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Hi I'm Foxi! I'm 22 year old petite redhead with small tits, a big booty, and an even bigger personality. I'm a normal, bubbly 420 babe that loves pizza and netflix, but I have a naughty side that I like to reveal through my content !

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Schoolgirl Loses Virginity to Dragons video by Delphoxi

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Schoolgirl Loses Virginity to Dragons

I've never been the kind of girl to have fantasies about princes. I'm don't have typical Knight in shining armor fantasies. I have always much preferred the thought of being the princess that is taken and fucked by dragons. As I'm reading one of my favorite fairy tales I drift off to dream land. I wake on top a mountain and there's dragons flying above me. One of them approaches me and I can't believe what's happening. I offer myself to the dragon and tell him I've always wanted to lose my virginity to a massive dragon! He has his way with tight virgin pussy and then invites his dragon friends to come do the same

Stretching My Little Pussy video by Delphoxi

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Stretching My Little Pussy

I test my pussy's limits and stretch, gape, and fist my tiny little cunt for the first time until my little pussy is so sore from being stretched

Little Whore Punishes Her Pussy video by Delphoxi

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Little Whore Punishes Her Pussy

Your filthy, little, redheaded cum slut teases your cock by fucking her tiny pussy with big toys all while dirty talking you and making you crave her little whore holes

Seducing The Boys Next Door 3 video by Delphoxi

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Seducing The Boys Next Door 3

The boys next door have come over once more to help Ms. Foxi with her garden. They all get filthy while out working in the dirt and hurry inside for a show. She runs the water and strips for the 3 brothers from next door. She soaks her body and invites the boys to come and feel her pussy, ass, and tits. She moans as the boys touch her all over her body. The boys help her wash her dirty body. She teases the youngest and begins to suck his cock in the shower until letting him fuck her and blowing a load in pussy. She smiles and invites the next brother for sloppy seconds! One by one each of the boys fill Ms Foxi with their loads! The last boy even surprises her with a facial before she sends them all away for her to finish her shower. "Remember boy's, this is our little secret, now go get ready for round 2!

Your Princess Fucks a Dragon SPH video by Delphoxi

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Your Princess Fucks a Dragon SPH

The beautiful Princess has gone missing. Rumor has it that she has been taken by the mighty dragon and is trapped in his dungeon. She Prince fears the love of his life is in danger so he ventures to the dragons lair. The Prince rushes into the dungeon expecting to find his beautiful Princess waiting for him to rescue her, instead the Prince arrives and finds his princess with her mouth wrapped around the cock of the massive dragon. She's drooling and giggling as she sucks his massive cock. The Princess notices you enter the dungeon and smiles "Wow little Prince I didn't think you'd have enough balls to come looking for me" She pauses to suck the cock of the beast and moans with pleasure as the Prince is made to watch. "I thought you got the picture Little Prince, I wasn't taken by the dragon. I ran away to him so he could fill my tight pussy with his massive cock because your pathetic tiny cock will never do for a Princess like me!" The Prince can't help but watch as the Princess sucks and fucks the mighty dragon all while humiliating the Prince for having a tiny dick! The Princess would rather run away and be fucked by beasts than let the Prince fuck her with his pathetic micro cock

Showing With Delphoxi video by Delphoxi

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Showing With Delphoxi

I tease you in my full back Pokemon panties as I turn on the water to my shower. I get the temperature just right, slide my panties down slowly and hop into the warming flowing water. I let the water run over me, soaking myself and teasing you as you want the water french my pigtails! I soap myself up and rub my tits, ass, and pussy while I smile and giggle! Don't you want to join me? I wash my body and rinse the soap from myself. It falls off my skin and exposes me once again. My body glistens from the water dripping upon it. I bend over and show off my ass for you! I spread my cheeks and pee while I rub my pussy

Blackmailing My Brother video by Delphoxi

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Blackmailing My Brother

I'm relaxing, playing my 3ds in my bedroom. I start getting really turned on while playing and begin to rub my pussy through my pokeball panties! I look around and make sure no one is around and pull out my hitachi from behind my pillow. I massage my wet little cunt and drop my game as I'm overtaking by the vibrations on my clit. Suddenly I hear a bump come from the corner of my room. I look up from my bliss and see my step brother peeping through the door of my closet! "Brother, get out of there!" I'm not happy with big brother for peeping on his slutty little sis while having private time. I inform him that I'll be punishing him for this! I demand he watch me strip and not touch his cock while I tease. As I'm striping I notice brothers cock growing very large and stiff! I can't resist! I demand he let me suck it! I had no idea big brother had such a big delicious cock! "Now brother, you're going to have to fuck me if you don't want me telling mom about you hiding and peeping in my closet!" He quickly agrees and begins to fuck his slutty little sis as she moans and wiggles until big brother fills little sis with his hot load all over his face, glasses, and pussy! I tell brother he better be back in my closet peeping tomorrow if he doesn't want mom to find out about her son being a filthy perv

Dragon Queen Craves Cum video by Delphoxi

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Dragon Queen Craves Cum

The horny Dragon Queen is craving cum so she calls upon a few lucky dragon servants to come and please her royal pussy! She intends on repopulating her lands with more of the fierce dragons so shes picks the most superior of her clan to come and fill her with their massive mighty dragon loads! She fucks them in order from smallest to largest, allowing each dragon to stretch her pussy more and more with each dragon. The dragons each fill the queens royal cunt with their giant loads! As soon as one dragon is finished with her the next slides into her cum filled cunt and fills her full of another load. She finally makes it to the final and largest of the dragons, Stan. He's much larger than any cock the queen has ever taken inside of her before. She knows that he will create superior dragon warriors and allows to massive dragon to slide his giant cock into her as far as she can allow! The powerful queen swirms and wiggles from the girth of Stan. Even the mighty Queen of Dragons is no match for the giant cock of Stan. Her cunt stretches wide around him and she allows him to go as deep as she can stand until he fills her with the largest load of them all!! The queens pussy is stretched and sore so she sends her dragons away and tells them she will be back to breed them more tomorrow. Quickly the queens pussy becomes hungry for cum once more. She decides to go down to the dungeon and check out the human breeding stock. She finally finds two humans fit for fucking her. She using her magic to make the humans cock grow hard and ready for her! She fucks them both and is filled with their human cum! They fuck the queen well and she spares their lives and adds them to her group of sex servants! The queen is finally satisfied for the day after taking several massive loads! She can't wait to do it all again tomorrow

Lesson From Big Brother video by Delphoxi

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Lesson From Big Brother

I have a little confession to make to big brother!! I've been sneaking by his room at night and watching him jerk his throbbing cock until he cums all over! I tell brother that I had been craving his cock ever since. Brother pulls his cock out and and asks his sissy to stroke and suck his cock! She happily grabs bubba's cock and begins doing her best to swallow it up! I tell him, "Ive always secretly wanted to lose my virginity to you!" and quickly climb upon his cock and ride until big brother gives sissy a lesson about getting her first load

Fucking My Sister's Husband video by Delphoxi

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Fucking My Sister's Husband

My older sister is away for work over the weekend, so I tell my brother in law ( who I've always wanted to fuck ) that the power at my apartment is getting fixed and I need a place to stay. He agrees to let me stay over as long as I don't tell my sister as she would be very upset if she found out her slutty little sister was around her husband while she's away. I promise not to tell and lay down in front of him and start to tease him. I lift my skirt revealing that I'm not wearing any panties and I see his cock growing bigger and bigger in his pants. He isn't going to be able to resist him. I'll be able to seduce him with ease. I tease him bit more and I can tell that at this point his cock won't be able to resist. I grab his pants and pull him toward me, pulling out his dick and shoving it quickly into my mouth before he has time to change his mind. His cock throbs in my mouth as I lick and suck him! He quickly blows a load on to my face and tits! He's been wanting to fuck me for years and his cock can barely handle it. I giggle as his cum drips from my face. I tell him that better get his cock hard again and get ready to come some more because I'm ready to fuck him hard. His cock instantly tightens and I slide him deep into my soaking cunt and fuck him hard! I taunt him and tell him that my pussy must feel so much better than my sister's and how I know I fuck him better than she ever could! He pounds my cunt as I drip!! He fucks me hard until he cums and fills my pussy full of his dripping load! As I play in the mess of cum I tell him I wont tell my sister as long as he promises to make this a regular occurrence. He'll have no choice but to fuck me whenever I want now if he wants to keep me quiet

Rex Knots Kitten video by Delphoxi

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Rex Knots Kitten

The filthy horny kitten is in heat and she's desperate to have just about anything fill her tiny horny holes! The neighborhood mutt Rex wanders by and the slutty little kitty presents her warm pussy to him! Rex can't resist her purrrrrrrfect little pussy and quickly slides into the kitty! He knots the horny little kitty and she purs and wiggles in pleasure until Rex fills her sweet kitty cunt with a hot load

Tongue Fucked by a Dragon video by Delphoxi

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Tongue Fucked by a Dragon

I love to have my little clit licked, sucked, and fucked! Nothing makes me wetter than a big tongue licking my wet clit and then be tongue fucked, but today a dragon has come to lick my divine little cunt. He licks and teases me with his massive tongue making me drip with excitement until he slides his big fat wet dragon tongue deep inside me and tongue fucks my sweet pussy

Stallion DP video by Delphoxi

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Stallion DP

I prepare my tight little asshole to take on chance the stallion for the first time! I slide him in and fuck my sweet ass! Then I pull out my mega stallion and fuck my ass and pussy with both my beloved stallions simultaneously until my pussy is oozing with cum

Seducing the Boys Next Door 2 video by Delphoxi

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Seducing the Boys Next Door 2

The three boys from next door offered to clean my yard today! I happily accepted since I had such a lovely time with them last time they decided to stop by ;) It's lunch time so I invite the boys inside. I give the 3 boys 2 options for their lunch for being such a big help to me. "You decide boys, would you rather have sandwiches or me for lunch?" The boys don't even have to answer me, I can tell by the bulges growing in their pants that they want to have another taste of me! I bend over the table and spread my ass cheeks and invite the smallest of the three to come have a go at my tight little asshole! He slides in and fucks me nice and slow. He's such a good boy and is being so gentle with my tight little ass! He fucks me until he fills my ass with his load! His creampie drips from my ass all over the floor! I then roll over and spread my pussy and invite the next boy to come fuck me! He gives me all he's got! Fucking me nice and hard on the table! He really seems to be enjoying lunch with me! He creampies my pussy and quickly steps aside so that his oldest brother can slide into me! He's the biggest of the three and pounds my little cunt hard! I praise him for his hard work today as he slides his big throbbing cock in and out of me while his exhausted drained brothers watch a grab at their cocks! Finally after giving me his all he fills me with his huge load! I giggle as i let the cum of the three boys ooze out of me! The boys next door are just too fun

Gangbanged and Creampied By Sex Demons video by Delphoxi

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Gangbanged and Creampied By Sex Demons

The innocent little redhead takes off her robe and reveals her naked body. She lays down on her bed but quickly drifts into her dreams when suddenly she's awoken when her legs are suddenly spread apart and her arms are pinned down!! "who's there!?, what do you want with me?" She hears a voice respond to her. "We have been watching you, and your delicious pussy has awoken our lust. We're here to fuck you and fill you up with cum until you can't take it anymore!" The innocent redhead wiggles and squirms! Pleading and begging the sex demons to leave her be! But no amount of screaming and squirming will deter these demons from having their way with her perfect little cunt! Each of the demons plunge into her! Fucking her as hard as possible and one by one filling her up with their demonic cum

Seducing the Boys Next Door video by Delphoxi

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Seducing the Boys Next Door

I'm wandering around in front of my windows with nothing but my robe on. My robe opens and exposes my tits and pussy as I walk about my house. As I lay on my couch and open my robe I hear the scurry of feet on my front porch. I quickly walk to the door and notice my neighbors 4 sons peeping in through my blinds watching me wander around my house naked. I smile because I know this only means fun. I walk to the door and open it catching the boys peeping in. "Come on in boys, I need to have a talk with you." The 3 boys come in and all sit in front of me. I inform them that I know they have been peeping in on me for a while now. I can't believe how much these boys had grown. They were young men now and the thought of them peeping in on me make my pussy dripping wet! I decide I want to have a little fun with these boys. I open my robe and expose myself to the boys! I can see their crocks growing big in their pants! I command them each one by one to lick my pussy and ask them if they're up for a little class on how to fuck their future girlfriends! I decide to fuck the youngest brother first letting him slide his cock into my pussy until he quickly nuts all in my tight little cunt, i then invite the next oldest brother so slide his cock into my cum filled cunt! The second youngest brother lasts longer than the first but still blows his load quickly and fills me with his cum! I then fuck the oldest of the boys, who happens to big boy! He pounds my pussy hard! Pushing all the cum from his brothers deeper and deeper in to me until he too blows his massive load in to my tight cum filled pussy! I bask in the glory of seducing all of the young boys! I tell them to keep our little secret and I may invite them for a second lesson

Big Cock JOI video by Delphoxi

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Big Cock JOI

Pull your massive cock out and jerk it to my instructions while I fuck my tiny, sweet pussy with a giant horse cock! I pound my little cunt and encourage you to keep jerking your big dick until It's time for you to cum for me

Delphoxi Rides Cock video by Delphoxi

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Delphoxi Rides Cock

I'm feeling extra horny so I gather all of my suction cup cocks and line the up and get ready to ride! I ride each 4 cocks in different positions! I bounce on each of the cocks until I can't bounce anymore

Delphoxi Fucks a Banana video by Delphoxi

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Delphoxi Fucks a Banana

I'm feeling extra kinky today! So I decide it's time to knock something off my bucket list and fuck a banana!! I lick and suck the banana giving you a little tease, showing off my bare feet as I strip down completely naked! I slide the banana into my pussy and I'm surprised at how wonderful it feels inside me! I fuck the banana in several positions, showing off my yummy little bare feet in the process! Once I've cum all over the banana I peel it with my feet and have a little snack

Hiking, Sucking and Fucking video by Delphoxi

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Hiking, Sucking and Fucking

Follow me into the woods on my camping trip as I strip through the trails, suck cock, get fucked, and get a thick yummy facial next to the lake

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