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Hi, I'm Kate. I'm into comics, video games, anime, and programming. I'm also trans, bi, and poly.

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Amateur Porn Video : Naked and Showing Off

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Naked and Showing Off

You've probably noticed that I don't really take my shirt off very often. I might be a small time porn star, but I'm still allowed to be self conscious. I've been feeling a lot better about the way I look lately though and I know a lot of you love my curves, so here's 10 minutes of me getting completely naked and just sitting around showing of my body (including my rarely seen tummy).

Amateur Porn Video : A Tenga Egg and a Big Comfy Couch

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A Tenga Egg and a Big Comfy Couch

Is there a ton of demand for videos of trans girls just playing with Tenga eggs and comfortably getting themselves off while at home and fully clothed? No? Not really? Most people want to see girls naked or at least wearing something cute? Oh. Well here it is anyways! All 18 minutes of it!

Amateur Porn Video : Kate Does Anal (Again)

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Kate Does Anal (Again)

I made another anal video! I wasn't really planning to release this (I was just in the mood for butt stuff and I figured I'd record it for a certain someone on twitter), but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing it. It's 20 minutes long (and that's 20 edited minutes so there isn't as much dead air as the last one had). I fuck myself with my fav orange dildo, then with a black 18 inch double ended one (which I admittedly was not able to take very deeply), and finally stroke myself while fucking myself with a new metal toy of mine.

Amateur Porn Video : Fapping in My Pikachu Kigurumi

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Fapping in My Pikachu Kigurumi

Just a video of me getting off while wearing my comfy af pikachu kigu. There's a little bonus clip of me showing off my pika tits at the end too.

Amateur Porn Video : My New Panties

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My New Panties

AP sent me some panties so I figured I'd make a short little clip showing them (and my butt) off for you :3

Amateur Porn Video : Kate Does Anal

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Kate Does Anal

A 21 minute long, uncut (unlike me), unfiltered, and up close anal scene. It's my first anal scene in over a year and the first I've done with my current webcam (the other one was so low rez). I fuck myself with two different dildos, finger myself, and finally finish things off with a butt plug. I had planned to edit it down (there is admittedly some dead air and awkwardness), but I decided to just let you see everything. BTW it has sound (with lots of talking and gasping).

Amateur Porn Video : Kate Strokes

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Kate Strokes

Just me stroking my girl cock until I cum and lick it all up.

Amateur Porn Video : Kate Tits

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Kate Tits

Just me showing off my natural c cup tits.

Amateur Porn Video : Kate Sucks

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Kate Sucks

Just me having some oral fun with a dildo (with a condom because it's made of some kind of weird jelly that always leaves me with a chemical taste on my tongue for like a day >.<).

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