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Codi Vore

About Me

Joined Sep.13, 2016
Height 5'2"
Weight 130 lbs
Body Type Curvy
Bra Size 32I
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond

Codi Vore

My Bio

I am a young, busty MFC model who likes singing, mac & cheese, and oxford commas. Follow my twitter (@codi_vore) or my free snapchat (codivore) for more updates!

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Succubus Impregnates Super Hero Codi Vore video by Codi Vore

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Succubus Impregnates Super Hero Codi Vore

Tegan and Codi have been friends for a while, and Codi finally feels comfortable sharing her secret... She is Squid Girl, the magical aquatic hero! Unfortunately for Codi, her friend has been tricking her all along. Tegan reveals herself to be the evil succubus, Mistress Chancellor, and shows her massive cock and wings! She entraps Codi into sucking her cock while Codi begs not to be fucked by such a massive dick! Mistress Chancellor proceeds to shove it in anyway, describing her evil plot as she fucks Codi hard. She will impregnate her with her succubus spawn and make Squid Girl completely hers once and for all! Codi tries to resist and protest, but begins to enjoy the massive cock and can't help herself but fuck Tegan until she fills her womb with cum! They fuck in doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary before Tegan finally cums inside of her pussy, letting the cum drip all over her wet cunt. Mistress Chancellor makes Codi and her dripping cunt get on her knees to suck her off before cumming again on her tits! Evil triumphs during this sexy futanari super hero scene

Cheat on Your Flat-Chested Wife video by Codi Vore

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Cheat on Your Flat-Chested Wife

I'm a SCORELAND model. My boobs are in magazines, but you are stuck with a boring, flat-chested wife. I stole her prettiest tiny bra and talk about how pathetic and tiny her boobs must be in it. I model her itty-bitty bra for you so you can see what a real woman's tits look like while I trash talk her. I nearly break her precious lingerie while telling you how much better you would look with my tits around your cock instead of her. I won't tell her our secret... you can fuck me as long as you admit that I'm the sexiest, bustiest girl you've ever had.

Secret Masturbation video by Codi Vore

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Secret Masturbation

Codi sneaks away to her little window nook for a relaxing book. She quickly realizes that she needs a little more than just a rest as she plays with her pussy over her lacy dress. She nervously peaks around before reaching under her skirt and playing with her wet pussy. She grabs her hidden vibrator and takes off her clothes so she can tug at her nipples while she masturbates in front of the open window. She writhes with pleasure as she cums, still checking to make sure nobody is watching. She quickly puts her clothes back on and reads her book, hoping nobody will suspect her dirty little secret

Lesbian Nipple Sucking with Tegan Trex video by Codi Vore

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Lesbian Nipple Sucking with Tegan Trex

Tegan and Codi passionately makeout, rub each other, and play with each others' beautiful round tits

Cumming on my Biggest Toy video by Codi Vore

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Cumming on my Biggest Toy

After working everyday at AVN, making content, and camming, I decided to reward myself by making a video where I make myself cum as hard as I can. First, I smoke a bit from my vaporizer, because I get very horny and kinky when I'm stoned. I then use my satisfyer on my clit until I feel like I have to cum, drenching my little pussy. I then grab my glass tentacle dildo and fuck myself, imagining myself getting fucked and used. But the glass dildo just isn't big enough... I want to be completely stuffed. I grab my biggest toy - a firm, 8-inch realistic dildo - and I fuck my little cunt and press it all the way up inside of me until I cum around it, my pussy squeezing and tightening around the big, thick toy. Masturbating this way requires time and clean-up, but every now and then I deserve a treat

Sensual Shower with Summer Hart video by Codi Vore

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Sensual Shower with Summer Hart

Summer and I shower up after an oil show and things get steamy... Massaging, kissing, grinding, groping, and sucking each other's nipples during this hot, sensual show recording

Strap-On Facesitting Threesome video by Codi Vore

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Strap-On Facesitting Threesome

Lacey Lollipop fucks me with her strap-on. After easing her way in to my tight pussy, she starts fucking me harder and harder. As I moan and yell with pleasure, Diana Blake comes in to join the fun. She presses her pussy up against my mouth and rides my face while Lacey fucks me. They play with my tits and my clit while I make Diana cum on my face. I finally have an intense, shaking orgasm, and Lacey lets Diana and I lick my cum off of her strap-on. Video has several different angles so you can see all the action

Our First Night: Busty Lesbian Nipple Play and Grinding video by Codi Vore

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Our First Night: Busty Lesbian Nipple Play and Grinding

Codi follows Alexa back to her place where they put on their sexiest lingerie. The passion of a first hookup is easy to feel in this video, as Codi and Alexa kiss, grope, and suck on each other. They scissor each other and play with each others pussies before falling asleep together. Part 2 of Codi and Alexa's 4 part journey!

Pizza Guy Porn Parody video by Codi Vore

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Pizza Guy Porn Parody

Codi and Tegan order a pizza... but they don't have any cash. Watch them seduce the nervous pizza guy (played by Pear wearing a strap-on) and give him an intense double girl blow job. This silly, playful porn quickly becomes undeniably sexy as both girls suck, lick, and swallow like true sluts. Tegan deepthroats him with skill, and Codi wraps the pizza guy's cock in her massive tits. They suck and stroke him until he explodes in Codi's mouth. Of course, she has to share with Tegan in a long, wet kiss before they both swallow his load. This video is great quality, entertaining, funny, and downright sexy. It is honestly my new favorite, and a must-have.

Fox Fucks Herself video by Codi Vore

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Fox Fucks Herself

I slowly and playfully pull off my dress and show off my body with my fluffy fox tail. I start to touch my wet pussy before I use my vibe to play with my clit. I slowly push my little vibe into my pussy before desperately cumming.

37 PhotosStriptease photo gallery by Codi Vore


I strip off my white bra and thong in this sensual but playful photo set. Includes full nudity. 37 high quality photos.

78 PhotosLingerie in the Snow photo gallery by Codi Vore

Lingerie in the Snow

78 HD Photos in the snow. I strip out of my pink lingerie and show you my naked body in the beautiful, cold snow. Full nudity included!

42 PhotosFox Photo Set photo gallery by Codi Vore

Fox Photo Set

39 HD Photos including full nudity of me in my fox tail and ears!

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