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Joined Feb.03, 2016
Height 5'0"
Weight 110 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 34A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red


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Hi I'm Foxi! I'm 22 year old petite redhead with small tits, a big booty, and an even bigger personality. I'm a normal, bubbly 420 babe that loves pizza and netflix, but I have a naughty side that I like to reveal through my content !

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Cock Hungry Elf video by Delphoxi

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Cock Hungry Elf

The horny little elf has been going crazy for cock lately. Christmas is quickly approaching and none of the male elves have wanted to to fuck the little elf due to them being so busy with toy crafting. So she took matters into her own hands, while in the toy shop she crafts herself a little toy to fuck herself! She slides her new toy into her tight little elf pussy and moans with pleasure! She loves the feeling of having her pussy filled, but the toy has only made her hungrier for cock. She gets a wild thought "Hmmmm why don't I just sneak to Santa's stables and fuck his stallions!!" The horny little elf presents herself to the stallions and one by one they slide into her, filling her with massive loads! But the cock hungry elf isn't finished. She still wants cock!! So she decides to fuck one of Santa's trusty reindeer

JOI MARATHON video by Delphoxi

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I command you to jerk your cock for as long as you can until you can't take it anymore. Try playing this video on loop and see just how long you can last without blowing your load! ! How long can you take my commands before blowing you load ? First session, 2nd loop, 3rd? Let me know how long you last !

Little Red Gets Fucked video by Delphoxi

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Little Red Gets Fucked

Little Red gets her pussy pounded in different positions until she's filled with a creampie

Seduced By the Babysitter video by Delphoxi

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Seduced By the Babysitter

You've come home early to find your babysitter waiting for you without panties. She tells you that she was expecting you and she knew you'd be sneaking in early to see her before your wife arrives. She can see your cock growing in your pants for her and tells you to pull it out so she can get a better look at what you've got for her. "Just be quiet, you don't want your kids catching you fucking the babysitter do you?" she says as you slide your cock into her sweet tight pussy! "I feel so much better than your wife don't I, she could never fuck you like I can. You fuck her as she gets you to feel her soaked cunt with your load! You fill her up and she grabs a pair of your wifes panties and squirts out her creampie all over them

Little Red Rides video by Delphoxi

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Little Red Rides

Your kinky girlfriend surprises you and dresses up in a Little Red Riding Hood costume and rides and bounces on her favorite cocks for you

Sloppy Horse Cock Sucking video by Delphoxi

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Sloppy Horse Cock Sucking

I slobber and drool everywhere as I suck on a massive horse cock and give him a MESSY, SLOPPY BLOWJOB

Tiny Neko Schoolgirl Takes Horse Cock video by Delphoxi

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Tiny Neko Schoolgirl Takes Horse Cock

The tiny neko schoolgirl shows off her ears and tails for you! Then she shoves a massive horse cock deep into her tiny neko pussy and thrusts is inside of her self until she has an orgasm and the horse fills her with a massive load

Filthy Fox Loves to Fuck video by Delphoxi

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Filthy Fox Loves to Fuck

The filthy little fox loves to have her holes stuffed, fucked, and filled with cream

Taking All of Tucker video by Delphoxi

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Taking All of Tucker

Shoving my Bad Dragon Tucker deep into my pussy until I'm filled with creamy cum

Daddys Butt Slut video by Delphoxi

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Daddys Butt Slut

I put on my stockings, collar, and nipple clamps ans stretch my little asshole for daddy

Little Reds Wolf Pack Creampie video by Delphoxi

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Little Reds Wolf Pack Creampie

Little Red Riding Hood has been hearing rumors about the wolves in the forest. She's heard the wolves will fuck trespassers for crossing their territory, but that's exactly what Little Red wants ! She boldly marches into the forest where she is faced by the wolves ! One by one the wolves fuck little red filling her with their cum! But Little Red has a little trick up her sleev

Bulma Creams on Dragon Balls video by Delphoxi

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Bulma Creams on Dragon Balls

Don't lie, you know you've always had a filthy little fantasy about fucking Bulma! And now you've finally got your change to fuck both of her tiny little holes! You fill her with your creampie and she squirts its from her ass and pussy onto her Dragon Ball and then licks it up

Nurse Joy Craves Pokemon Creampie video by Delphoxi

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Nurse Joy Craves Pokemon Creampie

Nurse Joy has had a long day saving pokemon and now she's horny and ready to be fucked and filled by a pokemon

Schoolgirl Loses Virginity to Dragons video by Delphoxi

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Schoolgirl Loses Virginity to Dragons

I've never been the kind of girl to have fantasies about princes. I'm don't have typical Knight in shining armor fantasies. I have always much preferred the thought of being the princess that is taken and fucked by dragons. As I'm reading one of my favorite fairy tales I drift off to dream land. I wake on top a mountain and there's dragons flying above me. One of them approaches me and I can't believe what's happening. I offer myself to the dragon and tell him I've always wanted to lose my virginity to a massive dragon! He has his way with tight virgin pussy and then invites his dragon friends to come do the same

Stretching My Little Pussy video by Delphoxi

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Stretching My Little Pussy

I test my pussy's limits and stretch, gape, and fist my tiny little cunt for the first time until my little pussy is so sore from being stretched

Little Whore Punishes Her Pussy video by Delphoxi

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Little Whore Punishes Her Pussy

Your filthy, little, redheaded cum slut teases your cock by fucking her tiny pussy with big toys all while dirty talking you and making you crave her little whore holes

Seducing The Boys Next Door 3 video by Delphoxi

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Seducing The Boys Next Door 3

The boys next door have come over once more to help Ms. Foxi with her garden. They all get filthy while out working in the dirt and hurry inside for a show. She runs the water and strips for the 3 brothers from next door. She soaks her body and invites the boys to come and feel her pussy, ass, and tits. She moans as the boys touch her all over her body. The boys help her wash her dirty body. She teases the youngest and begins to suck his cock in the shower until letting him fuck her and blowing a load in pussy. She smiles and invites the next brother for sloppy seconds! One by one each of the boys fill Ms Foxi with their loads! The last boy even surprises her with a facial before she sends them all away for her to finish her shower. "Remember boy's, this is our little secret, now go get ready for round 2!

Your Princess Fucks a Dragon SPH video by Delphoxi

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Your Princess Fucks a Dragon SPH

The beautiful Princess has gone missing. Rumor has it that she has been taken by the mighty dragon and is trapped in his dungeon. She Prince fears the love of his life is in danger so he ventures to the dragons lair. The Prince rushes into the dungeon expecting to find his beautiful Princess waiting for him to rescue her, instead the Prince arrives and finds his princess with her mouth wrapped around the cock of the massive dragon. She's drooling and giggling as she sucks his massive cock. The Princess notices you enter the dungeon and smiles "Wow little Prince I didn't think you'd have enough balls to come looking for me" She pauses to suck the cock of the beast and moans with pleasure as the Prince is made to watch. "I thought you got the picture Little Prince, I wasn't taken by the dragon. I ran away to him so he could fill my tight pussy with his massive cock because your pathetic tiny cock will never do for a Princess like me!" The Prince can't help but watch as the Princess sucks and fucks the mighty dragon all while humiliating the Prince for having a tiny dick! The Princess would rather run away and be fucked by beasts than let the Prince fuck her with his pathetic micro cock

Showing With Delphoxi video by Delphoxi

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Showing With Delphoxi

I tease you in my full back Pokemon panties as I turn on the water to my shower. I get the temperature just right, slide my panties down slowly and hop into the warming flowing water. I let the water run over me, soaking myself and teasing you as you want the water french my pigtails! I soap myself up and rub my tits, ass, and pussy while I smile and giggle! Don't you want to join me? I wash my body and rinse the soap from myself. It falls off my skin and exposes me once again. My body glistens from the water dripping upon it. I bend over and show off my ass for you! I spread my cheeks and pee while I rub my pussy

Blackmailing My Brother video by Delphoxi

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Blackmailing My Brother

I'm relaxing, playing my 3ds in my bedroom. I start getting really turned on while playing and begin to rub my pussy through my pokeball panties! I look around and make sure no one is around and pull out my hitachi from behind my pillow. I massage my wet little cunt and drop my game as I'm overtaking by the vibrations on my clit. Suddenly I hear a bump come from the corner of my room. I look up from my bliss and see my step brother peeping through the door of my closet! "Brother, get out of there!" I'm not happy with big brother for peeping on his slutty little sis while having private time. I inform him that I'll be punishing him for this! I demand he watch me strip and not touch his cock while I tease. As I'm striping I notice brothers cock growing very large and stiff! I can't resist! I demand he let me suck it! I had no idea big brother had such a big delicious cock! "Now brother, you're going to have to fuck me if you don't want me telling mom about you hiding and peeping in my closet!" He quickly agrees and begins to fuck his slutty little sis as she moans and wiggles until big brother fills little sis with his hot load all over his face, glasses, and pussy! I tell brother he better be back in my closet peeping tomorrow if he doesn't want mom to find out about her son being a filthy perv

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Licking My Feet

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