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Joined Jun.04, 2015
Height 5'4"
Weight 106 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34D
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You can't tame a lynx. Sex kitten, oddball, creator. Give me a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and call/text me anytime at

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  • Amateur Porn Model Alix Lynx
  • Amateur Porn Model Alix Lynx
  • Amateur Porn Model Alix Lynx
Amateur Porn Video : Multiple Orgasm Fingering Massage POV

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Multiple Orgasm Fingering Massage POV

Watch me lay back and relax as I get an intimate the tension melts away and I relax deeper and deeper, my pussy starts to ache and throb as I become soaking wet. Just when I'm about to start begging to cum, my wish is granted as wandering fingers start to rub my clit...then thrust deep inside me, finger fucking me until I cum over and over again

Amateur Porn Video : Light Show and Glow Dildo

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Light Show and Glow Dildo

I transform my room into a glowing raver's paradise for a sexy night in, sit back and enjoy a mesmerizing light show...until it's time to bring out another new glow in the dark dildo. I know how much it turns you on to watch me play with my favorite toys and warm my pussy up for you, so I give you my own sexy show from all angles until I it's your turn...

Amateur Porn Video : Bratty Schoolgirl's Feet Make You Weak

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Bratty Schoolgirl's Feet Make You Weak

You're my chubby neighbor who I love to tease and humiliate nonstop. I also know you have a little thing for my legs and shoes (especially my high heels), so what better to beat my boredom with than by inviting you over to worship my perfect legs and feet in my sexiest pair of pumps? But not so fast, fatty. If you want to be graced with my presence and kiss my feet, you have to pay up first. I know I can have my way with you and get anything I want from you because you're weak for me. Maybe if you spend enough money on me today I'll trample you with my sky high heels, too. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Webcam Sex With Your Professor JOI

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Webcam Sex With Your Professor JOI

I'm the teacher of your evening class in financial investment, and we've connected on webcam a couple times and talked. I know you really like me, but your girlfriend is jealous of your teacher. Even so, I can't help but call you on webcam and suggest we meet up sometime, outside of the classroom. We both know I'm so much hotter than your girlfriend, so it's no surprise that you don't put up a fight when I get on webcam wiith you in a sexier-than-usual outfit...then proceed to tease you with a slow striptease, taking it all off for you...while telling you how to jerk off for me. We both have our fun and cum at the same time...and it's so intense that we do it all over again for a second round. (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Naked Swim With My Hot Blonde Friend

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Naked Swim With My Hot Blonde Friend

It's a hot summer day and Cherie DeVille and I are feeling frisky, so we decide to strip down and jump in the pool, and take the GoPro with us! Watch us tease each other, passing the camera back and forth (and in front and behind) ;) as we swim's as if you were right there with us!

Amateur Porn Video : Panty Stuffing Dildo Ride

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Panty Stuffing Dildo Ride

There's something that feels so incredibly naughty when it comes to wearing a teeny little g-string and fucking myself with my favorite toy through when I peel my panties off, stuff them deep into my soaking wet pussy and ride my dildo until I have a body-shuddering orgasm...let's just say I turn the heat way, WAY up in this one. All the way through to pulling my soaking wet thong out of my tight pussy when I'm done

Amateur Porn Video : Mirrored Dildo Ride

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Mirrored Dildo Ride

Watch me fuck my realistic dildo on my mirrored table from the front and back until I cum...and give up close and personal a whole new meaning.

Amateur Porn Video : Trying On Thongs

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Trying On Thongs

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view as I try on some of my favorite thongs for you. Of course, I also can't help but tease you, showing off the panties from every angle of my body and bending over right in front of you to slip into the next pair

Amateur Porn Video : Your Small Dick Cums Too Early

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Your Small Dick Cums Too Early

We're in my bedroom after a fun day out, I'm feeling frisky, and I know you are too. You're hesitant to get naked, though, so I figure you're shy and offer to take my clothes off first. When you still don't budge, I lend you a helping hand...only to discover that you not only have a dick the size of my thumb, but that you've also cum in your pants! Not to worry, though, these things happen, and I still want to play. How about I help you get that small cock hard with a blowjob, or my hands? Premature ejaculation seems to be happening a lot today...looks like I'll have to train you to last longer.

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Your Premature Ejaculating Small Dick

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Amateur Porn Video : Homewrecking JOI

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Homewrecking JOI

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Amateur Porn Video : Sheer Tights and Impregnation Fantasy

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Sheer Tights and Impregnation Fantasy

I'm your roommate and I need a huge favor - I desperately need to borrow some money so I can get my car fixed. I know you're a little hesitant, but I also know there has to be SOMETHING I can do to convince you. I'm to the point where I'll do just about anything. Just when the situation isn't looking so good, I remember your weak spot for opaque tights --- the ones I happen to be wearing. So, I offer you a proposal. I'll play with my pussy for you, and let you fuck me in my tights if you let me borrow your money. On top of that, I also know about another weak spot of yours. You want to impregnate me, too. So it only makes sense that I tell you how badly I want you to, right?! (Custom)

Amateur Porn Video : Your Naughty Secretary Gives You A Show

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Your Naughty Secretary Gives You A Show

I know all about your little office on me, boss...and that's why I invited you here after work. Because, you see, I feel the same way about you...and I also know a little show in my slutty new outfit is just what we both need to get us warmed up before I come over there and have my way with you...I hope you're comfortable, because we're going to be here awhile...(Custom Video)

Amateur Porn Video : Barely Legal Seducing My Stepdad

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Barely Legal Seducing My Stepdad

Mom's away on her business trip, and your slutty little stepdaughter has been wanting to get her hands on your for quite some time, Daddy. But you already knew that, didn't you? Try to deny it all you want, but we both know the truth. Maybe you're hesitant to fuck me right now, but we're not doing anything wrong if you just watch me give you a little show instead, right? There's nothing quite like a tight, barely legal pussy...

Amateur Porn Video : Bossy Brat Gives Stepbrother CEI JOI

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Bossy Brat Gives Stepbrother CEI JOI

Well, if it isn't my big stepbrother..glad you finally decided to show up at home after you've been out with that slutty neighbor girl all night. Don't even think about trying to slink away to your room. I know all about your dirty little know, the one where that neighborhood slut makes you eat your own cum after you jerk off..even though we both know you love it. If you can do that for her, you can definitely do that for your brand new little stepsister, right?! If not, well....I don't think our parents would be too amused, now would they?

Amateur Porn Video : JOI for my Stepbrother's Tiny Dick

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JOI for my Stepbrother's Tiny Dick

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Amateur Porn Video : Stepdad Cums in Me While Mom's Away

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Stepdad Cums in Me While Mom's Away

I've had a big secret for a long time...I've been looking at your pictures and touching myself to them...except this time, I forgot to lock my bedroom door. When you catch me in the act, I'm mortified and try to hide it...that is, until I see the way you're looking at me in my sexy little lingerie, soaking wet pussy in plain view...and the way your dick is getting hard. Mom won't be home till tomorrow, so let me help you remember what a tight, barely legal pussy feels like...I'll even let you cum inside me...

Amateur Porn Video : Fucking My Stepbrother While Stepmom Showers Virtual POV

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Fucking My Stepbrother While Stepmom Showers Virtual POV

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Amateur Porn Video : My 1st Dildo While My Stepbrother Sleeps

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My 1st Dildo While My Stepbrother Sleeps

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Amateur Porn Video : Seduced By My Legs and Heels: Pt 3

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Seduced By My Legs and Heels: Pt 3

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