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Joined May.26, 2015
Height 5'3"
Body Type BBW
Bra Size 36I
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Other (dyed)


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Hello, I'm blue! I'm a chunky dorky punk girl who likes to show off her body and her sex life for your viewing pleasure! :)

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Bed play video by Bluewut

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Bed play

Video starts off with me showing you my newest pubic hair style! I play with my pussy with my fingers and even spread it a bit for you! I end the closeup finger play with a few good slaps on my pussy before switching positions to lay on my back and play with my glass toy for a bit before grabbing my favorite purple toy and fucking myself with it! I end up pushing it deep in me and rubbing my clit while playing with my big tits! I show you my wet pussy at the end and suck the juices off my fingers!

Blue toy assplay video by Bluewut

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Blue toy assplay

Super short video of me fucking my ass with my new blue toy! I'm laying on my side and playing with my new toy. You see my big boobs, my round butt and an occasional peek of my chubby tummy!

Teeth Tour video by Bluewut

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Teeth Tour

Custom request to show my teeth. I open my mouth and pull my lips to the side/down/etc to show you my crooked smile and little teeth!

Belly Play video by Bluewut

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Belly Play

I show off my chunky ass belly, jiggle it, rub it, grab it and more. A Video just for those who like fat tummies.

Boob and Belly Lotionup video by Bluewut

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Boob and Belly Lotionup

In this video I'm fresh out of the shower and squirt lotion all over my big boobs and my stomach. I lotion up my breasts and my tummy while wiggling and bouncing my boobs around.

Foot play 4 2 video by Bluewut

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Foot play 4 2

I'm wearing PJ pants and have my nails painted blue(super messy polish!) I show you my feet, wiggle then and over all just have a good time with my cute little size 9 feet!

Solo Balloon Popping video by Bluewut

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Solo Balloon Popping

I blow up a large black balloon in this video, I try to pop it by blowing it up but keep failing so I bounce on it! Video ends with me popping smaller balloons!

Voyeur Shower video by Bluewut

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Voyeur Shower

*Music overlay Watch me wash my hair and my body! Shot from a voyeur perspective. I sing along with the music and lotion up my body at the end!

Shaving everything video by Bluewut

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Shaving everything

Watch me shave my entire body! I start with my legs, followed by my arm then pussy and finally armpits! Video has music through out.

Foot play 3 video by Bluewut

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Foot play 3

I show of my feel in multiple positions and angles!

Panty Changing video by Bluewut

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Panty Changing

Video has a Music Overlay! I change in and out of multiple pairs of panties showing each pair off. Which will be your favorite?

Dice stuffing video by Bluewut

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Dice stuffing

*Custom Request Video of me putting D20's and various other dice in my pussy and masturbating with them! I push them out and put them in! Video end with me masturbating until I cum with dice!

Gamer roleplay video by Bluewut

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Gamer roleplay

*CUSTOM REQUEST* Roleplay of me Playing Mortal Kombat on the xbox with you! I end up losing and taking your controller before declaring you lose anyways and asking what you're gonna do while I bury your controller in my breasts.

Foot play 2 video by Bluewut

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Foot play 2

In this video I show off my feet in multiple positions, rub them and the bring out the lotion and lotion them up!

Foot play video by Bluewut

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Foot play

*Music overlay Showing off my pretty size 9 feet before licking and sucking on my toes! Watch me worship my feet!

Ass tease video by Bluewut

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Ass tease

*Music in background Video of me in doggy style position spreading my ass and winking my asshole over and over at you. I rub my asshole, spread it and play with my big butt cheeks! Video blurs for a few seconds towards the end. LOADS of closeups!

Toy DP video by Bluewut

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Toy DP

I play with my big tits before pulling out a bullet toy! I masturbate with it before pulling out my silver vibe and fuck myself with it shortly after I pull out yet ANOTHER vibe and put it in my ass! This video made me decide that I love DP.

Nipple clamps and Anal beads video by Bluewut

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Nipple clamps and Anal beads

Watch me play with my new pink vibrating nipple clamps and anal beads! After I've had my fun with both I masturbate until I cum!

Beads and pinktoy backdoor play video by Bluewut

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Beads and pinktoy backdoor play

I play with my pretty little anal beads and then pull out my favorite vibrator to fuck my ass with! I switch positions several times in this video. :)

Backdoor Hitachi video by Bluewut

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Backdoor Hitachi

Video starts with me teasing you before I pull out my toy and start playing with my ass! I fuck my ass in multiple positions and grind against my hitachi through out the video. Video ends with an intense Orgasm!

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