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Joined Feb.24, 2016
Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34C
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Cupcake SinClair

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"Sinfully Sweet and Good Enough to Beat!" I am a professional submissive in Los Angeles and a BDSM/fetish oriented adult model on the interwebs. My specialties are Bondage, Spanking, Damsel in Distress, and Ageplay!

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A Diapered Date video by Cupcake SinClair

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A Diapered Date

Cupcake loves going on diaper dates with Alex Reynolds! The two girls sit on the couch and, giggling, begin to touch and spank each other's big poofy diaper butts. The girls are fascinated by the way the diapers crinkle and the way it feels and it really turns them on! Alex takes off her onesie so Cupcake can spank her diaper butt, and the two giggle even harder. Then, Cupcake shares her pacifier with Alex and the girls can't help but kiss each other while sucking on their pacis! Eventually, with all of the diaper rubbing, it's time to play. Cupcake uses her magic wand vibrator on Alex over her diaper, kissing Alex's binky and pushing the wand higher and higher to make sure Alex really feels it through her thickly padded diaper! Alex moans and squirms until he cums, and the girls giggle more, amazed by how much fun they had. With such a long diaper date, it's definitely time for a nap!

Your Co-Worker's Pantyhose 2 video by Cupcake SinClair

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Your Co-Worker's Pantyhose 2

We work such late hours here at the office, don't we? Secretary SinClair complains to you, Jerry, about all of the walking she does and how sore her feet have become as a result. She takes off her heels, wishing for a massage and laughs at how intently you focus on her nylon clad toes and heels. She has been wearing her heels all day and they're pretty stinky too! Would you care to worship her panty hosed feet and breathe in her stinky, corn chip smell Jerry? Sniff her heels...that's it, breathe deeper...lick and suck her nylon feet... There's nothing to be embarrassed about - you're such a good little girl. What? Never mind what I said, just keep your eyes on my feet and sniff my heels.. Your wife doesn't wear her heels until they stink, does she? You'll always think of my scent when you get aroused now Jerry...Go ahead and stroke faster...

Wedgie Whacko! video by Cupcake SinClair

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Wedgie Whacko!

Cupcake is excited to hang out with her bestie, Dixie Comet, but is surprised to learn that Dixie has a bone to pick with her. Word on the street is that Cupcake has been fucking Dixie's boyfriend! Cupcake scoffs - surely Dixie can't be serious? After all, Dixie only started dating him three weeks ago and that's exactly when Cupcake left for a class field trip! Dixie doesn't want to hear it - she believes gossip more than her best friend. Growing more and more irrational, Dixie finally throws Cupcake onto the bed and begins giving her wedgie after wedgie! Cupcake's lilac thong stretches to incredible lengths and she squeals with the pain. Why won't Dixie believe her? Dixie gives Cupcake another chance to confess and, not satisfied, straddles Cupcake to give her an even bigger thong wedgie! Cupcake's legs flail and her school skirt rides up as she struggles around the painful wedgie. How dare this slut lie about sleeping with her boyfriend? Cupcake tearfully insists the rumors aren't true. Dixie spanks Cupcake angrily, first with her hand and then with her shoe, trying to make her confess. The same field trip excuse? It's time for another wedgie! Dixie pulls even harder, straining to pull the wedgie higher and higher and finally pulls Cupcake's thong over her head! Cupcake shrieks in pain and disbelief. When Dixie falls off the bed from pulling Cupcake's thong too hard, Cupcake uses that as her chance to escape. If Dixie won't listen to her friend then she doesn't need to be here! Running off, Dixie slumps panting on the bed, continuing to seethe with anger.

Gals Being Pals video by Cupcake SinClair

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Gals Being Pals

Cupcake is so excited to have her BFF, Layla Moore over for a sleep over! The girls lounge in their pajamas, talking about their day, when suddenly Cupcake asks Layla a question about boys. She's never really kissed one and isn't sure how to! Layla isn't sure either. Has Cupcake tried kissing her hand? Cupcake has, but she feels like she would impress her crush better if she had lips to practice on. Hesitantly Cupcake asks Layla if they could practice on each other - and Layla agrees! The girls take off their glasses, then timidly kiss, giggling nervously. What an odd feeling! The girls kiss again, and then again, a little longer. The girls laugh and giggle. Is it hot in here? The girls take off their tops and giggle more. Layla wonders aloud if boys grab boobs when they kiss too. Cupcake decides they should practice trying to squeezing each other's boobs while kissing, just in case. They kiss again, caressing one another's boobs, marveling at how soft they are. Cupcake has never seen a boob besides hers, and she giggles at how Layla's nipples are hiding. Taking small quick licks, she teases Layla's nipple out and then kisses Layla once more. Satisfied with their practice, the girls go to find other slumber party activities.

Kittens Purrs video by Cupcake SinClair

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Kittens Purrs

Kitten loves to put on a show for you! Slowly moving her body around for you to appreciate the full view of her lithe body in leopard lingerie, she smiles and then slowly crawls onto the bench. You admire the curve of her ass, and her high breasts as she crawls back and forth for you to gaze at. Licking her hand and gazing at you seductively, she turns this way and that. Her bare legs are impossibly long in her high heels and she lays on her back, arching and running her hand slowly down her body. Finally she brings out her favorite vibrator, playing with herself while gazing at you until she cums with a delightful purr. Kitten loves play time with you...

Boot Bitch ft Tim Woodman video by Cupcake SinClair

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Boot Bitch ft Tim Woodman

Pet loves being Tim Woodman's little boot bitch. She gazes up at him longingly as she kneels before his throne, nude and eager with desire. He nods and Pet gets to work. She lowers herself down on all fours, kissing and licking his worn leather boots, savoring the smell and taste as she worships them. Master watches her with an air of boredom as he watches to make sure his boots are given the attention they deserve. After all, Pet's place is beneath him at his feet and he places a boot firmly on her head to keep her in place as she drags her tongue eagerly along his boot. After Pet thoroughly kisses and licks both boots to Master's satisfaction, he stops her and has her balance on one of his boots. He has seen her writhing in ecstasy as she worships his leather boots, aroused by being beneath him, and now he's going to torment her more. Pet begins humping Master's boot as he flicks her bare ass with his riding crop, the swishes and thumps of the heavy crop making it's impact causing Pet to squirm and hump his boot faster. Pet's bare cunt grinds against Master's booth, the sensations of it all reducing her to something akin to a bitch in heat as he strikes her vulnerable ass again and again. Finally, Pet has her arms bound with rope above her head and the remaining rope used as a blindfold around her eyes. Pet cannot see or use her arms, but she has a wet and willing mouth that obediently opens when Master nudges her lips with his leather boots. Pet eagerly licks her wetness off of Master's boots, savoring the taste. Master watches her indifferently, slightly amused by her lust for his boots and her obvious arousal. He runs his boots over her bare breasts as she kneels, vulnerable, unseeing, her mouth opening and tongue darting over her lips in anticipation of the chance to worship his boots again.

Last Kiss ft Madame Rose video by Cupcake SinClair

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Last Kiss ft Madame Rose

Hey pervert! You can't come to dungeon parties harassing women - people will get pissed! Unfortunately for you, Madame Rose has followed you into the bathroom and now you're going to get what's coming for you! You wake up groggy in a cage, and Madame Rose grins down at you explaining your fate. You're an absolute pig of a man and you're in for a world of pain. She kicks you through the cage after allowing you to ogle her beautiful heels, snapping you back to reality. She pulls you out of the cage, and steps on you more, trampling you beneath her beautiful heels. Is this what you like, you pervert? Madame Rose pulls you to your feet, slapping you multiple times to get your attention. You don't deserve to be in the same room with beautiful women, especially if you can't keep your hands to yourself. You wanted a kiss so bad? Now you're going to get it - your last kiss. Madame Rose gets really close, wraps her hands around your throat, and begins to squeeze. As you fade out of consciousness, she kisses you at last.

Princess Belle Bound video by Cupcake SinClair

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Princess Belle Bound

Princess Belle is in dreamland..when suddenly she awakes in damsel land! Princess Belle finds herself in a strict rope bondage hogtie, exposing her dainty bare feet and securely binding her satin glove clad arms. The Princess is indignant and goes to speak - and realizes her mouth is cleave gagged! Princess Belle squirms and struggles against the bondage, demanding to be let out immediately. She wiggles her bare feet, rolls around, and does all she can to escape - angrily muttering to herself and calling out the entire time. After all, you simply cannot treat royalty this way! The princess struggles on her stomach, then rolls onto her back trying to find the perfect position of escape from her hogtie. Finally, exhausted, she goes still, panting. What will happen to her next?

Baby Boss video by Cupcake SinClair

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Baby Boss

What awful luck for you! The woman who rejected you years ago when you asked her out to prom is now your boss - and she's more like a dominatrix than a boss! Unfortunately you can't leave - she'll make sure you'll never get another job int his town again because of what a miserable man you are. She's condescending, rubs your failures in your face, and laughs at the thought of you being cuckolded by the man she ditched you for at prom - you've got to be good at *something*, right? Day after day she piles you with work and forces you to stay overtime until you complete it. One morning she breezes into the find you haven't done a thing! She begins to rage but stops when you mention you've recorded her harassment. Unless she does what you say, you'll leak what a terrible boss she is onto the internet. She begs you not to. First you have her strip naked and put on a diaper. Nose wrinkled in disgust she obliges. Then you have her dance sexily in her big bulky diaper. She's humiliated, and glaring at you does so, twerking and rubbing her padded behind. Of course, to add to the humiliation, you give her a vibrator and insists that she cums while repeating various phrases about what a big baby she is! Now to add to the humiliation...with a call to her boyfriend! She calls her boyfriend in tears, confesses that her heart belongs to you, and that she's a big stinky baby! Your boss is furious - are you happy yet?? Almost...but you let her know you were recording *that* conversation as well! Your boss is definitely angry but growing more subdued by the minute as she realizes she's helpless. The final task? It's simple - she just needs to take a sip from a cup. As she sips though...a change happens. Her voice becomes more babyish! You've given her a drink that's regressed her! Your boss is a babbling, diapered baby and you've just moved up in management!

Suffering...For You! (1) video by Cupcake SinClair

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Suffering...For You! (1)

**This Is A Custom Clip** I) The Hostage Tape: Because you skipped town, Luke, angry dominatrix Star Nine films this video, showing that she has kidnapped Cupcake, your girlfriend, and is torturing her and holding her hostage. Star Nine plays to the camera as she hurts Cupcake, using a mixture of floggings, spankings, a spiked dog collar, and a stun gun to intimidate her. Cupcake is perplexed and miserable, her arms bound above her head as she asks "Why Me?" in disbelief again and again as the pain continues.After all, your innocent little girlfriend has no idea that you've been paying to see Dominatrixes for years and that you skipped town to avoid getting punishment for a task you did incorrectly. Cupcake pleads into the camera for you to just show up, or call, or something, and stop making her take this torture. After all, why is she the retainer for your actions? Cupcake is optimistic that you'll show up, Luke, and that you would never let this happen to her. At the end, Star gives you a deadline to show up...or you really won't like what happens next to poor Cupcake!

Spy vs Diaper video by Cupcake SinClair

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Spy vs Diaper

Secret agent SinClair is so excited for her very first mission! She snoops around an office, eager to find a hidden document that she can bring back to spy school and prove what a talented sleuth she is! SinClair looks high and low...until she encounters Star Nine - the owner of the office and also a woman with the abilities to control SinClair! SinClair is caught red handed snooping, and Star freezes her. After all, Star has to frisk her now to see if she's carrying anything dangerous. SinClair begs her not to, but Star pats down her shiny catsuit until she discovers SinClair wearing diapers! Humiliated, SinClair admits she gets a little nervous on missions and begs Star to let her go. Star taunts her more, eventually frightening SinClair to the point where she pees herself! To add to the humiliation, Star controls SinClair, having her lay on the ground to get her diaper changed. All the while SinClair begs to be let go, but Star continues to mock her and even adds a second diaper OVER her pull up to make sure there arent any more accidents! With a fresh double diaper, Star pats and gropes her big diapered butt over the catsuit, teasing her about how visible it is under the slinky suit. Finally Star controls SinClair into putting a pacifier in her mouth and crawling like a baby all the way back to spy school. SinClair will never hear the end of it from her peers!

Object video by Cupcake SinClair

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Object loves it when her Owner, Tim Woodman, takes her out to play. You watch as she is tied into rope bondage, Tim's fingers working expertly over the knots as Object lays very still. She is in a tight pvc body suit that has a fully enclosed hood and she cannot see. Her breathing is limited because of the small holes. She wears highly arched ballet heels. Even if Object wanted to escape, there would be no possible way. Object lies very still. Tim finishes tying her legs - one straight into the air to show off her ballet heels, and the other in a partial frog tie. Her arms are tied behind her back. Object struggles briefly, enjoying the feel of the rope against her as she squirms and arches, her lovely ass wiggling as she tests her legs ropes. Owner comes back, placing a hand on her hood to restrict her breathing and make her still. Then he flips her over and begins first spanking her, then flogging her with wide, rhythmic strokes. Object arches in pleasure. Owner adds more rope. Owner then unzips the bottom of Object's leotard, slowly fingering her exposed hole. Object squirms, opening her legs wider, and Owner adds a vibrator until Object shudders with orgasm again and again...

Pointe of Escape video by Cupcake SinClair

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Pointe of Escape

Cupcake struggles in an arm binder while her Mistress prowls behind her, seeing if she's able to escape. First Cupcake's arms are raised above her head as she tries to kick the arm binder off with her steeply arched ballet heels, then falls exhausted. Having her arms lowered, Cupcake is then in a sort of hogtie with the arm binder and her ballet heels as she continues to struggle more to get her arms free.

So Juicy! ft Layla Moore video by Cupcake SinClair

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So Juicy! ft Layla Moore

Cupcake has a juicy mango and wants Layla Moore to enjoy it's juices with her! No no, it's not a metaphor - the girls enjoy a literal mango! And they might be enjoying that literal mango a little too much... Licking the juices off one another's fingers, the girls slurp and nibble at the ripe fruit, giggling as the juices cascade down their chins and onto their breasts. They might not have napkins, but with some slow and sensuous licks, they clean one another's breasts of the mango juice, sucking on nipples and moaning in ecstasy over the delicious taste of it all.

Running out of LUCK video by Cupcake SinClair

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Running out of LUCK

Your housewife Joy is perfect. She’s happy to see you home and even greets you in new lingerie that she can’t wait to show off for you! When she goes to hug you though…that’s when the trouble begins. You smell differently. Have you been with another woman? Is that where you’ve been those long hours? Joy expresses her disbelief, slowly going from hurt to outright anger. Joy has had enough and you see your perfect housewife snap right before your eyes. Laughing hysterically between her angry mutterings, she grabs rope, tying it around your neck. She’s had enough and today’s the day you die, motherfucker. She pulls the rope taut, then lets it go slack, then pulls it taut, her eyes gleaming wildly with pleasure as she watches you struggle to breathe. A thought crosses her mind though. You’ve fucked poor Joy over so many times that she believes it’s time for you to experience the same. Joy finds a dildo and bends you over, fucking you in the ass as you squirm and scream out. Does it hurt fucker? Good. Joy holds you down as she fucks your ass faster and faster without lube and you look over your shoulder to watch, begging her to end it. Joy doesn’t care. Your cock is swollen with fear and arousal and she pulls the rope around your neck again, smiling as your vision fades…..

Ballet Boots pt. 1 video by Cupcake SinClair

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Ballet Boots pt. 1

Cupcake loves being your Fetish Pet and when you gift her a shiny pair of ballet boots, Cupcake is more than thrilled to show them off to you! Wearing nothing but the ballet boots and a skimpy thong, Cupcake tries to walk in them, then rolls around on the floor twisting this way and that to give you the perfect view to admire them. She crawls on her knees so you can see the pointed ballet boots framed against her luscious ass, then lies on her back and stretches her legs so you can see the perfect angle the boot creates with her lithe figure. Despite being all but helpless, Cupcake's wicked little grin as she turns you on more and more by teasing you with her boots adds to the deliciousness of the entire scenario. **This clip features no dialogue, simply background music.**

Panty Punishment video by Cupcake SinClair

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Panty Punishment

Cupcake is sorry to have disappointed you, Sir, and she knows the only way to prove it is through humiliating and painful wedgies! She makes a pitiful plea, realizes it is useless, and then begins her punishment. First is a painful hanging wedgie that she makes that much more painful by using a crank hook to lift her higher and higher until she is on her tiptoes from the painfulness of the wedgie. Cupcake sways this way and that, showing off how intense the wedgie is and how far her panties have stretched! She even cranks the hook a little more to ensure that she is nice and uncomfortable, and the clacking of the gears as they bring her wedgie higher solidifies her fate. This is only the first half though! Next is an atomic wedgie to add to her humiliation as a naughty sub. Cupcake removes herself from the hook and then pulls the panties over her head, making her squeal again with pain. She knows she must continue her punishment to your satisfaction though, and turns this way and that - marveling at how her thong almost looks like a body suit with how far the wedgie has gone up her luscious ass. Finally she spanks herself until her ass is as nice and red as the dungeon walls behind her, thanking you the entire time. Perhaps next time Cupcake will be more obedient !

Lube Service ft Stella Liberty video by Cupcake SinClair

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Lube Service ft Stella Liberty

Cupcake loves lubing mistress Stella Liberty's shiny latex catsuit and spit shining her shiny latex thigh-high boots! Watch as Cupcake shows her devotion through service as she generously lubes and shines every inch of Mistress Stella's body - focusing especially on her luscious bottom and tantalizing cleavage to make them shine before Mistress goes out for her party! **This clip features no dialogue, simply ambiance audio to allow you to loose yourself in the mesmerizing shine of Mistress' latex**

You're a Baby Now! video by Cupcake SinClair

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You're a Baby Now!

Dixie Comet, Cupcake's roommate, is away so when Cupcake goes into her room to grab something that was borrowed, Cupcake also can't help but notice the wide arrangement of baby stuff that Dixie has. When Dixie comes home, Cupcake asks curiously about it. Dixie is furious, and after grabbing the baby toy from Cupcake decides to mesmerize Cupcake into falling into a trance. Knocked out, Dixie transforms Cupcake into a baby, complete with a pink nightie and hair bow. Now, whenever Dixie snaps her fingers or says the magic word, Cupcake will go from skeptical roommate to giggly little baby. Dixie toys with Cupcake, placing her in a large play pen with toys and encouraging her baby side....then snapping her fingers and relishing as the adult Cupcake panics and demands to know what's going on! Dixie laughs at Cupcake and puts her into a trance before sliding into thick crinkly diapers herself. Now Dixie has a playmate! She pulls Cupcake from the playpen and onto the couch, waking her baby side as she gives Cupcake a diaper change into thick poofy diapers! Dixie snaps her fingers and a horrified Cupcake pulls the pacifier out her mouth, cautiously trying to get away. Dixie scolds Cupcake for making fun of her baby stuff and asks how she likes being a baby now before turning her back into one. Dixie puts Cupcake back into the play pen and then climbs in herself. Dixie's going to have so much fun with her new baby friend!

Sir's Cigarette video by Cupcake SinClair

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Sir's Cigarette

Submissive Cupcake loves smoking cigarettes, so when Paul Kennedy assigns her task as his cigarette, Cupcake is more than thrilled - in fact she's completely aroused! She kneel's by Sir Kennedy's feet, attentive as she helps him light his cigarette. Sir Kennedy generally ignores Cupcake, having her hold his cigarette as he drinks his coffee and then smoking blissfully at peace as he reads a magazine. When he needs to ash his cigarette is different though. First he taps the cigarette above her leather clad breasts and Cupcake squirms with pleasure, rubbing the ash against herself. Sir Kennedy continues to read and smoke, blowing his delicious smoke against Cupcake's devoted, waiting face. Cupcake watches Sir Kennedy as he ignores her, and her arousal is obvious - with every ash Cupcake squirms and gazes eagerly up at Sir. At one point Sir Kennedy even ashes his cigarette in Cupcake's hand and, as he turns to ignore her once more, she eagerly laps it up slowly like the cigarette slut she is. After a final puff in Cupcake's face, Sir Kennedy hands her the butt of his cigarette and strolls off. Cupcake longingly looks at the cigarette, puts it out, and eagerly crawls after him.