've been so horny lately, I've been longing for your cum deep inside my pussy. I want your baby, please impregnate me. Big simulated creampie at the end!

Grinding & Sucking video by Elle Faye

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Grinding & Sucking

A custom I made for a member, I grind against one dildo while sucking off another!

Elle's First Ballgag video by Elle Faye

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Elle's First Ballgag

My longest video yet! I finally received my first ball gag in the post and just had to try it right away. Its a bit big for my tiny mouth but I keep it on all the way till orgasm.

Creampie Cutie video by Elle Faye

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Creampie Cutie

I start out twerking and shaking my booty, with lots of bouncing action! Using my huge, thick “squirting dildo” I ride it and finish off with a creampie in my pretty little pussy.

Bad Kitty Anal Punishment video by Elle Faye

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Bad Kitty Anal Punishment

I’m so sorry I was naughty and disobeyed while you are off on your work trip! To make it up you tell me I’m going to spank my ass and fill my tight little asshole with my plugs and dildos in front of you on webcam as a punishment. To finish off I ask you if I may cum and use my hitachi too! This causes me to have a super intense shaking orgasm just for you! (you may need headphones for this as I have a soft voice)

Anal Dildo Fucking video by Elle Faye

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Anal Dildo Fucking

I start with a simulated bj looking right at you. After that I wink my little asshole a bit, play with my pussy and fuck my ass with my realistic dildo until I cum! 9:35 1080p

44 PhotosFuzzy Pussy photo gallery by Elle Faye

Fuzzy Pussy

Shot on my logitech c920 webcam - 1080p ||Starts off in my caged top and panties then my panties slowly come off. I show off my slightly fuzzy pussy with lots of close up shots with some spreading (purchased photos are obviously uncensored) || These photos are for your personal viewing pleasure ONLY. Purchasing this set does NOT give you permission to distribute or post anywhere.

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