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O hello there! I'm Alanna & I like fitness, vintage, and making amateur porno!

  • Amateur Porn Model Alannav
  • Amateur Porn Model Alannav
  • Amateur Porn Model Alannav
Amateur Porn Video : Ride You All Night

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Ride You All Night

POV style, I ride you alllllll night long, moaning & working my hips back and forth. I can't get enough of you

Amateur Porn Video : Feb Monkey Rocker Show

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Feb Monkey Rocker Show

Watch me fuck myself with my monkey rocker! This is a live show with little editing. Contains cumming and close ups

Amateur Porn Video : Sunday Service

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Sunday Service

Come and worship at this Sundays Service! Your Goddess is ready for her tithe and to tell you just how pathetic you are:) Booty worship& flashes included

Amateur Porn Video : I need Your Giant Cock

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I need Your Giant Cock

You have the biggest dick and i need it now! I jack it off, deepthroat it and then I even slide it inside and fuck it a few different ways(ride/side/pov). I cum all over it and then let you cum on my chest (with toy cumshot)

Amateur Porn Video : Gothy Live Cumshow REC

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Gothy Live Cumshow REC

I do some fingering and then some dildoing live:P

Amateur Porn Video : Worthless Microdick

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Worthless Microdick

I can't help but laugh while i make fun of your microdick for quite some time! I tell you how worthless you are, talk about your tiny wiener and it's sad excuse for loads, as well as your proclivity for not staying hard all the time. Tsk tsk! How embarrassing! There are only a few ways left to please me....being my piggy slave, and giving me your ass

Amateur Porn Video : Jan Riding and Fucking REC

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Jan Riding and Fucking REC

Live cum show of me fucking myself, riding a dildo, cumming all over it and hitachi-ying myself at the end

Amateur Porn Video : Jan toy cum show

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Jan toy cum show

Glass toy creamy cumshow recorded live from mfc

Amateur Porn Video : Jan Dildo Suck Rec

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Jan Dildo Suck Rec

live recording of a dildo suck show on mfc:) I use a nice long blue dildo and talk to you/the room with sucking,licking, and playing with your cock

Amateur Porn Video : Jan 2017 live cumshow REC

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Jan 2017 live cumshow REC

Live recording of Jan cumshow from chatroom. Use a glas toy and a regular dildo, riding and other positions! Creamy!

Amateur Porn Video : Glow Dick

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Glow Dick

I'm a naughty alien girl here to make you feel good;) Its a *custom* glow in the dark vid with black lights where I strip, play, buttplug, anal and then jack off your absolutely neon glowing cock till its squirts HUGE glowy loads

Amateur Porn Video : Robe

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I wanted to try something new so I dressed up in rope under my dress, I hope you like it! It was my first time trying from only a picture, but I think it's cute:) Then i stuff my booty for you and try out some different toys, followed by hitachi

Amateur Porn Video : Grunge Girls Like Big Dick

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Grunge Girls Like Big Dick

I'm grunge today...and im the mood for one of my bigger toys:) I suck it and then ride it...hope you like the toque;) PS>this is vid #200 we did it

Amateur Porn Video : Creamy Cum with Glass Toy

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Creamy Cum with Glass Toy

I'm going to show you just how creamy I can get tonight. We get nice and close so you can see the little dripps and rivers of cum as they spill out of me

Amateur Porn Video : Just One Flash SPH

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Just One Flash SPH

You want to jack off so badly....I want you to entertain me and send me gifts? I'm sure we can come to some sort of understanding. Know your roll and I'll be nice enough to show you the goods, loser

Amateur Porn Video : Ice Princess Double Stuff

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Ice Princess Double Stuff

Ice princes is reallllly naughty in this one, dirty talking and filling both of her holes at the same time. She uses a twisty fancy glass butt plug and shows you close up just how she puts it in& tugs at it. Then she fucks herself with a glass toy at the same time....she even turn it around to use the big end because she is THAT horny

Amateur Porn Video : Ice Princess Dildo Suck

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Ice Princess Dildo Suck

Ice princess wants to suck that icy cock:) She sucks it with lots of spit and drool while looking up at you

Amateur Porn Video : Ice Princess Cums

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Ice Princess Cums

Ice princess teases herself with ice, melts it on her nipples and in her mouth all over herself. Spitty, drooly, stripping and teasing. Then ice goes other places and she cums all over her fingers wet and drippy

Amateur Porn Video : How many

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How many

I'm sitting on my hitachi for you....cumming as many times as I can in just under 10 mins....can you guess how many

Amateur Porn Video : Blonde Oil Tease

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Blonde Oil Tease

I'm in a blonde wig with some very dark lipstick and I've got a bottle of oil ready. Its a tease/body tour video with close ups of all the good spots

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