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Joined Jun.23, 2016
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond

Bobbi Cruz

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I'm Bobbi, a 23 year old Australian girl! Tip me 25 for GFE on kik for a week or 100 for kik forever! Please leave me some love!

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Amateur Porn Video : Sex with The Sisters POV ASMR

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Sex with The Sisters POV ASMR

I am your girlfriend, I think you've been a good boyfriend so I decide to give you a treat and invite my sister Dani to play with us. We start by sharing your cock and giving you a blow job, before Dani fucks you, she comes and then you finish by fucking me, I beg for you to fill me up with your cum, and we cum together

Amateur Porn Video : My First Boy Girl Video

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My First Boy Girl Video

My first ever boy/girl video! Watch us fuck in various positions, ending in him cumming all over my pretty little face.

Amateur Porn Video : Bobbi and Dani Tribbing

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Bobbi and Dani Tribbing

Dani and I have missed each other. We are finally seeing each other after a while apart and we just make out and have sex (tribbing). We don't address the camera.

Amateur Porn Video : Caught in the Act

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Caught in the Act

I walk in one a couple having sex (not seen, only heard in the video) and get turned on and start watching. I masturbate with my fingers until I cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Daddy's Girls ASMR

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Daddy's Girls ASMR

Dani and I are your little girls. We whisper to you daddy how badly we want to please you and then we give you a nice blow job, before Dani decides she wants you to fuck her. You fuck her and then afterwards you fuck and cum inside of me.

Amateur Porn Video : Schoolgirl Shoe Humiliation

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Schoolgirl Shoe Humiliation

I recall the story of how I completely humiliated the school nerd with the bottoms of my shoes after he refused to help me with my homework.

Amateur Porn Video : My Little Cocksucking Sissy

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My Little Cocksucking Sissy

You are my little cock sucking sissy. I encourage you to suck cock and humiliate you for doing so. You are a pathetic little cock sucking sissy and you really have to try hard to do a good job of sucking that cock if you really want to please me, your gorgeous goddess. Harsh humiliation. Uses words whore, loser, cocksucker, pussy, sissy, faggot.

Amateur Porn Video : Sister Foot Humiliation

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Sister Foot Humiliation

I'm your little sister and I come into your room and tell you how I know you have been having trouble getting a date for the prom. I tell you I have someone to go with, but you have to agree to go with them before I tell you who they are. I tease you and you finally give in and I tell you your date is MY FEET! I tell you I know all about your little foot fetish and tease you about it, tell you that you should be so lucky to be the boyfriend of my feet and finally encourage you to cum on them.

Amateur Porn Video : Yoga Pants Masturbation

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Yoga Pants Masturbation

I show off my gym wear for you and then strip down, showing off my pussy and arse. I turn around and jump up and down showing off my big bouncing boobs. Then I use my hitachi to get myself off two times. Uses name Devin.

Amateur Porn Video : Boob Admiration and Nipple Sucking

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Boob Admiration and Nipple Sucking

Admire my large breasts and watch me suck my nipples. I masturbate, rub my juices all over my tits and lick them off. Originally a custom for Trevor.

Amateur Porn Video : Brother Sister Massage

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Brother Sister Massage

You're my brother and I'm a professional masseuse. You've finally let me convince you to let me massage your sore hamstrings. I get you to lay down and start massaging you. I accidentally keep touching your cock and eventually I see you are hard. I say it's alright but you are embarrassed. I take off my sports bra to at least give you something to look at. I keep massaging you and now I see you are really hard. I take off my bra and then start jerking you off until you cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Fighting for Your Cum

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Fighting for Your Cum

Dani and I are both so greedy. We may love each other, but we love you more. We both want to make you cum and lick up all the cum, so we fight over your cock and about who is going to make you cum first. We slowly take off our shirts and show you our topless bodies and eventually I win, you cum in my mouth and then Dani and I kiss.

Amateur Porn Video : Cuckolded by BBC

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Cuckolded by BBC

You love being my little sissy don't you? Well I think you've been a good little boy lately, so I decide that you get to watch me suck a big black dildo I have while I degrade you and talk about how much I love big black cock.

Amateur Porn Video : Bobbi and Dani Tongue Play 2

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Bobbi and Dani Tongue Play 2

Remember the clip where Dani and I played with our tongues? Well this is a second clip in the exact same style but we do it for longer. Saliva, long tongues, licking, sticking out our tongues, you name it and we do it! We show off our gorgeous tongues as we play with them together.

Amateur Porn Video : Menstrual Documentary 1

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Menstrual Documentary 1

st time etc. I use both tampons and a divacup in the video.

Amateur Porn Video : My Little Fantasy

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My Little Fantasy

Watch me bring myself to orgasm as I talk to you about one of my fantasies...

Amateur Porn Video : Public Pee Desperation and Masturbation 2

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Public Pee Desperation and Masturbation 2

Similar to Public Pee Desperation and Masturbation. This time I am locked out and can't get in. I need to pee really badly, but no one is home to let me in and I've forgotten my keys. I start getting turned on by the thought of being caught and start touching myself. Until I can't take it anymore, I pee everywhere, kicking off my shoes, the peeing sends me into an orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Girlfriend SPH JOI

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Girlfriend SPH JOI

I am your girlfriend, I am about to go out and you ask me for a blow job. I come clean about how you have a small penis, I am playful but not harsh (note: this is NOT a harsh SPH AT ALL). I introduce you to my new toy that does please me, I measure it and then tell you I will strip and instruct you to stroke yourself while I masturbate with my new toy and if you can measure up at the end I will give you a blow job, if not, you go down on me.

Amateur Porn Video : My First Panty Stuffing

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My First Panty Stuffing

This is my first panty stuffing video (and first ever time panty stuffing)! In this video I strip from my thong and then stuff it inside myself and make myself cum twice! At the end I pull them out and show the camera nice and close.

Amateur Porn Video : Ticklish Sally

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Ticklish Sally

In this clip my name is Sally and I have really ticklish feet. I ask you not to tickle them but you do anyway and you will see just how ticklish they are!