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Joined Jan.08, 2017
Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 34B
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Dirty Lara

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Nice girl with a nasty mind. Switchy. Pervy. Hella bi. I'm submissive in my primary relationship, love doing sub stuff online. I'm a switch and I loooove being toppy with girls and guys. I put a lot of miles on my strapon. I love taboo roleplays, dark fantasies, etc. Just regular old fashioned sex & masturbation is great too. I cam and sell amateur porn. Custom vids are my favorite thing to do. I'm approachable and try to be genuine and friendly.

  • Amateur Porn Model Dirty Lara
  • Amateur Porn Model Dirty Lara
  • Amateur Porn Model Dirty Lara
Amateur Porn Video : Snuffish

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Private choke / snuff / suffocation / strangling / crush show. Dangling & limp scenes, bulging veins, struggle. It’s a shorter, different version of the longer Choke Show filmed at Gomez’s place. Heavy BDSM scene. Do not play like this unless you have proper training, experience and consent. Thanks!

Amateur Porn Video : Brother Was Bad

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Brother Was Bad

Sibling & ageplay solo pantie fetish vid. I find my younger brother "Angel" masturbating with my panties and I make fun of him, but then I get into it and we get off together. Orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Lesbian MILFs - POV pussy eating & strapon

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Lesbian MILFs - POV pussy eating & strapon

Betty Blaze and Dirty Lara eat each other's pussies, Lara fucks Betty with strap-on and rides Betty's strapon with POV filming the whole time. Silly, sexy, raunchy fun. Pussy slaps and enthused lesbo action. :)

Amateur Porn Video : Thank you, Master - Two girls flogged BDSM

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Thank you, Master - Two girls flogged BDSM

2 camera angles give alternting views of asses and faces. Two girl & 1 guy scene with Betty Blaze XXX & Lara flogged by Gomez. “Say thank, you Master,” he told us – so we did, with every strike. Two weights of latext floggers. Loud screams! Red asses. Ends with Gomez making Betty & Lara kiss.

Amateur Porn Video : Relishing Hamburger

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Relishing Hamburger

Making this one dirt cheap only here for you guys cuz I'm new on this site. :) It's a pretty silly video, seemed like an inspired idea at the time - to dress up like a hamburger and insert condiments. I insert a ketchup bottle into my pussy and a relish bottle into my ass. Orgasm with wand. Silly and raunchy and fun. Some dirty talk. But like, silly dirty talk.

Amateur Porn Video : Lollipop ATM

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Lollipop ATM

Dirty solo vid nude with pigtails, sucking lollipop, inserting anally, orgasm w/ vibrator and yes, ATM. Made before camdays cuz I’m a dirtybird.

Amateur Porn Video : Unwilling Slave - Part 3 - Betrayed - Threesome with Betty Blaze & tag-team domination

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Unwilling Slave - Part 3 - Betrayed - Threesome with Betty Blaze & tag-team domination

Lara tries once more to get out of the job, this time with the help of her friend Betty who got her to position to begin with. But, she fails once more. Strapon! DP! Cock & dildo blowjob! Spanks! Pussy eating! Featuring Gomez & Betty Blaze XXX. This is my most popular video. Dunno how people manage to follow the plot without the first two (jk) but THANKS for the love. It was super fun to make.

Amateur Porn Video : Unwilling Slave - Part 2 - Blackmail - Office roleplay

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Unwilling Slave - Part 2 - Blackmail - Office roleplay

Lara comes back with a change of heart and tries to quit, but Mr. Gomez has something surprising in store for her. Harder impact scene with belt, face fucking, slapping, choking & doggystyle.

Amateur Porn Video : Unwilling Slave - Part 1 - The Interview - Office master/slave roleplay

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Unwilling Slave - Part 1 - The Interview - Office master/slave roleplay

BDSM Roleplay where unqualified girl gets coerced into sexual slavery because she’s desperate for a job. Blowjob, face fucking, force, spanking. Mmmm.

Amateur Porn Video : Choke Show

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Choke Show

Recording on hour+ long private choke show. Choking, smothering, suffocation, both with struggle and without. Gomez touching my limp body, dangling it, playing with my pussy and rubbing my juices on my lips while I’m semi-conscious. Biting. Slapping. Wand play. It’s a long show, and one of my favorites to do. It’s violent but loving, intense but connected. It leaves me feeling subdued and content and submissive and happy. Disclaimer: please don’t do play like this unless you know WTF you are doing.

Amateur Porn Video : Cucumber Orgasm

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Cucumber Orgasm

Solo fully nude, sucking cucumber & cucumber insertion with two orgasms.

Amateur Porn Video : Beating & a Blowjob

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Beating & a Blowjob

BDSM scene with Gomez. Bondage cuffed & chained to couch. Spanking, face slapping and impact with belt, plank & chain. Face fucking.

Amateur Porn Video : Golden Shower

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Golden Shower

Watersports! Featuring Gomez pissing in my mouth while I kneel in the shower. Priced lower for this ilk of fetish content because it’s low def & filmed vertically. Still fucking hot tho.

Amateur Porn Video : The Toothbrush

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The Toothbrush

Masturbating with a toothbrush, insertion, epic orgasm with vibrator, naughty/dirty surprise at the end. Pre-camming content that was made just for fun cuz I’m legit that dirty.

Amateur Porn Video : Betty Gets It

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Betty Gets It

Strapon domination with Betty Blaze XXX. Lara tops her, makes her suck her black strap-on cock & ride it, fucks her doggystyle, with tit slapping and choking.

Amateur Porn Video : Blowjob Before Work

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Blowjob Before Work

BJ vid with Gomez’s thick, uncut cock. Deepthroat, facefucking, and facial/swallow. POV and profile view.

Amateur Porn Video : Insertion Wins & Fails

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Insertion Wins & Fails

Another vintage pre-camming video. A compilation of four successful & failed object insertions. Stool leg, cucumber anal & two different drinking glasses that were chilled in the freezer beforehand (a naughty task from Gomez.) Priced low because filmed vertically on my phone, but I used the space to annotate it for humor & context. Enjoy!

Betty Blaze bundle

All videos featuring Betty Blaze XXX & Lara, some also featuring Gomez. Lesbian action, strapon sex, kinky roleplay with DP, etc.

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Feet & legs

Nude feet, feet in heels, flip flops, dangling, in the bath, soles, full leg, etc.

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Clothed to Nude

Set of photos in same/similar poses wearing clothes & fully nude

24 Photos

Femdom & strapon

Set of domme Lara pics with strapon, dildo, chastity key, cigar, looking fly AF, etc.

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Blowjobs, facials & ball sucking

A variety of raunchy, personal bj pics with Dirty Lara and Gomez's thick uncut cock