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Three time AVN nominated Porn Star. 2015 Alt Awards Sexiest Adult Starlet & Crossover Performer of the Year. Adult industry producer and fetish phenom, yet Souther class and the girl next door all in one. Once you have a taste, you will NEVER forget it!

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  • Amateur Porn Model Ashley Sinclair
Amateur Porn Video : Ass Fantasy By The Pool

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Ass Fantasy By The Pool

You are always over at Ashley's parents house hanging around just like you've always done since you were KlDS. She is older now and has blossomed into quite the bombshell with all the curves that go along with womanhood. She throws the beach ball to you from the pool (wearing a VERY skimpy bikini) and so you play along.... hoping she will eventually get out of the pool so you can perv on her fat round ass. When she does exit the pool she immediately catches you staring and getting hard. She knows that you find her attractive (everyone does.) As she bends over in the g-string she is wearing to dry off, she asks if it is too small and if you can see her asshole peaking out. A bold move but she has you where she wants you. She can tell you like it and tells you that you can look at it up close if you promise not to touch it. So she strips out of her bikini and gets on all fours doggy style and shakes and swirls her ass in your face with her asshole and long pussy lips in full view. She can sense you want to cum and lets you jerk off onto her round plump ass. Worshipping and jerking off to her ass might become your new summer hobby!

Amateur Porn Video : Shower and Fingering

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Shower and Fingering

Ashley begins in the shower, getting soaped up and squeaky clean. She finishes her make-up and puts on sexy lingerie before heading to bead for a quick orgasm before bed. She turns on her favorite porn scene (that she actually starred in) and rubs her clit through her panties before pulling them down to her ankles and then finger fucking herself and moaning loudly to orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Sucked Him Off

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Sucked Him Off

It's simple, she loves sucking cock and making videos of it. She prefers to swallow a mans load and that is what she does in this video. She sucks and licks him for 20 minutes until he builds up a huge load and then empties his balls into her mouth. It spills out onto her chin where it is dripping off her lips while she smiles at the good job she just did for him! Blowjob, Cum Shot, Cum Swallowing

Amateur Porn Video : Big Black

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Big Black

You can\'t be there in person with Ashley, but you can watch her fuck this big black glass dildo while she talk to you about how badly you want to smash her TIGHT WHITE PUSSY. She sucks it, titty fucks it, and then bangs herself with it while imagining that you are there with her. You can stroke along with her watching her swallow the whole thing deep inside her tight white pussy. Every black man wants a white a girl!

Amateur Porn Video : Handcuff Shackel Masturbation

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Handcuff Shackel Masturbation

Masturbating outside shackled and handcuffed. Very sexy moaning and hard masturbating until orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Smoking and Teasing Average Cock

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Smoking and Teasing Average Cock

Ashley lights a cigarette and tells you (the viewer) how she knows how badly you've wanted this.You jerk off to her every day. AS she blows smoke she administers light humiliation about your average size cock. She dances and strips showing her tone thin body. Eventually she lets you see her pussy, wet, and pink... and ready for a dick, but not yours. You are only average. You will never have a pussy like this. You are relegated to buying videos and watching girls like her, who are in shape, beautiful, and bratty tease you and your little dick that can never satisfy her how the porn guys can.

Amateur Porn Video : Supergirl Vs Henchwoman

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Supergirl Vs Henchwoman

The henchwoman knows that Super Girl isnt as powerful without her costume on and sneaks into Super Girl's house on the superheroine's day off. She coming home from the gym wearing her yoga pants when the henchwoman jumps out from where she has been hiding to strip super girl naked. When super girl finally over powers the henchwoman she leaves her laying limp to go put on her SuperGirl costume just in case there is another fight. To make a long story short... the henchwoman is gone but returns with kryptonite rendering super girl helpless. Again she is stripped naked while the henchwoman likes and sucks super girls feet and finally the ultimate humiliation of being fucked helpless with a big red strap-on dildo.

Amateur Porn Video : Fingering in Corvette 2

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Fingering in Corvette 2

Two things that are sexy: Sports cars and Ashley Sinclair. It might sound strange, but fast cars make Ashley horny. She sits in her new Corvette and finger fucks herself. She gets out... stands in front of you and finishes herself off. She encourages you to do the same with her. Pull out your cock and rock it to her body and moaning while she pounds her twat with 2 fingers!

Amateur Porn Video : Ashley Masturbates to Big Black Cock

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Ashley Masturbates to Big Black Cock

Known all over the world for providing superior kinky experiences via LIVE CAM, Ashley Sinclair will sometimes record her cyber escapades for others to watch. This particular show Ashley gets herself off watching a very large cocked black man stroke his 10 inch dick. The two orgasm together and you get to see a behind the scenes look at a cam show where Ashley masturbates watching a man jerk his enormous rod.

Amateur Porn Video : Long Glass Dildo

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Long Glass Dildo

Dressed in a sexy, skimpy, leather-strappy outfit Ashley teases the camera and works it for you until her fingers find her wet pussy. She pulls out a long glass dildo and masturbates to orgasm for you. Her tits pop out, her twat gets wet and she buries that long glass dildo!

Amateur Porn Video : Your 1st Blowjob

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Your 1st Blowjob

You are home alone with Ashley. Her boyfriend is supposed to come over for a "special night" that she planned for them, but his truck broke down and he can't make it. She even bought sexy new lingerie for the occasion. She decides to show off her new bra and panties to you since he can't make it and during talking with you learns that you've never had a blowjob. Since she had already planned to suck some dick tonight she offers to give you your first. You are so reluctant at first but when she does a little strip tease for you.... you are more than ready. She sucks you off and swallows your cum like its nothing. Great first BJ experience.

Amateur Porn Video : Ive Been Expecting You

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Ive Been Expecting You

Ashley is the kind of girl who likes getting tape gagged and tied up. Even handcuffs excite her. She has heard the neighbors talking about the robber who has been breaking in on people. Where most people are scared and mad about it, she embraces the situation as a thrill. She even has props to help the robber subdue her so he can take whatever he wants. Check it out!

Amateur Porn Video : Its Your Punishment

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Its Your Punishment

Leah has been wearing slutty high heels to class and Mistress Sinclair does not approve. To teach her a lesson she chains the heels to Leah's feet and ties her to a chair in her office. Leah struggles to get loose, but Mistress Sinclair has a lot of experience tying up little school girls for being bad. Once Mistress Sinclair has had enough of her wining and her mouth she ball gags her and leaves her there to think about what she has done wrong. She leaves her twisting and struggling to get free. She needs to sit and think about what she has done wrong and how terrible her feet are going to feel having the high heels chained to her feet for an entire month!

Amateur Porn Video : He Satisfies Me

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He Satisfies Me

You shouldn't have made that comment to your wife about getting together with one of your friends to let the kids play and to help each other out with carpooling the kids to practice and school, etc. while you are deployed for business oversees. His wife, who works with you is gone too... so obviously we were going to end up together. I made you a video just like you asked, so you could see how Im doing while you are away. I thought this is what you wanted... did I read too much into it? Anyhow, it doesn't matter. I thought itd be a fun for me to make a video of me sucking his big long dick so you could jerk off to it. I know you are lonely. The only problem is, you need to get used to it. Because now that Ive had him, youll only be allowed to watch and stroke when you get back home. He is going to be the one who satisfies me.

Amateur Porn Video : Bras Bras Brass

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Bras Bras Brass

These are several of the bras that Ashley has worn in her porn videos in the past. She tries them on to show you! You see her topless and wearing and sporting her favorite bras as she changes and talks about them. These bras are available for purchase. Details ashleysinclair69@yahoo

Amateur Porn Video : Mind Fucked Pantyhose Weakness

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Mind Fucked Pantyhose Weakness

It's not my fault you are into high maintenance women who wear only designer clothes and pantyhose... drive the most expensive cars.... live in mansions.... have perfect skin and nails..... soft feet and legs.... perfect pussies (that you never get). But you are weakened once again by me (and others like me) but I am the ultimate. You sometimes go buy other girl's clips because you know I will ruin you... none are better than I. Now serve me. Become weak... go buy me things or send me tributes at the address listed at the end of the video. You will jerk off... you will cum.... you will dream of me... but you must spoil me or it just wont have the same effect. Mind Fucked by my awesomeness .

Amateur Porn Video : Help You Cum

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Help You Cum

The bottom line is you just want to cum. Ashley is going to help you. She is going to dance, strip, give you jerk off instructions, show off her perfect body and masturbate while you stroke your dick. She is perfect in every way and this video will surely make you cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Bikini Dance Strip

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Bikini Dance Strip

Tight body, tan legs, flat stomach, big tits, and dancing in a bikini. This is the ultimate in bikini, dancing, and stripping. If that's not enough, she fingers her fat pussy until orgasm at the end of the clip. Ashley loves showing off and she does it well. If you want to jerk off... this is the video you've been waiting for. You've never seen a milf like this.

Amateur Porn Video : Getting It Rough

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Getting It Rough

Ashley tells her cop friend that she has always fantasized about being handcuffed and taken advantage of. She has no idea what is in store for her other than she will be handcuffed and dominated. This is part 1 and 2. Part 1(Face Fuck Me) is face fucking and gagging on his long cock. Her eyes whale up with tears as it slides down her throat. She tries to stay classy but eventually she is gagging and slobbering all over his cock. Part 2 (Fuck Me Rough) has her bent over and taking it like a good girl as her hands are held behind her and her head shoved down on the mattress .... finally taking a big cum shot to the face and sucking the rest out of his drained cock

Amateur Porn Video : Peeping Tom Abuse

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Peeping Tom Abuse

Ashley catches the old man who lives down the street being a "Peeping Tom" outside her bedroom window. She is naked changing clothes when she notices him out there. She immediately brings him inside to scold him for being a voyeur pervert! Being the brat she is, ties him up and TRAMPLES him harshly. She uses her pretty feet all over his chest, face, and groin. He loves feet, but this HURTS!

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