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I´m a sex loving mature BBW woman...Have FUN with my movies

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Amateur Porn Video : Before the party ....

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Before the party ....

...... fucked with a dildo my nice wet pussy. You can look me in my fucking hole :-) and hear how wet I am.

Amateur Porn Video : For my master ....

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For my master ....

I do it myself ... He wants to go out with me, but also know how awesome I am getting when I go out dressed like that with him. Make provisions so that I do not attack men :-)

Amateur Porn Video : Elegant with gloves and yet ......

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Elegant with gloves and yet ......

always horny and wet ....... :-) Admit it you want but you just wank your cock and that's what makes me horny. With cool Dirty Talk :-)

Amateur Porn Video : Not enough .....

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Not enough .....

and processed ..... so hot that I'm glad that he fucks me. To feel his cock is simply great and is doing sooooo well. I must, however, lick his sperm from the floor * smile *

Amateur Porn Video : How I torment my sub?

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How I torment my sub?

e-power on the lips and simply wait times. Then you need only wait for the DOM. It does not take long and she swallows with lust, his very fingers to choke. :-)

Amateur Porn Video : Electric Power is so hard

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Electric Power is so hard

It might detract from other pain that evil TENS unit, but rather as the blows of evil electricity :-)

Amateur Porn Video : Complete surrender

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Complete surrender

At his request, I tie my tits from bursting. On the cross, tied with legs spread wide I receive his attentions. :-)

Amateur Porn Video : My Bad ...

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My Bad ...

despite all efforts .... my ass is not as red as Master Chris's wishes, so still needs her ass :-) The color is not red but the pussy very wet...

Amateur Porn Video : Full of anticipation ...

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Full of anticipation ...

naked .... in Overknees I stand on the cross and wait for my master. The ancestor already my backside special attention should be paid, but that's not always misguided as its effect on me :-)))

Amateur Porn Video : Electro torture and dildo-bar

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Electro torture and dildo-bar

Defenseless shackled to get the TENS unit on my pussy, that's very bad. But that's not all, no, same with several dildos at the bar my wet pussy fucked, even my ass at the end yet.

Amateur Porn Video : Fingered and fisted

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Fingered and fisted

Several times he drove me to orgasm. Licked, fingered and then even the fisted ..... MADNESS

Amateur Porn Video : Lustful and fucked ....

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Lustful and fucked ....

Such a horny hard cock ... because I let myself be happy to fuck me :-) senses disappear, but please to strengthen all cum in my mouth :-)))

Amateur Porn Video : Feet tickle

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Feet tickle

With the spreader bar and legs tied up I can not go away, what the Master will also exploit and worked on my bare soles of my feet with a feather and his fingers. You can think of this is pure torture for me when I am so ticklish, but as always, He knows no mercy.

Amateur Porn Video : Released for use .....

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Released for use .....

Master Chriss thinks i have to be available to use for everyone who he invited, I knew nothing and was surprised to have it but i like it very much :-)))

Amateur Porn Video : Found a reason?

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Found a reason?

Since I have to put myself in the studio to the cross and bad teeth. The master want to play with my ass .... if I did something wrong? .... I do not know, but it makes Him always a lot of fun;-) all that beautiful colors.

Amateur Porn Video : Impaled!!

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As the sweetness has brought really nice, I will grant her something good and she can ride off my monster dildo. This is truly awesome thing because what breaks her pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Facesitting  :-)

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Facesitting :-)

If I have been so an horny slave for me, i use her for my fun :-) You can think you sure what I wanted from her :-)

Amateur Porn Video : SHE must keep still

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SHE must keep still

Her master has ordered her to keep hold still. But it´s not easy for her :-) I´ll do anything to bring her to orgasm * laugh *

Amateur Porn Video : Oops ... what's this in my studio?

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Oops ... what's this in my studio?

Then I come to my studio, because Master Chris wants to make new movies and what I see? A naked slave kneeling there. :-) I had to take advantage of her, though)))

Amateur Porn Video : Anna in chains

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Anna in chains

Heavy and super cold, especially at sensitive points, but that is probably true. What follows? Maybe you can think of you ........

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