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Joined Oct.23, 2015
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 34B
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black


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Just another horny girl on the internet. follow me on twitter @msbailey26

Dirty Little Princess video by Bailey26

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Dirty Little Princess

This clip starts out innocent then gets dirtier and dirtier...I use one of my biggest toys to fill me up. I grind my hips slow and sensual...up and down and round and round. I asked you if you like watching me do dirty things (which I know you do ). I stuff my wet panties in my mouth as I start fucking myself faster and deeper...don't my moans sound cute all muffled? I get really creamy and cum really hard at the end.

Double Pleasure video by Bailey26

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Double Pleasure

While hanging out at home enjoying a nice smoke....I got kinda horny lol. So I grab my vibrator and go to work. Watch as I pleasure myself while still smoking. Listen to my little moans as I finally reach orgasm! ( solo masturbation, topless, smoking, real orgasm)

Wrapped around you video by Bailey26

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Wrapped around you

Your completely obsessed with my long legs. You love watching them cross and uncross, imagining them wrapped around your waist...getting little peaks at my panties. In this clip I'm wearing a short tight grey dress and blue panties...half way through I decide to put on some strappy tan wedges that just take my legs to another level. (upskirt, cock tease, satin panties, crossed legs fetish, dirty talk, long leg worship)

Story time: My first time having anal sex! video by Bailey26

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Story time: My first time having anal sex!

In this clip I tell you about the first time I had anal sex. I tell you how nervous yet excited I was...I describe all the sensations I he got me ready and how it felt when he finally put his cock in. I tell you this story as I strip down to nothing and pleasure myself anally with my fingers. (Candid, dirty talk, anal masturbation, strip tease)

Dreamy Findom video by Bailey26

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Dreamy Findom

All men pay for pussy in one way or another...some are just more straight forward about it. Honesty, that's why I like know your place...don't you? Let go and let me take complete control, no need to use that tiny little brain. Focus on my words as I fuck your mind..deeper deeper and deeper. You like that don't you? Being toyed with...being my good boy...give me what has been mine all along. (Tr@nce, mesmerize, body worship, cock tease, Ebony Goddess, mind fuck)

That Buzz video by Bailey26

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That Buzz

I love catching a buzz off of smoking...truth be told I've been trying to quit. I just couldn't resist today! I lay in bed naked and start listening to some music while I enjoy a nice smoke...I soon catch that buzz I was after...I lay back and enjoy it. (this clip is unedited, candid, voyeur, no makeup)

Hot Showering Peeping Tom video by Bailey26

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Hot Showering Peeping Tom

After a long hot sweaty hike on my vacation in Florida...I cool off by taking a long shower. I wash my whole body, pressing it against the glass shower door here and there...I wash my hair...soap up my body and rise off. This is a candid, voyeur type clip. Seeing moments no one ever gets to see.

You want it so bad video by Bailey26

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You want it so bad

Your addicted to my ass, you love my ass. In this clip I'm wearing tight grey leggings, a black tank top and a black thong. I let you worship as I tell you want a good worshiper should do. I describe in detail how much I love teasing and controlling you with my ass. I know what it does to you, I know how weak it makes you. I love having this type of control over you, it makes me wet. ( dirty talk, sensual domination, ass worship, yoga pants, ass shaking, mesmerize, tr@nce)

Rip Them Off video by Bailey26

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Rip Them Off

A sexy intense strip tease...ending with me ripping off my panties and exposing my wet pussy.

He will never see this video by Bailey26

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He will never see this

I have a huge inappropriate crush on you and your not supposed to see this. I tell you how wet you make me, how I've wanted it so bad, and all the miss opportunities you had. ( dirty talk, strip tease, cock tease )

pink video by Bailey26

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Heaven...let me take you there. In this clip I tease and spread my pussy, showing you how pink and wet it is. I mix in some dirty talk to get you hard. (pussy worship, dirty talk, pussy spreading, close ups, worship)

Legs For Daze video by Bailey26

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Legs For Daze

Some times its okay to be weak and just let go. Indulging isn't always is it? Come get completely lost...let me put you in a tr@nce and take complete control. My long seductive legs will leave you dizzy once I'm done with you. ( talk through worship and hypno )

Glossy Trance video by Bailey26

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Glossy Trance

I love the way my body looks covered in oil, so glossy, shiny and wet. My hips mesmerize you as they sway from side to side. Showing you every inch of me...I tease myself with a toy up against the wall..I later sit down and slowly rub my slippery pussy. (Goddess Worship, Body Worship,oil, teasing, nipple play, wet t-shirt, toys, pussy rubbing)

Listen to every Single Word video by Bailey26

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Listen to every Single Word

In this clip I explain why you are the way you are. Have you ever wondered? Why you have that lingering feeling that somethings just not right? Let me help you out baby. Come sit down and listen, I'll explain it to you. You'll feel better once you hear the truth. I'm wearing something sexy to ease the harshness of the reality I'm about to tell you. Let your mind wander but pay attention to ever single word. Its okay babe...once you accept it things will be easier. I even let you cum! if you can after hearing this lol. (Female Domination, Financial Domination, Brat, Verbal humiliation, masturbation encouragement)

Get your Fix video by Bailey26

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Get your Fix

Come get your fix. Lots of ass spreading, closeups and winking. I know you love looking at it..dreaming about it...thinking about all the things you want to do to it. Do you think the whole thing will fit? or just the tip? Do you want to stretch it out for me...get me used to it..feel how tight it wraps around your cock. Come get your fix.

Fashion Barbie video by Bailey26

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Fashion Barbie

This is a voyeur clip. Watch me change out of different outfits. Spoiler alert I look great in everything!

Naughty girlfriend wants to show you something video by Bailey26

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Naughty girlfriend wants to show you something

*This is a custom clip* I strip out of a very cute outfit...down to all white lingerie, I have a vibrator in my panties that vibrates to the beat of the music. I dance around naked. Then I grab a dildo and fuck my pussy up close I also ride the toy. I use a glass dildo for a little anal before cumming really hard, after I cum I take my panties and clean up the mess. This clip is 20 min long! (strip tease, dildo fucking, vibrator, cumming, close ups, pussy spreads)

Cozy Night In video by Bailey26

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Cozy Night In

While on vacation up in the mountains I decided to film some videos...this is one of them. After relaxing by the fireplace with a couple of drinks, I strip down to my red lingerie...then to nothing. I grab some toys and fuck myself until I cum. I use two glass toys and a vibrator. (close ups, strip tease, glass toys, vibrator)

Being a cock tease on stairs video by Bailey26

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Being a cock tease on stairs

( Oldie but Goodie) This is an older clip of me being a total cock tease on my staircase. I turn around and give myself a couple of hard spanks to get things started. I spread my ass and spank myself some more. I was new to anal back then so I only use one finger while i'm playing with my ass. ( unedited, natural, first timer )

My jean shorts make you hard video by Bailey26

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My jean shorts make you hard

( Oldie but Goodie ) This is one of the first clips I've ever made! I'm wearing a cute lacy bra with little denim shorts. I dance to one of my favorite songs...I end up taking off all my clothes, laying back and stroking my clit for a while. I then grab some lotion, turn around and rub myself down giving a great view of my pretty pussy and tight little asshole.

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