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I'm a 27 year old artist and writer with a wild side ;) I genuinely love creating beautiful erotic content for your viewing pleasure. It gives me a chance to express creativity using an unconventional platform, and I'm a serial masturbator with an insatiable sexual appetite. so hey, bespoke porn, win win! xxx I also offer private cam dates, used panties, and more. Follow me on Twitter @_dorianrhey ~*~* Email:

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Pumps & Stockings Pt. 1 video by Dorian Rhey

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Pumps & Stockings Pt. 1

It's been a long day at the office, Jerry... A very long day. My feet are very sweaty and sore from walking around in my favorite black pumps. Would you mind rubbing them for me through my sexy sheer nylons? Take a whiff. Oh my, you're touching yourself now? Such a bad boy. Don't stop, though... I've been dying to talk dirty to you ever since I started working as your secretary. I'm going to give you instructions on how I'd like your cock against the soles of my feet. You'll also go home with a very intimate gift. Make sure you wear these nylons under your suit tomorrow, and take a whiff of my panties before you get home to your wife. ;) It turns me on to see you so easily swayed by my feminine powers. I'm going to have so much fun corrupting you. (note: I remain clothed in lingerie in this video, it contains light female domination, foot fetish, nylons, heels, and JOI)

Let's Get Physical video by Dorian Rhey

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Let's Get Physical

I’m decked out in my workout gear, but can’t help thinking of better ways to get my heart racing. We begin with my gently caressing myself and teasing in front of the camera. Lots of eye contact and flirtation. ;) I get horny and start playing with my hitachi wand over my tight yoga pants. Of course, the only solution is to break out the stainless steel dildo, get fully nude and see how many times I can make myself cum before I am an exhausted puddle. A true cardio workout.

SPACE BABE video by Dorian Rhey

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A tale of intergalactic finger fucking featuring me, Dorian, a horny alien from an unknown galaxy that has found themselves stranded on earth (naked, of course). I do not speak earthling, so there is no dialogue, but I do know how to moan and flirt. I rub my entire body down with a mixture of silvery oil, powder, and glitter, showing lots of closeups of my ass and tits. I wear a vinyl chest harness and rope leg harness done by Salem Moreau​. It’s all so fun & sexy that I end up finger fucking myself and cumming until exhaustion.

Feast video by Dorian Rhey

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I have Salem over for dinner... As the main course! Blind folded and bound under candle light, Salem is left to my whims. Candle wax splatters Salem's bare ass and back. Next, Salem is tied spread eagle, and the feast begins. Pussy eating, fingering, giant dildo fucking fun.

Carrot video by Dorian Rhey

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Do you want to blow a snowman? I am all dressed up to go outside in the snow, but it is so cozy and warm in here that I don't want to go out in the cold. I have a pile of carrots that I was going to use to pick out a nose for my snowman, but I end up picking out a fat carrot for more fun purposes... This is a fairly short (just over 4 min) video of me sucking a carrot and fucking myself with it.

Lavender Dreams video by Dorian Rhey

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Lavender Dreams

A soft, colorful domme session with Salem Moreau. We are wearing matching lavender lingerie, and Salem wears a collar and rope harness. I spank Salem under pastel lights. Light spankings at first, then working our way up to harder slaps, and eventually a paddle. I end up having my pussy eaten, and then fuck Salem with a large stainless steel dildo. Probably my favorite video yet!

Supermoon Conjuring (Part I) video by Dorian Rhey

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Supermoon Conjuring (Part I)

Salem and I harness the powerful erotic energy of the supermoon. I am the facilitator, and Salem is the offering, as we harness the sexual energies of the moon. We light an altar full of candles, and blow smoke all over the room, anoint with pomegranate juice, and I shred Salem's tights with a knife. Salem is tied with a rope harness. I end up also binding her wrists, and teasing with with licks all over. The whole thing is very moody and sensual. (continued in Part II)

Edging in stockings video by Dorian Rhey

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Edging in stockings

Alternating between hitachi wand and a vibrator, I edge myself to almost cumming, while wearing sexy thigh high stockings. By the end, I've gagged myself with a silk scarf, and finally give in to orgasm

Bound and Squirting video by Dorian Rhey

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Bound and Squirting

[continuation of "Tickled Pink"] I am still tied at my ankles and wrists. We continue on to toys. Salem uses hard, cold glass and stainless steel dildos on me, and I get so excited that I squirt. I make a mess on the sheets, and end up cumming once more with a vibrator.

Tickled Pink video by Dorian Rhey

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Tickled Pink

My friend Salem ties my ankles and wrists with rope for a little tickling fun. Lots of giggling and cuteness ensued. It was a good time, I'm getting again tickled just thinking about it!

EEP! walked in on video by Dorian Rhey

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EEP! walked in on

I keep edging myself towards an orgasm using my hitachi wand, then crave a second vibrator to feel from the inside! I'm having a really great time with myself, but it gets cut short (embarrassingly!).

Cucumber Action video by Dorian Rhey

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Cucumber Action

I tease around with my little short shorts in front of the camera for a while (including rubbing a little ice on my nipples) and then go all the way with an actually pretty damn long cucumber. Yes, the vegetable. Don't worry, I suck on it for a little while first ;) Multiple angles, including some cute pussy closeups for ya!

Early morning vibrator fun video by Dorian Rhey

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Early morning vibrator fun

A good friend bought me a vibrator as a gift, and it finally came in the mail! I made this video for them. They said they didn't mind if you see it too ;)

Finger Fucked video by Dorian Rhey

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Finger Fucked

I massage my titties for a moment then finger fuck myself hard and film it all on my phone. Close-up pussy, voyeristic quality ;)

My first video! Strap-on with Salem video by Dorian Rhey

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My first video! Strap-on with Salem

In my video debut, my friend Salem and I get very dirty together. We spend some time making out and licking pussy, then things progress and get really steamy. I end up sucking the strap-on, taking it from behind!

13 PhotosSpooky Sexy Tie-ups photo gallery by Dorian Rhey

Spooky Sexy Tie-ups

I learned the ropes (and a few knots) at naughty boy scout camp. ;) Mood lighting and 13 photos total make this a spooky sexy set.

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