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Joined Jun.04, 2015
Height 5'4"
Weight 106 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Blue
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You can't tame a lynx. Sex kitten, oddball, creator. Give me a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and call/text me anytime at

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She Makes Me Cum After Girls' Day Out video by Alix Lynx

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She Makes Me Cum After Girls' Day Out

Cherie DeVille and I had a much-needed girls' day out at the arcade over the weekend...of course we should have known that we would end up in my bed. So we kept the cameras (and phones) running

Slutty Schoolgirl Sex with Stepdad POV video by Alix Lynx

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Slutty Schoolgirl Sex with Stepdad POV

You're my see me dress like a slut and you're not having it. If I'm going to be anyone's slut, it's going to be for you...and your naughty schoolgirl stepdaughter is happy to oblige. Let me strip out of this outfit and suck and fuck you until you cum in my tight pussy, Daddy. CUSTOM

Peeping Tom Neighbor JOI video by Alix Lynx

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Peeping Tom Neighbor JOI

I’m your sexy neighbor. When your wife leaves for work one day, I catch you peeping on me in my backyard while I’m sunbathing in my skimpy little bikini. The nerve! I invite you over to have a little chat, sit you down and confront you about your peeping tom ways. What's stopping me from telling your wife about her pervy husband's activities when she's not around?! Hmm...well, I do have one idea...since my husband's been working way too much lately and not paying me any attention, I've got a whole lot of sexual tension pent up and ready to be released...and I know this can't be the first time you've peeked on me. You're quite the looker, too...let's make a deal. You can watch me play with my pussy and make myself cum...if you take your cock out and let me tell you how to jerk it for me while you enjoy the show. If you do, I won't tell your'll be our little secret. But if you choose not to...well, let's just say I've got her number on speed dial. I know you'll make the right choice. (Custom)

Caught Us Fucking Threesome video by Alix Lynx

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Caught Us Fucking Threesome

Sometimes, a girl just needs a good fucking, and when she's friends with a sexy pornstar couple, she knows just where to get sexy girlfriend Jaclyn Taylor loves to share her boyfriend's dick, and when she's not home, we get it on...little did we know she got home early, heard us fucking and came upstairs to peep in on us...watching us makes her pussy wet and ache to be fucked hard, so our fuck fest soon turns into the filthiest threesome you can only dream of having...

Girls Day POV BJ video by Alix Lynx

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Girls Day POV BJ

My sexy gf Jaclyn Taylor and I had a much needed girls' day out and, typical us, ended up at home after a fun day out on the town, sex-starved and no dicks in sight. So of course we decided to help each other out...that is, until her guy walks in on us and records us on his phone, licking and sucking each other to orgasm...hey, what are friends for

Girls Day video by Alix Lynx

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Girls Day

My sexy gf Jaclyn Taylor and I had a much needed girls' day out and, typical us, ended up at home after a fun day out on the town, sex-starved and no dicks in sight. So of course we decided to help each other out...that is, until her guy walks in on us and records us on his phone, licking and sucking each other to orgasm...hey, what are friends for?

Escort Role Play Cam Show video by Alix Lynx

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Escort Role Play Cam Show

Welcome to my bedroom...have a seat and take in the view. I wore the lingerie you requested, and I'm ready to please you...any way you desire...(Skype show recording)

Making Your GF Cheat On You video by Alix Lynx

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Making Your GF Cheat On You

I've sat you down because we need to talk. There's something I think you should know. This conversation is going to be awkward, but I've been your friend so long that it’d be more awkward if I kept this news a secret from you. Your girlfriend is cheating on you. After years of getting no good dick, she couldn’t take it anymore. I explain to you that for women, it’s one thing to treat us like a princess and spend lots of money on us and all (don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that), but you men also have to pound our pussies right or we'll eventually find a stunt cock that will. It’s nothing personal. I break it to you that even if your dick was bigger it wouldn’t do any good. A good cock needs to not just be big -- but also STRONG... and you have a wimpy sissy dick. To be able to satisfy a woman, a cock needs to be thick and hard with veins bulging out of it -- and that’s never going to happen for you. Anyway... I should probably mention that it was actually me who talked her into fucking other men. I only did what you thought was right. The many years spent having to try and get off using my B*** dick had really worn on her and I thought her dickdown withdrawal was causing a really unhealthy depression. So I invited her to come over to your place to let a REAL MAN fuck her right. My stud fucked her so hard, and made her cum so many times that you I was worried she was going to pass out. And yet, she was begging him to destroy her pussy again just an hour later. She wasn’t lying, she must have been really cock-starved! I know how much you love her, so I know how much this must hurt you. But why don’t you just try to be happy for her? She deserves to be happy doesn’t she? She’s finally getting pounded by big cock regularly and it’s totally changed her life. Good talk! Oh, by the way, I'm going to introduce her to BBC next week. She’s quickly becoming a spoiled size queen! Exciting, right?! (Custom)

Sucking Your Big Dick video by Alix Lynx

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Sucking Your Big Dick

I love dick, but it's the big ones that get my pussy soaking wet and aching to be fucked. But first, I want to take your huge cock in my mouth, let you fuck my throat and beg you to cum all over my pretty little face...(Custom)

Threeway Surprise video by Alix Lynx

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Threeway Surprise

What happens when your smokin hot pornstar friend Jaclyn Taylor invites you over to surprise her boyfriend for a naughty afternoon between the sheets? See for yourself..

Clown Stripper Shower video by Alix Lynx

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Clown Stripper Shower

Join me in the shower after my filthy girl on girl show at the clown strip club...

Naughty Secretary POV BJ video by Alix Lynx

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Naughty Secretary POV BJ

I'm your naughty secretary who's been into you for a long time, admiring you from afar and thinking of all the bad things I would do with you. Finally, one day I decide to make you an offer you simply can't refuse. I want you and your cock so bad...I want you to tease my holes and let me suck it until you cum all over my tits. Sounds like an offer you can't refuse...and sounds like we'll be seeing a lot more of each other after this. (Custom)

Blackmailing My Teacher JOI video by Alix Lynx

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Blackmailing My Teacher JOI

Hey teacher! I wanted to thank you for staying after school to help with my homework. If I don't get an A in your class, I'm going to be in DEEP trouble with my 'rents. Maybe you and I could work something out that benefits both of us. I know I make your cock hard, don't try to hide it. Don't worry, I don't blame you. I know I'm hot, especially in this uniform we have to wear. How about I spread my legs for you and show you how I forgot to wear my panties today...oops! I know how badly you want to fuck me, so let's cut to the chase. Take your clothes off and jerk your cock for me...I'll even play with my pussy for you. Hope you don't mind if I take a few pictures of this...just in case you don't give me the grade I'm looking for. We wouldn't want these pictures to end up online, now would we? Keep jerking that cock for me, Teach...I know how close you are to cumming...and I know that I won't be doing anymore work in this class, either. Thanks for all your help!

Drained by Succubus Virtual POV video by Alix Lynx

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Drained by Succubus Virtual POV

There's nothing more dangerous to a man than a succubus...the demon in disguise who preys on guys, approaching them at night masked as a hot girl. And you've fallen for my trap, my dear victim. After I take you home one night, pulling you into my bedroom...kissing you passionately...pulling your cock out and sucking it...only then do I reveal my true self to you. And only then do you realize that I've made you unbearably horny and weak, to the point of being unable to move. Only then do I reveal that I've come to fuck the life out of you. You may try to resist if you dare, but you are no match for my beauty. With each time I kiss you, suck your cock and fuck you...making you cum over and over simply become more weak, horny, obsessed, and mindless. I will give you pleasure until you cannot take it anymore, and drain every last drop of cum until you cannot move. You are mine, forever now. (Custom)

Dripping With Champagne JOI video by Alix Lynx

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Dripping With Champagne JOI

I know how much you've been wanting to let me give you a private dance in the champagne room at the club, but since you live so far away, I'm going to give you a special webcam show to hold us both over until then. I even brought my own bottle of bubbly and wore my favorite bikini for why don't you get comfortable, take your cock out and let me tell you how to jerk it for me while you watch me strip down and get wet for more ways than one. After my champagne-covered pussy cums for you, it's your turn to release all that built up tension as I count down for you to cum. (Custom)

Cum With Me JOI video by Alix Lynx

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Cum With Me JOI

You know how much I love a good tease and build before we have our own fun, let me start off by giving you a naughty show...while I play with my pussy, I'll tell you how to jerk your cock and cum for me...

Risky Outdoor Dildo Play video by Alix Lynx

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Risky Outdoor Dildo Play

I know there are neighbors on both sides of me, with low fences and nosy tendencies...but there's only one thing on my mind, and knowing I could get caught at any time will make me cum that much harder

Better Than Your Wife Worship JOI video by Alix Lynx

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Better Than Your Wife Worship JOI

I'm your neighbor and finally decide one day to ring your doorbell and confront you about the fact that you're always checking me out even when you think I don't notice. Not to worry, though. I'm not mad, and in fact I know exactly why you do it. It's pretty obvious I'm SO much fitter, younger, more beautiful and have a harder, tighter body than your wife ever will. I love looking fit and hard because it's so easy to take men from their wives, and that's what turns me on. Hey, I have an idea. Let's play a little about we compare me to your wife? I'll show off all my hardest body parts, like my perfect ass, tits and stomach, and you can be the judge of whether I'm better than your wife...but we both know what that answer is. It's becoming obvious the power I have over you the more I show how tight and sexy I am, and how nothing jiggles when I hit it. Just when I get down to my bra and panties, your wife walks in. I tell her exactly what we're doing, and even make myself comfortable on your bed while I show off my body for her, telling her how much hotter I am than her. We can both see how smitten you are with me and how much power I have over's turning us both on. I play with my pussy while I tell your wife to take your dick out and jerk it while you watch me, mesmerized. I finally cum, and tell you to leave your wife for me. (Custom)

Naughty Babysitter JOI video by Alix Lynx

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Naughty Babysitter JOI

I was your former babysitter, and years later we run into each other at the store. I'm still the nerd who spends her free time reading and learning, and you've matured into a handsome college who happens to be struggling in his human sexuality course. You ask me if I can help you with your class, and of course I agree. I invite you over to my place the following day to tutor you, and I can't help but notice you keep staring at me. I finally get it out of you -- you think I'm sexy, and you've always had a huge on me! Hey now, there's no need to be embarrassed about it...we're both adults, and I happen to think you're quite the catch, too. So it only makes sense when I decide to take the first taking my clothes off, and giving you the ultimate lesson in human sexuality. All you need to do is sit back, relax and pull your hard cock out of your pants while you watch me give you the show of your dreams. I'll even tell you how to jerk off for me while you watch me cum for you. When it's your turn, I even give you a countdown to cum for me...and this is only the beginning of your lesson. We're going to work all night on getting you an A+. (Custom)

Voyeur Cam Getting Ready video by Alix Lynx

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Voyeur Cam Getting Ready

After an extremely naughty morning spent in the bedroom, follow me into the shower as I make myself clean again...then peep in on me as I get ready for my day...

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