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I am sassy ball of sunshine that loves sharing her sexy bod with the world. Enjoy. ;)

  • Amateur Porn Model Anna Tyler
  • Amateur Porn Model Anna Tyler
  • Amateur Porn Model Anna Tyler
Amateur Porn Video : Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror

I romance you by showing off my dick sucking skills while lustfully glancing at you through the mirror. I then take my time to get off giving you many views to enjoy. I then relish a powerful orgasm and kiss you goodbye. This video will have you seeing double.

Amateur Porn Video : Naughty Bass Player Girl Fucks Guitarist

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Naughty Bass Player Girl Fucks Guitarist

Anna just joined a band that she has liked forever. She is a total nerd and completely shy around her bandmates... especially the cute lead singer and guitarist. Right before she goes to leave, she notices him by himself and decides to let him know how much she loves playing with him. Little does she know, those feelings are returned. And more. She should get home to her boyfriend but when else will she have this chance to live out her fantasies? Anna isn't so shy anymore as the two get down all over the practice space.

Amateur Porn Video : Full View of Pussy and Asshole

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Full View of Pussy and Asshole

Do you like to see it all? In this video you get it all, spread and in your face. With some dirty talk and plenty of moaning, you'll see me cum HARD. Be sure to stay after the cum while my pussy contracts visibly.

Amateur Porn Video : SEX FAIRY

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Starting with an intense make out scene, this display of sexuality will make your heart pound and flutter with excitement. This film is for those of us who think that vanilla sex can sometimes be the kinkiest thing you can do… or those who just don’t mind seeing two gorgeous people fucking passionately. We exchange oral and explore many different positions, ending with a creampie that I push out of my pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : POV Blowjob

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POV Blowjob

I worship this gorgeous cock with my mouth in POV style until I enjoy a messy cum on my face and mouth. Come and see my dick sucking style.

Amateur Porn Video : Bath Bomb Orgasm

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Bath Bomb Orgasm

I treat myself to a beautiful bath with a sexy red bath bomb. Touching myself and pouring water all over my tits gets me really excited so I decide to bring myself to orgasm with my G-spot toy. I love getting wet and excited for you ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Oily Glitter Cum

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Oily Glitter Cum

I play with my new collection of oil and glitter, getting really shiny and sparkly and turned on. I start by applying the mixture all over my body and rubbing it all over with special focus on my tits and ass. Then I get out my Lelo and begin massaging all over the shiny, glittery mess that is my body until I cum very hard.

Amateur Porn Video : Afterhours Girl Wants You BAD

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Afterhours Girl Wants You BAD

We just had a BLAST at the club and I can't hide how I'm feeling after having such a great time with you. I've always thought you were cute but it's not like I could do anything about it... I have a boyfriend. Though, no one will find out if I just show you my boobs right? Or maybe the rest of my sexy body? Ok, well put it in-- just don't cum inside me!!! Fuck I'm cumming and your cock just feels SO GOOD-- Just fill me up!

Amateur Porn Video : Underneath View of Pussy and Asshole

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Underneath View of Pussy and Asshole

I spend some quality time with my favorite piece of furniture and a suction cup dildo. Watch as my pussy and ass come up and down in your face. You get beautiful glimpses of my asshole pressed up against the clear chair along with lots of hot, wet pussy riding cock. Enjoy an amazing orgasm with me

Amateur Porn Video : Creampie Heaven

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Creampie Heaven

Owen and I meet again! I got to have hot and steamy sex with Owen yet again right before he moved out of his gorgeous, sunny apartment... Oh the possibilities! We engage in a high energy session showing you all the hottest angles to fuck in. Mutual oral and lots of different views for you to enjoy. I got to cum intensely two times! In the end Owen fills me up with his cum and it POURS out of me.

Amateur Porn Video : Fingerbang

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After using toys for so long, I feel like I forgot what it's like to just go with fingers... In this video I rediscover the magic of using just my hands and get really into it. I switch up positions feeling very sensual and sexy. Watch as I fall in love with fingerbanging myself again.

Amateur Porn Video : Crystal Dream

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Crystal Dream

I have a fun new toy to play with... and it's not a dildo!!! I use my fancy clear chair to sit on while I touch myself and even anchor down my dildo. I ride and ride to my hearts content until having a heated orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : ANGEL

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Take a little break in heaven. Watch me while I show off my cute outfit, pausing to blow kisses and jump on my bed. I get off using one of my favorites toys, exploring a couple of positions. Come have a little stay on Cloud 9.

Amateur Porn Video : Foot Fetish Princess

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Foot Fetish Princess

I start this video in high heels, showing you how pretty and delicate my toes look. I then strip for you and rub my heel against my pussy. I even suck on my toes for you which quickly leads to masturbation. You get to check out my soles and even glimpse me attempting to move the dildo with my toes. The Ultimate Foot Fetish Video especially if you love tiny, delicate toes.

Amateur Porn Video : BDSM Fairy

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BDSM Fairy

You've sent me very special instructions and I am going to follow them exactly. In this video, I am all dress up for you and slowly strip down to nothing. Then, while drooling under my ball gag, I stuff my frilly panties inside me and hitachi myself. Finally, I am allowed to get off and do so enthusiastically. Gif does not reflect video quality.

Amateur Porn Video : A Day In The Life

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A Day In The Life

Ever wonder what it's like to be me? Now you have a chance to find out. You get to try on my sexy little body in this video and watch exactly how I make myself cum. I start by sensually touching myself until I switch to my G Spot toy, cumming twice in a row in ecstasy.

Amateur Porn Video : Begging 2

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Begging 2

I've messed up big time and now you are planning on punishing me. I am desperate to do anything to convince you not to! I describe all the ways I can please you instead-- maybe I'll be your slave for a whole week... or we can meet up with my cute girlfriend... I show you my cute body and demonstrate all the wonderful things you could do to me, praying that I won't be punished. Eventually we come to an agreement and I'm so happy I make myself cum, thanking you profusely.

Amateur Porn Video : Sixty Nine with Emily Lynne

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Sixty Nine with Emily Lynne

Me and Emily couldn't decide if we wanted to eat pussy or be eaten out... that's where the classic 69 comes in. We eat each other out and make each other cum hard. Many different angles for you to enjoy.

Amateur Porn Video : Fucking And Creampie with Owen Gray

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Fucking And Creampie with Owen Gray

Me and Owen enjoy some sensual and passionate sex together. Tons of different positions and angles, you get to see everything you want during our fun time together including POV of Owen and I giving each other oral. We end our session with Owen filling me up with his cum.

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