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Joined Jun.04, 2015
Height 5'4"
Weight 106 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond

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You can't tame a lynx. Sex kitten, oddball, creator. Give me a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and call/text me anytime at

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  • Amateur Porn Model Alix Lynx
  • Amateur Porn Model Alix Lynx
  • Amateur Porn Model Alix Lynx
Amateur Porn Video : Risky Outdoor Dildo Play

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Risky Outdoor Dildo Play

I know there are neighbors on both sides of me, with low fences and nosy tendencies...but there's only one thing on my mind, and knowing I could get caught at any time will make me cum that much harder

Amateur Porn Video : Better Than Your Wife Worship JOI

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Better Than Your Wife Worship JOI

I'm your neighbor and finally decide one day to ring your doorbell and confront you about the fact that you're always checking me out even when you think I don't notice. Not to worry, though. I'm not mad, and in fact I know exactly why you do it. It's pretty obvious I'm SO much fitter, younger, more beautiful and have a harder, tighter body than your wife ever will. I love looking fit and hard because it's so easy to take men from their wives, and that's what turns me on. Hey, I have an idea. Let's play a little about we compare me to your wife? I'll show off all my hardest body parts, like my perfect ass, tits and stomach, and you can be the judge of whether I'm better than your wife...but we both know what that answer is. It's becoming obvious the power I have over you the more I show how tight and sexy I am, and how nothing jiggles when I hit it. Just when I get down to my bra and panties, your wife walks in. I tell her exactly what we're doing, and even make myself comfortable on your bed while I show off my body for her, telling her how much hotter I am than her. We can both see how smitten you are with me and how much power I have over's turning us both on. I play with my pussy while I tell your wife to take your dick out and jerk it while you watch me, mesmerized. I finally cum, and tell you to leave your wife for me. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Naughty Babysitter JOI

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Naughty Babysitter JOI

I was your former babysitter, and years later we run into each other at the store. I'm still the nerd who spends her free time reading and learning, and you've matured into a handsome college who happens to be struggling in his human sexuality course. You ask me if I can help you with your class, and of course I agree. I invite you over to my place the following day to tutor you, and I can't help but notice you keep staring at me. I finally get it out of you -- you think I'm sexy, and you've always had a huge on me! Hey now, there's no need to be embarrassed about it...we're both adults, and I happen to think you're quite the catch, too. So it only makes sense when I decide to take the first taking my clothes off, and giving you the ultimate lesson in human sexuality. All you need to do is sit back, relax and pull your hard cock out of your pants while you watch me give you the show of your dreams. I'll even tell you how to jerk off for me while you watch me cum for you. When it's your turn, I even give you a countdown to cum for me...and this is only the beginning of your lesson. We're going to work all night on getting you an A+. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Voyeur Cam Getting Ready

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Voyeur Cam Getting Ready

After an extremely naughty morning spent in the bedroom, follow me into the shower as I make myself clean again...then peep in on me as I get ready for my day...

Amateur Porn Video : Professor Wants More

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Professor Wants More

I let the camera roll, set the timer for 15 minutes and use my fingers and my favorite toy to see how many times I can make myself cum. Game on! (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbation Marathon

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Masturbation Marathon

I let the camera roll, set the timer for 15 minutes and use my fingers and my favorite toy to see how many times I can make myself cum. Game on! (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Virtual Sex Creampie

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Virtual Sex Creampie

I'm your naughty slut, all dressed up just for you and ready to give you the best sex of your life. Watch how I move slowly and sensually, showing off my body as I tease you, spreading my legs and pussy and telling you how much I can't wait to have your big dick inside me. My pussy starts to ache with anticipation, so I finally beckon you over to the bed to come join me...I start by sucking your hard cock before climbing on top of you and slowly sliding it in my tight pussy, riding bend me over and pound me hard from behind, then lay me down on my back and watch my tits bounce as you fuck me until I have a body-shuddering orgasm. Now it's your turn...I can't wait to feel that hot cum dripping from my pussy...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Escort Virtual Sex POV

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Escort Virtual Sex POV

You’ve come to meet me for a special night fulfilling all your naughtiest fantasies. Enjoy the view as I slink and tease my way over to you, pulling down your pants and sucking your cock until I slide my wet pussy on top, riding you and talking dirty as I fuck you…then bend me over and fuck me hard from behind..I can’t wait until you fill me up with your cum...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Turning You Bi GFE

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Turning You Bi GFE

I sit you down to tell you I'm finally opening up to the idea of bringing someone home with us the next time we go out. You've mentioned that you'd like to have a threesome, and even hinted that you'd like it to be with your sexy brunette coworker, Kathryn. To get me onboard, you've told me you want me to choose who we bring home. I can tell you're excited at the idea so I tell you to start jerking off for me. As the idea excites me too, I also start to touch myself. I tell you how the evening will unfold, and finally reveal that it's not Kathryn I would bring home with us, but another man. I proceed to describe in dirty detail what the guy will do with you, what you'll do with me, and what I'd like to see you do with the guy. All I can say is that our naughty night will end with the guy cumming inside me...and you eating me out afterwards, cleaning it all up. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Sultry Tease and JOI

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Sultry Tease and JOI

Sit back, relax and feel free to let your hands wander down your pants as I move to the music, showing off my tight body as the ultimate tease. It's hard to resist playing with my pussy knowing how turned on you're getting, so I give in to my own temptations...all while telling you how to stroke your hard cock while you watch me...until we both cum. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Stocking Tease and Pussy Play

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Stocking Tease and Pussy Play

Stockings are what drive you wild, and I'm feeling frisky. Why don't you lay back, pull your cock out and stroke it as you watch me try on some of my favorite pairs for you...we both know that teasing you makes my pussy wet, so I can't help but play with myself as I give you the ultimate show...maybe we'll even both cum at the same time...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Impregnating Me In Pantyhose

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Impregnating Me In Pantyhose

I get home from work after a long day and sit down with you, making sure to cross and uncross my legs in my sheer pantyhose and high heels because I know how much it drives you wild...and I also know that you'll be able to help me relieve all my stress. It's been such a tedious day and I'm so horny...I rub and feel my legs, telling you how badly I want your dick inside me and how badly I want you to fuck me through my tights. I lean back and rub my wet pussy through the pantyhose...and of course I'm not wearing panties. I play with myself, telling you how badly I want you to cum inside me and impregnate me..(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Long Distance JOI Sex

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Long Distance JOI Sex

We're in a long distance relationship, so I decide to email you a sexy surprise video I made just for you. Dressed up in lacey lingerie, I tease you with my tight body, getting my pussy nice and wet for you. I tell you to take your hard dick out and how to stroke it while you watch the naughty show I'm going to give you. I pull out my dildo, sucking and fucking it until I cum, talking dirty and playing with my pussy until I finally give you a countdown...when I reach one, we're both going to cum together...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Creampied by My Best Friend's BF POV

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Creampied by My Best Friend's BF POV

You and your girlfriend are hosting the party of the year, so when she asks me, her best friend, to go find you, I don't hesitate. I find you upstairs in your bedroom, laying down and catching a breather amidst the chaos. I decide to join you for a few minutes, and we make small talk until I can't help but bring up the fact that your girlfriend tells me ALL the time how huge your dick much so that I had her send me a pic to prove it. You might as well also know that I get myself off all the time looking at that picture, imagining what it would feel like buried deep inside my tight little pussy. I tell you about how I'm always so horny when you're around, and I slide off my panties from under my dress to show you just how wet they are. I can't take it anymore...I just need to see your dick in person, so I unzip your pants and take it out. The picture didn't do you justice. I stroke it some and feel you getting larger and harder in my hand. I'm getting so horny for you...I need your dick now. I rub my pussy and tell you how it's aching for you, that my body has never responded to anyone like this before. You start to have second thoughts but I beg me not to leave and tell you if you stay, I'll even let you cum inside me because you know your girlfriend doesn't let me do that. You finally give in, and take your clothes off as I lay down on my back, waiting for you. You tease my pussy with the tip of your hard dick. I can't take it anymore and beg you to put it in, so you slowly slide into me. I tell you to go slow while I adjust to your size filling up my tight little hole as you go in deeper and deeper, stretching me out. I show you what a naughty girl I am, talking dirty to you until you make me cum in what feels like just a minute. I've never cum this hard before, let alone in that short amount of time...I need it again. You fuck me hard this time, and it becomes harder and harder to stay quiet. I cum over and over again, crawling on top of you to ride your thick cock, then on my back once again until I can feel your dick pulsing inside me and know you're close to cumming. I beg you to cum balls deep in my tight little hole until you cream pie my pussy. I can't wait to go talk to your girlfriend with my pussy full of your cum! (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : GFE BBC Cuckhold Tease

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GFE BBC Cuckhold Tease

I just got home from an extremely late night out with my girlfriend Sheyla and I'm surprised to see that you're still I tell you all about my night out...which happened to involve us meeting some local black guys. Of course we couldn't resist four tall, muscular guys and their big black about real men who know how to please a woman. Or, in this case...two at once. I tell you every dirty detail of our slutty escapades, teasing you with my tits and pussy..until I become tired and it's time for me to leave you with a hard dick. But that's not before I give you a goodnight kiss so you taste their cum I swallowed...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Roleplay JOI Game for Your Big Uncut Dick

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Roleplay JOI Game for Your Big Uncut Dick

I'm your new bratty teen stepsis and just found out your cum stains all over my favorite pair of panties. It's obvious that you're a total pervert having naughty thoughts about me and have been jerking off in them when I'm not around! As punishment I demand you strip naked and show me your dick. Your huge uncut dick is the biggest I've ever seen and I can't believe it. I want to see it hard, so I strip to my bra and panties and encourage you to get a big boner. I happen to LOVE big dicks, and seeing your massive uncut cock is making me hornier by the minute. I challenge you to a little game. I'm going to make you jerk off for me and I'll even let you cum...but not without my permission. If you can last until then, in the future I'll let you fuck my tight pussy. BUT if you cum early, I'm going to go tell all your friends that you're a premature ejaculator. I can't help but edge you over and over again...telling you to stop right before you cum, taunting and teasing you...isn't this little game fun?! It's also making my tight little pussy soaking wet, so I strip naked and tease you with my big boobs and moan for your big uncut dick. After playing with you for so long, I suppose I'll finally give you a cum countdown. It must have been a long time since you've fucked anyone because you spray a huge load all over me. I can't wait to play with your big dick again. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Office Dildo Fuck with JOI

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Office Dildo Fuck with JOI

Sit back and relax at your desk as I give us both a sexy break from the office, starting with a sensual striptease to get your cock rock hard and ready to follow my, jerk that hard dick for me while you watch me fuck myself with the special toy I brought just for you...from behind and riding it up close...until I'm right on the brink of a body-shuddering orgasm, where I give you a countdown to cum and we can both release our tension at the same time...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Caught: Taboo MILF JOI Lesson

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Caught: Taboo MILF JOI Lesson

I come into my stepson's room and catch him jerking off, so I sit on the side of the bed and decide to teach him the proper way to masturbate. Mommy knows best..even when it comes to giving my boy dirty talk, coaxing him to explode and make a big mess that I'll be sure to clean up myself...(Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Multiple Orgasm Fingering Massage POV

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Multiple Orgasm Fingering Massage POV

Watch me lay back and relax as I get an intimate the tension melts away and I relax deeper and deeper, my pussy starts to ache and throb as I become soaking wet. Just when I'm about to start begging to cum, my wish is granted as wandering fingers start to rub my clit...then thrust deep inside me, finger fucking me until I cum over and over again

Amateur Porn Video : Light Show and Glow Dildo

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Light Show and Glow Dildo

I transform my room into a glowing raver's paradise for a sexy night in, sit back and enjoy a mesmerizing light show...until it's time to bring out another new glow in the dark dildo. I know how much it turns you on to watch me play with my favorite toys and warm my pussy up for you, so I give you my own sexy show from all angles until I it's your turn...

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