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Joined Jul.26, 2016
Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 32G


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i am BLISSB0T, but you can call me BB! i am a small, shy non-binary droid and i love giving handjobs and being spanked. all of my custom picture/video information can be found on my tumblr! --- ♡ september raffle on now! ♡ check out the details at

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My Best Friend's Sister video by BLISSB0T

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My Best Friend's Sister

You and your best friend are planning a party tonight, so you arrive early to set up - but when you get there, it's not your friend but his hot, older sister who greets you. You still have the biggest crush on her, so you try to play it cool until she notices the throbbing boner you have for her. Don't worry, she won't leave you hanging - she's going to help you cum before her brother gets home!

Pleasing Master video by BLISSB0T

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Pleasing Master

Juniper wants you to cum for her! She dutifully licks, sucks, and kisses your cock - even though you're just too big for your little submissive dryad's mouth, she goes down on you until you cum!

Oh, Nevermore! video by BLISSB0T

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Oh, Nevermore!

My all-time favourite poem brought to life in a thrilling new way - I read one of Poe's most famous works in this beautiful agony-style video, with my vibrator positioned securely against my clit, making it incredibly difficult to recite! The last few stanzas were axed due to time constraints, but I manage to get through the entirety of it - then the book is cast aside so I can finish what I started.

Sultry Spankathon video by BLISSB0T

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Sultry Spankathon

In my pretty purple thong and my two sizes too small navy bra, I wiggle and jiggle my ass and thighs for you, teasing you with my curves and my charm. Then comes round one - 25 hand spanks on each cheek! I rub my sore ass, trying to recover before round two begins - 25 paddle spanks on each cheek! At the end I give you a good, close-up view of the welts forming on my round ass... that's going to be there for a while.

Root Touch-Up video by BLISSB0T

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Root Touch-Up

In this exclusive clip, I show you how I bleach my own hair! You're with me every step of the way as I mix the bleach powder and peroxide before drenching my hair with the creamy pink mixture while standing topless in front of my mirror. You even get to watch me in the shower as I scrub my newly lightened hair clean, with all of that purple shampoo dripping down my body! I don't do a very good job of it, though... afterwards, you can see all the spots that I missed. Whoops! Guess I'll have to bleach it again soon.

The Queen's Pleasure video by BLISSB0T

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The Queen's Pleasure

Tantalizing, tempting, teasing. Celine winds you up with her luscious lips on your cock before riding you, slowly and sensually, hard and fast, and everything in between. At the end, she rewards you with a glimpse of her perfect pussy.

ParanormalActivity: The Orgasm Dimension video by BLISSB0T

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ParanormalActivity: The Orgasm Dimension

(This version does not contain the "hidden camera" overlay.) Lately you've noticed strange things happening in your house. There are strange power surges late at night while you're working a midnight shift and your wife's clothes seem to find their way out of the closet and into the strangest places, as if they've been flung about carelessly. Stranger still are the noise complaints from the neighbours - at times when neither you or your wife are home! You set up a camera in your bedroom to try and figure out what's going on, but you never expected to find this - a nympho spirit pleasuring herself on your bed in your wife's clothing!

Pillow Talk video by BLISSB0T

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Pillow Talk

How would you react if you woke up only to find me in bed beside you? Nearly twenty minutes of moaning, groaning, whimpering, and begging for release as I play with myself in front of you, with plenty of eye contact and lip biting as I cum over and over again.

Ridden by a Queen video by BLISSB0T

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Ridden by a Queen

In this short but sexy clip, the witch queen Celine shows off her glorious tits before riding you senseless. In under five short minutes she's through with you, licking her lips before leaving you.

DefIowering the Princess video by BLISSB0T

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DefIowering the Princess

The possessed Princess Zelda needs a lesson in obedience, and who better to teach her than the Hero of Time himself? Zelda is spanked, gagged, and flogged, moaning all throughout.

Juniper's Punishment video by BLISSB0T

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Juniper's Punishment

Your pet dryad Juniper has been a very bad girl - to show how sorry she is, she punishes herself for you by spanking herself and whipping herself repeatedly. This short and sweet clip ends with her rubbing her sore, swollen ass, staring remorsefully and hoping for your forgiveness.

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