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  • Amateur Porn Model Dolly Leigh
  • Amateur Porn Model Dolly Leigh
  • Amateur Porn Model Dolly Leigh
  • Amateur Porn Model Dolly Leigh
  • Amateur Porn Model Dolly Leigh
Amateur Porn Video : Flight Attendant Pegs the Passenger

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Flight Attendant Pegs the Passenger

Rick was a poor example of an airline passenger when he refused to give up his paid seat. But don't worry! Flight Attendant Dolly is happy to show him how disruptive customers are treated by bending him over and giving him a good fucking with her strap-on

Amateur Porn Video : VR Lesbian Cuckhold with Nenetl

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VR Lesbian Cuckhold with Nenetl

Your wife has something to tell you. She's been cheating on you, but not with a man. No, you just don't satisfy her anymore. She needs a woman's touch. She needs ME. And I'm going to fuck her right in front of you while you let it sink it that you can never, EVER, touch her again.

Amateur Porn Video : Mickey Mod Fucks Dolly

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Mickey Mod Fucks Dolly

Mickey teases, spanks, and fingers a hogtied Dolly Leigh, making her BEG for his cock. Finally, after letting her suck on his cock for awhile, he frees her from the restraints and plunges into her waiting pussy. This half hour long video is filled with enthusiastic sex in all sorts of positions between two people who just really like fucking each other.

Amateur Porn Video : Making Nenetl Cum on my Pink Cock

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Making Nenetl Cum on my Pink Cock

Nenetl is the perfect little obedient slut, and Dolly can't help but have fun with her. Dolly makes Nenetl gag on her cock before fucking her silly. Nenetl begs for more as Dolly makes her cum multiple times.

Amateur Porn Video : Two Girl Blowjob with Amber

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Two Girl Blowjob with Amber

Watch Amber and Dolly suck, stroke, and make out on cock until they make the guy bust his load all over their faces. Multiple angles! Cum swapping! Wow, etc!

Amateur Porn Video : Sex Tape with Owen Gray

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Sex Tape with Owen Gray

Sex tape with Owen Gray featuring oral, pussy eating, multiple positions, orgasms, face slapping, and a cumshot on my tits (which I obviously have to taste). I use my hitachi at times for even stronger orgasms!

Amateur Porn Video : Showing Off for the Neighbors

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Showing Off for the Neighbors

Freshie can tell you can see them, so she presses Dolly's body against the glass window while fondling and exposing her soft skin. You get peeks of Dolly's sheer panties as Freshie rubs her pussy to an orgasm, delighting in the fact that you're watching. Super hot despite being a shorter clip

Amateur Porn Video : Double Spanking and BJ Tease with Amber

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Double Spanking and BJ Tease with Amber

Amber got Dolly a very special present for her birthday--a SPANKBOT! Using her cell phone, Dolly and Amber set the Spankbot to spank them both until their butts are cute and red. First they take it over their panties but soon strip down. Eventually they notice an added feature to their SpankBot--a hard throbbing feature. It would be a waste not to have a little fun wth it! They climb on top and grind until he's hard as a rock, use his legs to rub their clits, and then Dolly and Amber pull out and tease the cock with their mouths, helping each other go down on it. Of course, this is about THEM and not the bot, so they eventually leave him there without letting him cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Super Girl Ball Busting and Boot Worship

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Super Girl Ball Busting and Boot Worship

Supergirl catches pervy Jay harassing an inncocent woman, and she's going to make sure Jay learns never to do that again. Over and over, she slams her boot into his crotch while he begs and pleads. When he crumples on the floor, she makes him kiss and worship her boots before demanding he gets back up so she can unleash more punishment. Supergirl builds up to seriously hard kicks, and even lets her new friend join in the fun. Do you think he'll learn his lesson?

Amateur Porn Video : Neighbor SPH Jerk Off Instructions and Denial

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Neighbor SPH Jerk Off Instructions and Denial

Amber and Dolly caught you peeking on them, but here's a little secret--they're spying on you, too! Only, they aren't too impressed with what they see. Who knew anyone could be that tiny?! How pathetic. Why don't you jerk your little cock for them while they talk about the REAL man they'll be bringing home and fucking tonight. contains nudity

Amateur Porn Video : Toe Sucker

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Toe Sucker

Dolly shows off her pretty toes, first in sheer polka dot socks and then bare, before starting to suck on them. She sucks for a long while, switching between each foot and stretching them to the camera often. This gets her excited, and eventually she finds herself stripped of her pretty dress and pink panties. Finally, she decides to use her hitachi to make herself cum--TWICE!--and with a perfect view of her feet. There is some background noise but you can still clearly hear my moans and other noises.

Amateur Porn Video : Balloon Popping and Vibe Scissoring

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Balloon Popping and Vibe Scissoring

Dolly's new to balloon popping, and new to latex panties, so obviously Nenet's going to have a bit of fun with her. First she instructs her to strip out of her own panties and put on latex ones, which she shines up with her tongue. Then it's time for a competition--who can blow up balloons the fastest? After, the giggly girls bounce up and down on the balloons, popping them with different parts of their bodies. All of the bouncing and popping has them excited, so out comes the vibrator, which they both grind on while scissoring each other. Super playful and fun video with some light lesbian domination.

Amateur Porn Video : Genderbent Armin Bound and Cumming

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Genderbent Armin Bound and Cumming

Armin's loyalty to the Survey Crops has been questioned, and now she faces severe hitachi torture until her loyalty can be gauranteed. Non-nude, but bodysuit is semi-sheer.

Amateur Porn Video : Bound Orgasms

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Bound Orgasms

Dolly is bound, gagged, and helpless, unable to break free of the rope that ties her down... and that ties a powerful vibrator to her clit. Lots of squirming, moaning, and cumming--plus lots of spit spraying from the gag!

Amateur Porn Video : Strapped In and Helplessly Cumming

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Strapped In and Helplessly Cumming

Dolly finds herself bound with straps, her hands secured and her hips pulled to the ceiling. Of course, that's just the start. The powerful vibrator attached to her clit kicks on, and Dolly squirms and wails as she is unable to help herself from a flurry of orgasms.

Amateur Porn Video : Mummification Fun with Denali

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Mummification Fun with Denali

Dolly's never been mummified before, and Denali is up to the task. Around and around, first with saran wrap and then with duct tape, Denali bundles Dolly up--with a vibrator wrapped in, of course.

Amateur Porn Video : Edging for my Valentine

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Edging for my Valentine

Dolly has a special treat for you on Valentine's. She wants you to watch her while she uses her wand to edge herself over, taking it away riiight before each time. Finally, she lets herself have an explosive orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : Puppy Training

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Puppy Training

Good pups get treats, and Dolly must prove to Arabelle that she is a very good pup. She displays her ability to walk on a lead and do a variety of tricks, hoping she can please her mistress. In the end, she gets her treat--a good fucking.

Amateur Porn Video : Shaving Bush and Bath Combo

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Shaving Bush and Bath Combo

Watch me take a nice sudsy bath before shaving away my little bush for a cleaner look.

Amateur Porn Video : Shaving Off My Bush

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Shaving Off My Bush

I've decided it's time for a new look, and you get to watch!

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