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Hi guys, My name is Ashley Mason. I am a full time cam model and smut producer. I specialize in HD quality custom videos and Hi Rez Picture sets. I have over 300 HD videos ranging from Ass worship to Cuckholding. My favorite genre is Taboo. If you do not see something here that you like, please message me for a quote on a custom.

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Amateur Porn Video : Taboo: The Beginning

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Taboo: The Beginning

I have been a long time member of a Taboo Forum. I post stuff about my desires with my son. On this particular day a few years ago, my son was using my laptop to study and stumbled across the forum that I am a member of. I was freaked out at first but I decided to talk to him about it and see what his thoughts were. Turns out he had the same fantasy's as me. I asked him if he wanted to try some of the things I wrote about, he was all about it. I sucked his cock and fucked him until he shot a huge load all over my face. This was the video that started it all.

Amateur Porn Video : My Slutty Sister Part 2 2

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My Slutty Sister Part 2 2

A few weeks ago my Sister came into town and seduced my Son. I was upset at first and then turned on by it all. She came back into town this week and wanted to suck my Sons cock with me. She is such a slut, but she IS my Sister. Watch as we take turns sucking his cock and I jerk his cock in her mouth until he exploded all over my sissy's huge tities.

Amateur Porn Video : Sweater Double Blowjob

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Sweater Double Blowjob

Watch as Alexa and I suck a cock with our new sweaters. Halfway through we switch sweaters. Watch as we take turns sucking cock until he can't take it anymore. Alexa finishes the cock off in my mouth and on my face.

Amateur Porn Video : My Slutty Daughter

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My Slutty Daughter

So my oldest Daughter was home from college during the Holidays and I walked in on her sucking my sons cock. I was dumbfounded! After a few minutes I realized that this had been an ongoing thing. she would tease and humiliate him about not having a job and living with me. She called him a porn junkie and a loser. On this day she walked into his room and started teasing him and then she pulled his cock out and began blowing him. I walked in and saw what a poor job she was doing on my boys cock so I decided to intervene. I showed her how Mommy does it and made sure she finished him off properly. We sucked his cock and his balls until he shot a huge load of baby batter all over. He said he has the Best family ever!

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy Needs Another Baby

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Mommy Needs Another Baby

So my twins were home for the weekend and my Daughter noticed that I was kinda depressed. We talked and she siad it was because her were gone from home. She suggested that I have another baby. I really do not date and did not have a man to rely on. She told me she had a solution to the problem. She had a dirty deal with her twin brother, who was a chronic masturbator. The deal was she would remove the cock cage she put him in if he would impregnate me. Little did I know their plan. She warmed him up with her warm mouth and he fucked me until he unleashed a huge load of baby batter right in my tight pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Mommies New Panties

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Mommies New Panties

So my son was home for the from School for the weekend and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. I needed to go out and buy a some new things so I took him to the boutiqe with me. They had a sale on Silk panties So I had to get some! I instructed him to stay out side the dressing room until I tried on the panties. Once I had them on I asked him to quietly come in and see what he thought. After the third pair, I was getting very aroused at how nice the silk felt on my bodys. I could tell he was getting turned on as well. I told him to come in and be quiet. I began to suck his cock. After a few minutes I had to have his cock in me. He rubbed his cock all over my silky panties, then he pulled them to the side and fucked me doggy until he shot a huge load all over my panties. Needless to say, i had to purchase those. We will do this again soon.

Amateur Porn Video : Cuckhold Double Blowjob

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Cuckhold Double Blowjob

Watch as Scarlett and I Suck cock and ruin you with humiliation. We completely emasculate and degrade you for the sorry piece of that you know you are. Watch us finish off a cock with a nice creamy cum shot.

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy Son Creampie 3

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Mommy Son Creampie 3

My son has been very sexually active from an early age. A year or so ago we started talking openly about his sexual partners. The talk really turns me on, I get so turned on I have to make him fuck me. He always has one last creampie for his mommy even if he has fucked 3 girls that day. I put in my butt plug then I sucked his cock just the way he likes it. next I climbed onto his cock and rode it until he pumped my tight pussy FULL of his cream.

Amateur Porn Video : Mothers Day

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Mothers Day

So Mothers Day I received a gift from my son as usual. This year was different, he gave me lingerie. I was shocked at first and wondered why My son would give me sexy clothing. Then it struck me, He had a crush on his step mom! He has never had a girl friend and always stayed home with me on the weekends. He never hung out with his friends, only me. I felt sorry for him So I asked him if he would Like to see what the outfits looked like on me, he was very excited to see. After I put the first outfit on and saw the look on his face, I got very turned on. I tried on the second one and that was it. I felt sexy for the first time in years. I told him to come closer, I grabbed his cock and pulled it out of his shorts. I sucked and jerked his cock. Listen to how filthy both of us talk to each other. I ask him how his mommies lips feel on his cock and replies “yea mommie suck my cock”. We continue the dirty talk until he shoots a massive load of cum all over my tongue. Then watch me play with the cum and swallow it. What a day that was!

Amateur Porn Video : Mommies Lil Boy

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Mommies Lil Boy

I was reading a magazine the other day when my son came home from school. He walked in and started complimenting my feet. He asked if he could rub my feet for me and I said sure. He started rubbing my feet and the next thing I knew he had his cock out and was jerking off. I was kinda mad but turned on at the same time. I started blowing him and then I took him to my bedroom and let him fuck me doggy until he was about to blow. Next I sucked his cock dry and spit his cum all over his cock, just the way he likes it!

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy Son The Prom

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Mommy Son The Prom

My youngest son told me the other day that he was going to the prom. I was a bit nervous and scared for him because he had never been on a date. The morning of before work, I asked him to come into the bathroom when i was bathing to talk to him about the date. We talked briefly and then when i can home from work and was getting ready to go to the gym he filled me in on the final details.It was going to be the steakhouse down the street and then the comedy club after the prom. Man he was pumped! I wished him luck and went to the Gym. To my surprise he was home when i got back from the gym. He had been STOOD UP! I was so hurt for him that I told him to go to his room and change out of his tux and that I would be his date. I knew he had planned on having his first sexual encounter that night so i made sure he got one. I gave him a long sloppy blowjob that blew his mind and then I took him out for a steak!

Amateur Porn Video : Deflowering My Son

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Deflowering My Son

I walked in on my son the other night watching porn. I had no idea he was sexually active. I decided to give him a blowjob to keep him from watching porn. As soon as my lips touched his penis he exploded his flaccid cock load in my mouth. The next morning he came into the bathroom when I was getting ready for work, his cock was hard and he wanted to try a blowjob again. Against my better judgement I blew him again, this time he lasted and he shot a huge load of jizz all over my chin and tits. Afterwards, I told him that we could NEVER do that again. When I returned home from work that day he came in and told me to strip for him and That he was going to "let me" be his first. I said absolutely NOT and for him to leave. He insisted and told me he was going to tell his father that I had blown him twice! There was nothing I could do but obey his wishes and strip down and let him fuck me. I sucked his cock until it got really hard and then he fucked me doggy, reverse cowgirl and finally shooting off all over my face, arms and tits. He sure isn't a virgin anymore! HD 3 come shots in this movie!

Amateur Porn Video : Slutty Teacher Black mail

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Slutty Teacher Black mail

One of my students approached me after school last week and told me he knew about my online dating profile. He told me he would not say anything to anyone if I gave him a sloppy blow job like on the dating profile. I said no but he promised to post my profile on the school Facebook page so I had to do it. He skull fucked my and gagged me until he shot a huge load in my throat. I coughed it up all over my new shirt.

Amateur Porn Video : Mommies Horny

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Mommies Horny

I went through my sons laptop and noticed that he had a huge porn collection. Instead of making me mad, it turned me on. I confronted him and let him know that it was ok to look at porn and asked him if he would like me to do some of the things in the videos with him. He was hesitant at first but then he wanted to. I had to pee first but then I gave him a sloppy blowjob and made him cum in my hand. Next I took him into the bedroom and fucked the shit out of him until he pumped my pussy full of cum! HD 2 cumshots

Amateur Porn Video : Mommies Boy is Back

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Mommies Boy is Back

My son had been going through hell with his new girlfriend. She had been cheating on him and cut him off sexually. I told him he could come back home and stay until he could find another place to live. I came home from work the first day he was there to find him masturbating, I was kinda shocked as was he but also kinda turned on because my husband cut me off years ago. I had an Idea that would help us BOTH out. I told my son we could help each other as long as he didn't tell anyone. I sucked him and fucked him until he pumped my tight pussy full of cum. The House rule is no more masturbating for either of us. More to cum!

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy's Peeping Tom

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Mommy's Peeping Tom

My son said he needed a new video camera for his art project. I saved a few weeks and bought him a nice one. I noticed that he always had the camera with him but I never saw him shooting anything for his project. One day when he was at school I went into his room and picked up his camera. To my surprise the only thing on the memory card was footage of ME! He filmed me tanning in the yard, showering and working in the garden without me knowing. What a little pervert. He was filming me and jerking off! I confronted him about it and he said he was "practicing" with the camera. Something had to be done about his school work so I told him to go to his room and wait for me. I walked in, snatched his pants down and began to jerk his cock off. I didnt have any lube so i spat all over his cock and jerked it off until his cock started shooting cum everywhere. I made sure every drop of cum was milked out of his cock. After that he focused on his school work and got an A on the project.

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy Son Creampie 2

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Mommy Son Creampie 2

I was getting ready to go out to have a few drinks with my girlfriends when my son came home. He reminded me how much of a slut I turn into when i drink. I was very horny and did not want to come home with a stranger so I asked my son if he would give me some dick so that I would come home alone. He said no at first but after i stripped for him and saw my body he agreed. I sucked his cock until it was nice and hard and then he fucked my tight pussy until he unloaded a huge creampie in my pussy. I was able to go out and not get into trouble that night!

Amateur Porn Video : Hypno Blowjob

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Hypno Blowjob

Hubby got me classes on how to be hypnotized to "relax" but it was his dirty little secret to put me under his spell just to get hot Blowjobs!

Amateur Porn Video : Knee High Socks Blowjob

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Knee High Socks Blowjob

Watch me strip out of my clothes and put my long, over the knee socks on. I give the best handjobs and blowjobs and will even let you cum all over my huge tits!.

Amateur Porn Video : Sweater Fetish

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Sweater Fetish

I bought a new cotton cardigan sweater the other day. I decided to model it for my man. He was so turned on that he asked to come closer and let him feel it. He liked the way my bare breast looked inside the sweater. He got so turned on that I had to relieve his tension. I sucked and jerked him off until he unload a massive load of come all over my bare breast and stomach.

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