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Height 5'8"
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Queer genderfluid/non-binary femme, anarcha-feminist, sex worker, porn performer, activist, cam model, companion for hire, and all other things being a professional filthy mind entails. THEY/THEM pronouns. NEW WEBSITE: yourjaneway.com

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Amateur Porn Video : Jane Way and Harley Ryde

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Jane Way and Harley Ryde

A SPIT.EXPOSED production: Watch Jane Way and Harley Ryde in this sensual suck and fuck.

Amateur Porn Video : Sloppy BBBJ and Deepthroat

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Sloppy BBBJ and Deepthroat

Filmed in stunning HD, this BBBJ clip is messy and rough as fuck. Watch me blow, deepthroat, and get throatfucked by a huge cock from all different angles.

Amateur Porn Video : Multiple Fairy Wand Orgasms in Public

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Multiple Fairy Wand Orgasms in Public

Watch me have multiple intense orgasms in nothing but a black mesh crop top. I cling to the chandelier at Oasis Aqualounge, and you watch me from below. I collapse into a shaking post-cum mess at the end. This clip is filmed by Purple Video Productions and is an intense solo that you don't want to miss. You can see my juicy, wet pussy up close and personal.

Amateur Porn Video : Dildo Ride with Buttplug

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Dildo Ride with Buttplug

Watch me putt my princess plug in my tight ass, then ride, fuck, and deepthroat a pretty pink dildo at Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Ontario for a live audience to see! (Shot by Purple Video Productions)

Amateur Porn Video : Early Morning Voyeur Cam

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Early Morning Voyeur Cam

I'm so horny when I wake up in the morning, and I have no idea that you've put a camera in my room while I was asleep to spy on me. I yawn, roll over, and start playing with myself under my shorts before getting completely naked and finishing myself off. (Shot by Purple Video Productions)

Amateur Porn Video : Corkscrew Cream

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Corkscrew Cream

One of my first clips ever! Watch up close and personal as I make myself cum and cream with my Fairy Wand and glass dildo. You get to see every inch of my princess parts in this.

Amateur Porn Video : All That Glitters Is My Buttplug

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All That Glitters Is My Buttplug

Watch me do a cute little strip tease in thigh high fishnets, and then get my red princess plug nice and wet with my spit and put it in my ass in this close up video. See every inch!

Amateur Porn Video : Milk With Your Breakfast

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Milk With Your Breakfast

Watch as I tease you with my swollen tits in a black bra, and then undress them completely and show you how milk squirts from my pierced nipples. I squeeze and massage my tits, rubbing my breast milk all over myself.

Amateur Porn Video : My Little Pink Vibrator

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My Little Pink Vibrator

Pink is my favorite color... especially for my play time toys! Little Jane has two big orgasms with their new hot pink OhMiBod vibrator in a special sparkly pink tutu.

Amateur Porn Video : Fishnet Sleepover ft. Ava and Jay

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Fishnet Sleepover ft. Ava and Jay

Starring Jane Way (THEY/THEM), Ava (SHE/HER), and Jay (SHE/HER)! This clip has lots of making out, spankings and other impact play, and toe sucking. Hot girl on girl on femme action that you don't want to miss! This clip features music by Chubla, used with permission.

Amateur Porn Video : It's Bath Time for Jane!

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It's Bath Time for Jane!

It's been a long day, and I'm in desperate need of a bath. Playing with myself and all those lovely bubbles really make me a happy little one. I have to be quiet, though, because my parents are sleeping upstairs!

Amateur Porn Video : Sloppy POV Blowjob

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Sloppy POV Blowjob

I love sucking my partner's perfect cock. I gag, choke, spit, and slobber all over myself and him. I just can't get enough! This HD POV video includes three different scenes that include deepthroating, dick slapping, ball licking, and so much more. You're going to love this clip. This clip is completely GENDER NEUTRAL.

Amateur Porn Video : Punk's Not Dead... It's Cumming!

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Punk's Not Dead... It's Cumming!

Look down at me as I lick and caress my pierced tits, pinching my nipples until I yell out in pain. Then, I make myself cum over and over again with my favorite dildo and my Fairy Mini vibrator wand. Punk also like squirting, too, and tasting how good their cum is.

Amateur Porn Video : Monday Evening

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Monday Evening

I gag myself up and use all of my drool and slobber as lube in this hot solo scene. I play with my tits, pinching and squeezing them, as I make myself cum. Then, I look right at you as I tease my tits and swollen little clit.

Amateur Porn Video : Please Fuck Me!

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Please Fuck Me!

I'm so horny today. First, I make myself cum with my fingers as I suck and choke on my dildo, spitting and drooling all over myself in the process. I rub it in and use it as lube, too. I jerk you off and spit all over, choking and gagging on my dildo, and then beg you to fuck me. In two different positions, I make myself squirt FOUR times, screaming as I do and pushing the dildo out of my pussy each time I cum and gush all over my sheets. At one point I look down, and then up, amazed, and say, "Baby, you made me squirt everywhere."

Amateur Porn Video : Impact Play

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Impact Play

I'm a huge masochist. In this clip, I beat myself all over with a thick rolling pin. You can see how red my tits and thighs get as you watch!

Amateur Porn Video : I'm a Whore

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I'm a Whore

As I make myself cum with my Fairy Wand and my hands, I yell, "I'm a whore" over and over again.

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