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Mostly naked mythical being. Pretty punk porn pixie prince. Photographer, model, small sea creature. I make fancy arty porn with my project Foxclore and generally am up to no good.

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Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore- Rituals

6 Loves

Foxclore- Rituals

Be ever in my mind, proclaimed by my lips, and pierce my heart. I think of you, I speak of you, I love you. Rebirth rituals for spring. (Me & Nenetl Avril do some sacrilegious stuff in the woods. Happy Easter from your favourite ex-Catholics.)

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Viridis

4 Loves

Foxclore: Viridis

Watch our first kiss, which escalates preeeetty quickly. Kissing turns to an intense and intimate experience, with Lenore teasing me, pulling away and pushing me down, until she gets me to bring her to orgasm with her wand. p.s. it's the cutest happiest orgasm ever caught on film maybe??? Filmed & produced by my project Foxclore Films ( ft. Lenore Holloway (

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Nerites

15 Loves

Foxclore: Nerites

In which I am a devilishly handsome young sea deity. Watch me tease you in the bath, touching and showing every inch of my body in close detail, including my luscious full bush. Beautifully filmed and produced by Foxclore Films ( with music by Blankets (

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Tabled

11 Loves

Foxclore: Tabled

I stick things in my mouth and get spit everywhere before I fuck myself on a table because I am certified 100% gross.

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Pressed Flowers

15 Loves

Foxclore: Pressed Flowers

Flowers have been around my relationship with Vex from the beginning. The first photo I saw of her, our first kiss, all the times she's picked blooms to try to weave into my short hair or tuck behind my ear. This is a celebration of everything soft and pink and wet and organic between us. (Also, there's a lot of oil, fingering, grinding, pussy eating, and weird gross stuff, so that's pretty cool).

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Narcissus I

21 Loves

Foxclore: Narcissus I

Narcissus I - Basically the fanciest mirror masturbation video ever. Short, teasing. Buy this if you want to know what my longer porn quality is like. Music by: - More info here:

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Hawthorn

22 Loves

Foxclore: Hawthorn

Watch this if you're secretly in love with me. It's very romantic and delicate voyeur video, cinematically shot with a slow build up to an all-natural, intense orgasm - just like nobody's watching. Good for relieving stress, curing boredom and helping heartache.

Amateur Porn Video : Foxclore: Fellatrix

5 Loves

Foxclore: Fellatrix

Fellatrix is a fancy word for a lady who sucks cock. This is a really romantic strap-on sucking scene, with lots of eye contact, kissing and smiling between me and the gorgeous Kitty. Produced by Foxclore Films, ft Kitty Styker.

Amateur Porn Video : Eye Contact Orgasm 2 ft Cas

35 Loves

Eye Contact Orgasm 2 ft Cas

You asked, so here it is. An updated version of my first ever clip, Eye Contact Orgasm! Look me in the eyes as I get brought to climax over and over by Cas, who makes me come with their mouth on my clit while their hands wander all over my body, then makes me squirt by fingering my G-spot until I turn into a whimpering puddle. Romantic, intense, real. Produced by Foxclore Films, ft Cas Cuit.

Amateur Porn Video : Mesh & Leather

9 Loves

Mesh & Leather

AKA GOTH GIRL IS HORNY FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!! ~~~ I'm the intimidatingly cute goth girl from your weirdly erotic nightmares. Harnesses and a collar frame my form, while my mesh outfit gives excellent views of my pierced nipples and full bush. I squirm around under my powerful Doxy wand, edging myself to a full body leg-shaking orgasm. Also features me being a VERY BAD GIRL getting boots on the bed. :O

Amateur Porn Video : Gaymer Girl Cum

18 Loves

Gaymer Girl Cum

When you meet this babe who claims to be a gamer girl, she tells you she's only ever played Animal Crossing and didn't like the fishing part. The innocent geek's worst enemy... The Fake Gamer Girl! Still, she's hot, so you go back to her place. When you arrive, you finally understand your mistake - she's a GAY MERGIRL. Watch the green haired weirdo get off in her mystic lair, using a glass dildo and her fingers for your viewing pleasure.

Amateur Porn Video : Blood Moon Orgasm

9 Loves

Blood Moon Orgasm

A truly possessed orgasm. I writhe, twitch and grasp at the sheets, the blood rushing to my chest and face as I edge closer to climax. My eyes meet the camera in the moments between them rolling back into my head. May or may not include 360 degree head rotation.

Amateur Porn Video : Alchemy - Messy Threesome

1 Loves

Alchemy - Messy Threesome

Shot in the dead of night in Berlin winter time, but we managed to stay pretty hot while we made our magic. If you like wet and messy videos, gorgeous oiled up girls, and beautiful cinematography, this is the video for you. With Vex ( and Courtney Trouble (, produced by FourChambers (

Amateur Porn Video : Gagged Orgasm

8 Loves

Gagged Orgasm

Look me in the eyes while I tease myself with my vibrator over my panties, pulling hard on my nipple piercings and gasping through my ball gag, until I cant stand it any more and have a mindblowing full-body orgasm. I remove my gag for a cute intimate ending where I smile at you and giggle and tease some more until I get my breath back :)

Amateur Porn Video : Secret Garden Threesome

16 Loves

Secret Garden Threesome

Three hot girls rummaging around in a not-so-secret garden with each other. We had to hide down in the grass and get all dirty so that the neighbours didnt see! Watch as we take turns filming each other making out and getting our knees dirty among the leaves, and then as I get in the middle of a babe sandwich while they get me off with their hands and mouths.

Amateur Porn Video : Eye Contact Orgasm

30 Loves

Eye Contact Orgasm

For my fellow eyeball perverts. This is my natural orgasm; no fake moaning, no exaggeration, lots of eye contact, lip biting, and gasping. I dont use any toys and have a combined clitoral & internal orgasm (if you listen carefully, you can hear the wet squirting sounds). Bonus: I say "yeah, cool" at the end in my stupid London accent.

Amateur Porn Video : Spanking & Foot Fucking with Nenetl

8 Loves

Spanking & Foot Fucking with Nenetl

This was a hot film to make... Nenetl guides me through some OTK spanking, warming me up with her hands and making me count the strokes aloud. She then orders me to the floor to worship her legs and feet, before teasing me all over with her toes and finally bringing me to a foot-fucking fantastic finale, earning me some sweet kisses. Produced by Foxclore Films, ft Nenetl Avril.

Amateur Porn Video : Primavera - Flower Threesome

5 Loves

Primavera - Flower Threesome

The first sexy video I ever made! We roll around naked on a bed of flowers and make out to a dreamy soundtrack. Lots of girly touches and eye contact, plenty of boob grabbing and kissing - gentle and then with added throat grabbing, scratching and hair pulling. With Vex ( & Kiff (, produced by FourChambers (

Amateur Porn Video : Pink Play Double Orgasm

21 Loves

Pink Play Double Orgasm

This video shows off all of my assets, with lots of close ups & different angles. I start by exposing and caressing my boobs, then stroke my pubic hair while I rub myself under my panties. From behind, I grope & spank my butt before fingering myself through the thin fabric. I then get my cute vibrator out, playing with it until orgasm. After a minute, I realise I haven't had enough & go in again - this time even better! Finally, I stop teasing you & show you my wet vulva up close as I slide my fingers in. Lots of eye contact & smiling throughout :)

Amateur Porn Video : Treats - Girly Threesome

4 Loves

Treats - Girly Threesome

Getting into a sticky messy pink girl pile. Cute lingerie, giant sweeties, lots of spit, and questionable metaphorical content with red fluid dripping down our panties. You've probably seen the teaser trailer - get the full, uncensored version here. With Vex ( & Kiff (, produced by FourChambers (

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