My Creepy Boss Part 2

My Creepy Boss Part 2

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Last week my creepy Boss showed up unannounced at my house with a video. The video was a secretly recorded video of me and him from the convention. He told me the only way for my husband not to see it was to strip down and go out to the sun room where my husband was and fuck him. I did and and After we finished, my Boss was gone. This day was a Sunday, I had been tanning in the back yard and came into my sunroom to relax with my husband. All I was wearing was my favorite white bikini and my robe.

My Boss barges in with the video of me sucking his cock playing on his tablet! I was in horror as was my husband. He threatened to show my kids teachers and my co workers. He offered us a deal we could not refuse, He had to fuck me in front of my husband. At first we both said absolutley not but then we decided to let it happen as I need my job.

My husband was devastated, the poor thing just sat there and watched as I was forced to suck and fuck this creep in many positions. He was taunting my husband and making jokes about him. The Odd thing is I was getting turned on. I let him fuck me harder than I had ever been fucked and unleashed a massive stream of cum all over my face as my husband helplessly watched ! My Boss returned the video to me.

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