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Ashley Lynn

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Hi I’m Ashley and for the most part I’m a shy, soft-spoken, awkward little human. I have another, more excited side of me that seems to settle when I feel comfortable with others. I make cute little solo pornos and a couple B/G pornos for the enjoyment of myself and those of you who find an interest.

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Amateur Porn Video : Vanilla Frosting

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Vanilla Frosting

I first tease to music with my bra on, eventually slowly taking it off to show all the ways my tits can jiggle and bounce. The music stops and the real fun starts! I put vanilla frosting on my nipples. See me lick it off my fingers and my boobs, letting my saliva drip from my tongue down my chest. Yummy!

Amateur Porn Video : Sexiest Snapchats Compilation Part 2

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Sexiest Snapchats Compilation Part 2

A compilation of the sexiest snaps saved from my Premium Nude Snapchat. Video starts out with more clothed teases and increasingly gets naughtier!

Amateur Porn Video : Lingerie Strip

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Lingerie Strip

Watch me dance around and strip down for you. I make sure to go slowly, shake and move my body, and show off every inch until I'm completely naked. *I do not claim the rights to any music used. Music: Delta X - I Don't Need You; Ryan Leslie - Addiction (Phazz Remix); Chloe Martini - Temptation

Amateur Porn Video : You Can't Always Get What You Want

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You Can't Always Get What You Want

I know what you want. You want so badly to fuck my tight little body. Too bad you never will. I'll just tease you instead. I show off my tight body, give my ass many spanks, show you my holes close up, and even play with them a bit!

Amateur Porn Video : Ashley Loves Cock

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Ashley Loves Cock

Ashley licks, sucks, strokes, and drools all over her boyfriend's thick cock. He then face-fucks her while she rides her pink dildo. *No cumshot **Music playing softly in background; you can still clearly hear all moans

Amateur Porn Video : Distracted Driving

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Distracted Driving

Playing with myself while driving. I start out rubbing my boobs and pulling them out of my shirt multiple times. I lift my skirt and begin rubbing over my panties before I eventually slide them off. The camera angle changes and you get a close up view of my pussy with my legs spread. I rub my clit, finger myself, all while moaning a lot! At the end, you see my face and majority of my body again as I cum while cars pass me and then I lick my fingers clean. **A little shaky at some points

Amateur Porn Video : Amateur Style Blowjob

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Amateur Style Blowjob

Shot in POV angle, Ashley sucks off her boyfriend. Using her mouth and hand, she deepthroats and jerks his cock until she slurps up his cum! *Shot vertically (Video has side banners to fit frame)

Amateur Porn Video : The Cave Of Sins

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The Cave Of Sins

With her thirst to satisfy her anal appetite and curiosity for new places to get away to play, Ashley comes across an article online- The Myth Of The Cave Of Sins. A supposedly haunted cave with a high concentration of sexual energy. This ancient place had been deemed evil, with the power to corrupt the most innocent of minds and the potential to make even the most pure to do un-holy things. Ashley travels there, gets out her blanket and toys, and is soon possessed by something that takes her to new heights of pleasure! *intro and outro contain music; the rest of the video is original audio **music credits go to Deftones - Beware

Amateur Porn Video : Running Away For Anal Play

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Running Away For Anal Play

Uh-oh! My boyfriend read my journal and found out my secret - I really enjoy anal. But he seems to be grossed out by the idea so I leave our apartment looking for the perfect anal play sanctuary. I wander around the creek and find a suitable spot even though I hear faint voices and know I can get caught any moment! I take the risk and start touching myself, first removing the plug in my ass, then inserting fingers, and eventually, my favorite anal toy. I fuck my ass with it in multiple positions while rubbing my pussy and working up to very much needed relieving orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Sexiest Snapchats Compilation

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Sexiest Snapchats Compilation

A compilation of the sexiest snaps that have been posted to my purchasable snapchat. Don’t have my snapchat? See what you’ve been missing out on. If you do have it, get ready to re-watch these snaps in one great compilation video. See me be the ultimate tease- playing with my tits, enchanting you with my body, pleasuring my pussy, shaking my ass, etc. *With original audio (some snaps contain music in which I own no rights to)

Amateur Porn Video : Daddy's Sailor

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Daddy's Sailor

Hear me tell you what I want, Daddy. I've put on this cute sailor dress for you with nothing underneath. Watch me play as I back it up on your cock and then ask if you want me to play with my asshole. I insert my anal toy in and out fast, and I finish off the video with an orgasm while I get fucked by my girthy dildo *AN OLDER VIDEO, BUT MY MOST POULAR TO DATE!

Amateur Porn Video : Study Slut

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Study Slut

You know that one quiet girl in the wayyyy corner in class? Yea, the cute one, Ashley. Well, turns out she's not as innocent as the whole class may think. I heard she's only taking Human Sexuality because she's a dirty pervert. She probably goes home and gets off to the book while she "studies". **Lot's of moaning!

Amateur Porn Video : Close-Up

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Lots of close-ups. Sexy lingerie (but still nude the whole video), clit rubbing, pussy spreading, fingering, anal play, dildo sucking & fucking, deep throat action, and even some double penetration. This video has a very amateur like feel the way it is filmed. **slight static noise due to being shot on laptop webcam

Amateur Porn Video : Messy Fingers

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Messy Fingers

My first porno ever; made when I was 19 years old! Wearing nothing but pink thigh high socks, I begin rubbing my throbbing clit. I stick my girthy suction-cup dildo to a door and give you an interesting close-up view from underneath of me fucking it. I suck it clean and then you get a sideways/behind view of it enering my pussy and I fuck it some more. I then sit on the floor fucking my pussy hard with my toy until I cum, feeling wetter than usual. My toy is covered in creamy girl cum which surprises me because I usually don't cum a visible amount! I show you and taste it. Then watch as a tease a little showing you my ass. **video created on laptop with slight static noise

Amateur Porn Video : Strappy Lingerie

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Strappy Lingerie

Sexy strappy lingerie. Black thigh highs. Lot's of facial expressions, clit rubbing, fingering, and use of my textured glass dildo. I play with my pussy, insert a butt plug, and ultimately cum hard. My orgasm lasts quite a while while I twitch, shake, and try to stay quiet. After I cum, I whisper "Oh my fucking god." and exhausted from my orgasm, I lie there trying to catch my breath. I lick and suck my glass toy clean then show you my still-sensitive pussy, ass, and tits. **slight static noise due to recording on laptop

29 Photos

Porno BTS & Extras

Photos from behind the scenes of my video "Running Away For Anal Play" | photos range from light nudity to hardcore nudity and include anal penetration

16 Photos

Pink Glow

Baby pink-colored fabric looks beautiful against Ashley's soft skin, doesn't it? She rolls around in bed in only pink panties and pink thigh high socks | all photos are light to moderate nudity

8 Photos

Plugged While Wearing Striped Socks

Ashley shows you her plugged asshole and little landing strip while wearing nothing but thigh high socks | all photos contain moderate to hardcore nudity

14 Photos

Afternoon Delight

Perfectly perky tits, smooth pale skin, an enticing ass, and a pretty pussy are what make Ashley Lynn the perfect afternoon delight | all photos moderate/hardcore nudity | 3 BONUS "selfies"

12 Photos


All natural in a dainty pink and white lace teddy | moderate/light nudity

9 Photos

Window Light

My petite body in the afternoon light (hardcore nudity/100% nude in all photos)

35 Photos

Cute & Curious Mouse

I'm an adorable curious mouse! See me explore my pale little body | 17 A-Tier Photos (no nudity) | 8 B-Tier Photos (light nudity) | 10 C-Tier Photos (moderate/hardcore nudity)

48 Photos

Cannabis Comfort

I get relaxed by using my dab vape pen in my cannabis crop top and tight leggings until I'm nice and stoney, then I strip down a bit | 34 A-Tier Photos (all light nudity but one) | 8 B-Tier Photos (photos in this tier have a light filter to add to mood of photos; 3 containing light nudity and 5 containing moderate nudity) | 6 BONUS after-shoot photos

14 Photos

Pink Tease

In pink thigh high socks, a black tulle skirt, and a white body harness set, I tease in my pigtails | *light/moderate nudity (9 photos clothed or partially clothed, 5 topless photos)

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