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Hey~ Canadian film maker here! Add my public Snapchat Arwen_Datnoid and my private snap is $50 where I post sex n blowjobs n stuff.

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Elvish Test Tube Dancer video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Sub Wife Surprises You With Elf Cosplay video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Sub Wife Surprises You With Elf Cosplay

Custom video! Name Grant used) You've had a really rough day at work, you just want to come home and take your mind of things. When you get home however your wife surprises you by dressing in elf cosplay, just like you had fantasized about before! She submissively gives herself to you and let's you have your way with her. She strips into her garter and tall socks and then crawls up to your cock on her hands and knees to suck you off. A lot of eye contact and tongue action! She then puts your throbbing hard cock inbetween her tits to tit fuck her for a little while until she begs to be fucked! Turned on and wet you fuck her in doggy (side view) then she rides facing you until you are about to cum! The grand finale is a huge cumshot to the face! Did you forget this was about a bad day of work? ;P

Angel Hair video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Angel Hair

Brushing my fair blonde angel hair, it's a delicate job.

Candle Wax and Bath Bombs with Teen Lucy video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Candle Wax and Bath Bombs with Teen Lucy

Watch us casually pour hot candle wax on each other and relax in the tub~ It's rather cute

Mutual Massage for Teen Lucy video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Mutual Massage for Teen Lucy

I massage Lucy for a while, she really enjoys it! Then the tides turn and she massages me! Woah~ Lucy was still a teen in this video xP

Nova Terra Blackmail Boobjob video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Nova Terra Blackmail Boobjob

Nova has had a lapse in her memory, she's not quite sure where she has been but she has been charged with treason. Charged with being linked to a terrorist organization she has to convince admiral Horner she's loyal to the Dominion

Beautiful Abduction video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Beautiful Abduction

DO NOT BUY IF YOU SUFFER FROM EPILEPSY OR CAN'T SEE FLASHING LIGHTS!!!) Crawling into bed you thought you were safe. You had been hearing noises in the night... You feel like you are being watched.... You look across the room and there is a figure standing there, she looks at you and it makes you uncomfortable. You keep looking but you cannot move, she comes and takes you into the night, the howls of her ship shaking the house... You awake in an unfamiliar room and she tells you what your purpose is

Fuckijng an Elf in Public video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Fuckijng an Elf in Public

Once upon a time... A lonely man found an elf in a forest... Maybe it was a public park with people around, you'll never know. Lol... I suck his cock and then ride facing away so you can see my butt bounce and my asshole clearly, I turn around and you can watch my boobs bounce and hear me moan. Then we switch to POV doggy, my butt looks so nice bouncing in this position. Finishing in doggy from the side view he cums allllll over my back! You do want this video

Cybernetica 2:Corruption video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Cybernetica 2:Corruption

If you got Cybernetica 1 and liked it then you should definitely consider picking this video up! Closed beta is over and now it's time for open beta! Loading time is faster, cuter outfit options and.. Weaker security apparently! It starts with some face fucking then moves into missionary to fuck me until I cum, then doggy but.. Something isn't quite right... What?! This isn't in the coding yet... The dildo changes from a normal penis into a big dragon dick! Then I get face fucked until you cum in my mouth and all over my face! I'm going to have to talk to the programmers about this breach

Sneaky Camping Fap video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Sneaky Camping Fap

3 days without masturbating?! Oh gosh I don't think I can do it. Well, luckily I didn't have to. I was however getting eaten alive by mosquitoes xD I had to sneakily touch myself in tent while people were dispersed... Then they came back on the ATVs and I had to stop... Lame! I was still so fucking horny I couldn't just stop so I uhhh.. Went to the outhouse to finish in relative peace. Someone does come up to ask if it's preoccupied. I respond... It's pretty great lol Honestly the horny was just so raw

Making out with all of the Girls at the Party video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Making out with all of the Girls at the Party

You herd it! I make out with every girl from the Cam Girls Do Canada event! This was also Asteria's first EVER GIRL KISS!!! I TOOK HER GIRLKISSGINITY! Honestly this whole video just makes me glow haha

Overexposed Angel video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Overexposed Angel

It's a beautiful day out, the perfect day to fuck myself outside! As I feel better the sun comes out leaving me literally glowing with pure pleasure

Detention Fisting video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Detention Fisting

These 4 students have been very bad! To the principal! You're going to have to learn a good hard lesson about discipline! First bent over and paddled, then partnered up for a project. Teams of two! And the goal... Is to get fisted by the other girl! Made to cum with hitachis then directing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 fingers inside the other! Aided by the principal's hand they enjoy a hot and heavy session. That'll help with their GPA

Dragon Stuffer video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Dragon Stuffer

Arwen sexually moves to the music and strips out of her corset and panties and is reunited with Pretzel the swamp wyrm. She sucks his cock and makes it all wet before she rides it until she cums. Close ups at the end riding the giant toy

Ball Worship Facial video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Ball Worship Facial

I suck and lick his balls, keeping his dick wet with spit while jacking him off until he cums all over my face and in my hair

Face Fuckin Facial video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Face Fuckin Facial

I suck GG off and then he takes matters into his own hands, grabbing my hair and ramming his thick hard cock into my little throat! It's almost too much for me to handle! I also bust out the hitachi and make myself cum while he is deep in my throat. The entire time you can see my big boobies getting squished around

Jerking You Off video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Jerking You Off

I strip for you then jerk you off till you cum, dirty talking and encouraging you to cum hard for me ;) With a huge realistic looking load

Panty Tossing and Sword Fights video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Panty Tossing and Sword Fights

Lol Lexi and I start off by undressing in the most sexy manner possible then we attempt to toss our panties onto my ceiling fan with our feet! Then we super sexually put our strap ons on and battle to the death! Marked as intense because we're some super intense girls! Raaaaw

Step Sister Steals Sex Toy video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Step Sister Steals Sex Toy

LexiEros can't seem to find her hitachi! No... Arwen couldn't have stolen it could she have? That bratty step sister! She always ruins everything! Lexi goes down to confront Arwen to find her relaxing with headphones, she confronts her about taking her toy. Throwing witty remarks at each other the tension builds, finally Lexi finds the toy and Arwen yanks it from her! Lexi wrestles her on the bed until Arwen gets her right where she wants her, she tells her she will give her back her toy if she does what she says. She reluctantly agrees and the step sisters get naked by Arwen's command. She gives Lexi a back massage with the wand and then it turns into something a little... More... And Lexi certainly begs for more

Her Deepest Darkest Fantasy video by Arwen-Datnoid

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Her Deepest Darkest Fantasy

LexiEros is a sexually frustrated girl, wishing she could get the sexual attention she rightfully deserves! She makes wish on a shooting star and readies for bed. She reawakens in a lucid dream where she finds she has the power to summon her ultimate fantasy, to her surprise it is much more than she bargained for, everything she ever wanted. She gets face fucked, rammed hard in doggy in multiple angles and then finishes by riding on top, also completing her dream of covering me in her breast milk

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