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I am awesome! But seriously thanks for visiting my page! Browse around maybe you'll see something you like! Newer content is at the top older content is at the bottom! A variety of clips for everyone to enjoy! Don't see a clip you want? Send me a message!

  • Amateur Porn Model Demonika Devour
  • Amateur Porn Model Demonika Devour
Amateur Porn Video : Working Girl 720 HD

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Working Girl 720 HD

Who needs a man when you can fix it and fuck it yourself. Curious craftsman Demonika believes working hard and cumming harder!

Amateur Porn Video : Dildo Glory Hole TWO 720 HD

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Dildo Glory Hole TWO 720 HD

Timid and shy turned full on big load loving glory hole addict! One dick wasnt enough to satisfy her lust she wants to suck more! Will this whore get all all the cock and cum she wants?!

Amateur Porn Video : Dildo Glory Hole 720 HD

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Dildo Glory Hole 720 HD

First time to the local glory hole for this shy but eager girl. Little does she know shes about to transform into a cum guzzling glory hole addict!

Amateur Porn Video : Fantasy Fuck 720 HD

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Fantasy Fuck 720 HD

Ever want to know my fantasies? What turns me on? What I think about while masturbating? DISCLAIMER: Camera had slight malfunction with sound pick up so video is quiet. Turn up volume.

Amateur Porn Video : Inflatable Fuck 720 HD

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Inflatable Fuck 720 HD

Watch me enjoy my new inflatable dildo One thing I've always been curious about is the feeling of a cock growing while inside my tight pussy. I pump it up and deflate it while riding it til I cant take it anymore and gush squirt everywhere multiple times.

Amateur Porn Video : Spring Time Squirt 720 HD

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Spring Time Squirt 720 HD

While hiking through the woods I realize this rock looks like the perfect place to take a rest and pull out my favorite vibrator! I didn't realize just how horny I was as I gush all over the trail and myself! Everyone knows that a vibrator is a hiking essential.

Amateur Porn Video : Horny Homemaker 720 HD

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Horny Homemaker 720 HD

Horny homemaker cant contain herself after grocery shopping so she pulls out some produce and fuckers her tight pussy til she gushes squirt all over the kitchen floor multiple times!

Amateur Porn Video : Sucking Dick

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Sucking Dick

I love sucking cock, Especially when they cum in my mouth.... OLDIE BUT A GOODIE!

Amateur Porn Video : Strip Tease

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Strip Tease

Barely legal Demonika wants to strip for you! Watch and she moves her young innocent body just for you. (First Clip Ever Filmed)

Amateur Porn Video : Below Machine Squirt 720 HD

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Below Machine Squirt 720 HD

I've been craving a good hard deep pounding and knew my fucking machine could make it happen in this position! I start off slowly and then crank it up to full pound as I gush squirt everywhere multiple times!

Amateur Porn Video : DeepWood Dam 720 HD

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DeepWood Dam 720 HD

I love long hikes deep into the forest! Oh whats this? The perfect spot to become one with nature by squirting into the river!

Amateur Porn Video : My Point Of View 720 HD

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My Point Of View 720 HD

Ever wondered what its like being me? How it looks when I fuck myself? Now you can know!

Amateur Porn Video : Restaurant Voyeur 720 HD

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Restaurant Voyeur 720 HD

After a long weekend I decide its time to grab some food from a local resturant but after ordering I relies how horny I am and tell my roommate to break out his gopro and film my naughty lil deed

Amateur Porn Video : Offroad River 720 HD

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Offroad River 720 HD

I just cant help myself I have to masturbate everywhere I go to! While offroading I fine a beautiful stream and decide to leave my scent and squirt everywhere! That's how they do it in nature!

Amateur Porn Video : Sawzall Fuck 720 HD

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Sawzall Fuck 720 HD

I have no idea how to describe this idea other then holy shit. I start by getting railed slowly then the power speeds up and I m send into another fucking world filled with orgasmic pleasure. I would simply describe this video as fll blown possession style eye rolling moaning madness.

Amateur Porn Video : Taboo Blowjob 720 HD

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Taboo Blowjob 720 HD

You seriously wont go away til I give you what you want huh? Fine just remember you cant tell anyone! Now get ready for these lips to wrap all over your cock. 

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Electro Cum 720 HD

I strap 4 of the tens unit pads to my enter thigh, play with the settings til my pussy explodes with squirt. Who knew electricity could make me cum without even playing with my pussy.

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Creamy Rope BJ 720 HD

If I suck your cock will you untie my ropes? I promise to make you cum. I want your cum and want to feel your hard cock in my mouth. I want you to shoot your big load all over my tits. Messy, creamy blow jobs are my favorite.

Amateur Porn Video : Belleville Cabin 720 HD

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Belleville Cabin 720 HD

In our newest installment of "Squirting Around Big Bear With Demonika" I bring you to the Belleville cabin a small structure that still stands in the middle of a field on "Gold Rush Trail". Now that you've had your history lesson its time for SQUIRTING! 

Amateur Porn Video : Cant Wait To Horny 720 HD

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Cant Wait To Horny 720 HD

I'm so horny I just cant wait for you I need to fuck my pussy now. I cream and squirt all over my fucking machine. See what happens when you don't fuck me when I ask?  

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