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What can we say about Dakota? Well she is a brat! Okay I have to admit she is cute, funny, and knows her way around a dick, but she can be a BRAT too! I mean some of her favorite fetishes are Ball Busting, Small Penis Humiliation and Giantess(and you know how that ends! Do you want to be eaten or crushed?!?!). Dakota is a huge tease and who doesn’t like a tease? Talk about addictive! She loves to play games especially if it puts you in a uncomfortable spot. Mwahahaha! This little fun-box will keep you on your toes with her mischievous allure…

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Joined Dec.25, 2017
Height 5'2"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type Athletic
Bra Size 34A
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brunette

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