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I am Cookie, a polyamorus trans lesbian from the UK. I make queer porn with my partners that represents who we are as people and how we have sex. I'm a huge fan of BDSM and engage in it regularly. My main kinks are Pet play, Rope, Spanking, Caning, and restraint but I enjoy most kinks. In my spare time I play Warhammer and a lot of other nerd stuff and lounge in a pile of my girlfriends.

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Diffusion video by Cookie

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In this beautiful clip I take a relaxing bath and wash the dye out of my hair. I then lather up in the colourful water and get all soapy, before fucking my ass slowly with a nice big toy

Helpless Toy video by Cookie

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Helpless Toy

You tell me to rip off my dress, whores like me aren't allowed pretty clothes. I hesitantly tear the dress from my body, you shove me down into a chair and throw me some rope. Tonight I don't get to touch myself, you want to see me frustrated and begging. My hands are tied behind my head, No chance of moving anywhere you don't want me going. You throw me a wand and turn it on but make me tell you how desperate and under your control I am before you'll use it on me. You daub "Helpless Toy Bitch" across my chest and thighs. Once my squirming and gasping makes you think i've had enough of the wand you push me down and fuck me with a huge toy until you are satisfied. Leaving me with the toy still in me, and my cum dripping down my inside thighs

Cookie and CallipygianQT: The Maid Takes a Break video by Cookie

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Cookie and CallipygianQT: The Maid Takes a Break

Distracted by the plug inside her, the maid earns herself a break from cleaning when she clumsily drops the plug's remote and catches her Mistress' attention. Miss Cookie decides she wants to play with her for a bit, but not before hearing some begging. She switches the plug on and has her maid kiss her shoes and provide oral servitude, revelling in the sight of the slut desperately trying to remain focused on her task. Thoroughly worked up, she removes the maid's plug and fucks her on all fours. Feeling a little sorry for the frustrated girl, she gives her permission to cum, as long as its within two minutes. This is a special video as it's QT's porn debut and Cookie's first time topping for Cuddle Pile! **This is a Cuddle Pile Production**

Tied and Teased video by Cookie

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Tied and Teased

I am tied up so I can only just move my hands, Mistress tosses me my vibrator and watches as I pleasure myself with it. Whenever I get too close to cumming she takes it off me and watches me squirm, occasionally slapping my inside thighs and ass with a hairbrush to watch me squirm. By the end I am left frustrated and squirming and ready to be used. **This is a Cuddle Pile Production**

Pup Quiz video by Cookie

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Pup Quiz

I introduced my Master to puppyplay a while back, and she decided it was about time that I made a video that lives up to my name. She put me on the floor and told me that she wanted to see if I still remember the tricks she taught me the first time I was a pup for her, including her favourite tricks, 'lick' and 'suck.'

Masters Girl video by Cookie

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Masters Girl

I wake and rub the sleep from my eyes, I forgot to take my makeup off the night before and it's smudged. My Master is already awake, buttoning up her shirt. She looks at me and in that look reminds me exactly how much I belong to her. She smiles over her shoulder, turns and grabs me by my collar and pulls me close, whispering in my ear. "While I'm at work today you will gag yourself with that cute bone gag you have, leash yourself to the bed, put on cuffs and make yourself cum for me. I don't care how you do it, that's up to you, little slut." She pulls away, leaving me breathless and with my instructions for the day.

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30 PhotosForest Punk photo gallery by Cookie

Forest Punk

Local Punk girl goes for a walk and can't keep her clothes on. Cute photoset with lovely scenery and some rope work.

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