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Joined Jun.16, 2015
Height 5'11"
Weight 135 lbs
Body Type Athletic
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black


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O hello there! I'm Alanna & I like fitness, vintage, and making amateur porno!

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Crave My Ass video by Alannav

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Crave My Ass

I'm away for the weekend and I chose to send you this message just to rub in your face how perfect, round and juicy my ass is. You can hear my friends in the background partying as I taunt you and tease you about my big ass. Don't you wish you could smell it, taste it even? Isn't that what you want you naughty boy, maybe to get lost in my asshole? Now, you are addicted and I know you are going to rub one out right away. You know what you should do to make me happy tho, don't you:D

Cum on the Stairs video by Alannav

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Cum on the Stairs

I was feeling myself and wanted to film it, so I wandered away from the sexy girl party (you can hear everyone in the background behind the glass doors drinking and partying) and decided to show off and strip for you. I finger myself and you can hear how wet my pussy is! I moan and cum for you and then lick my creamy fingers.

While You Were Away video by Alannav

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While You Were Away

This was a custom request* This is a fantasy -roleplay story in which I am your very very naughty wife. While you were away I get up to no good again, blowing house cleaners, fucking neighbours, the whole nine yards. I tell you some graphic details, like when they bent me over the pool table, or when they fucked me in the bed that you and I lay in. They all came in me, I might even be pregnant, what a tramp! The worst part was the taboo act of fucking my step son, since he came home early from college break. While I tell you the story I get topless and play with my pussy though my panties

Public Humiliation Fantasy video by Alannav

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Public Humiliation Fantasy

This was a custom clip* Listen to me tell you while topless, what kind of sick gangbang and public humiliation fantasies I have. Spat on, fucked by strangers in a bar, debaced. This is a very filthy style of dirty talk.

Nun's Needs video by Alannav

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Nun's Needs

Nun Alanna has been praying, she really doesn't want to be so horny all the time. She wishes her habit didn't make her so horny, or the other nuns.....if only she would receive a sign! Then she does, in the form of a hitachi left in her bed by someone else:) Time to get rid of those horny urges by making herself cum

Fall Cum video by Alannav

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Fall Cum

First I tease you to music, get naked and play in some fall leaves. I show you all of me, getting you excited to see what I will do next. Then with the music off so you can focus on my moans, I please myself with my fingers and a glass toy, some is in doggy, some missionary some riding. Creamy cum finish

Wednesday Addams Joi and Cei video by Alannav

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Wednesday Addams Joi and Cei

A ghoulish Wednesday is here and she wants to play a game. She tells you to start touching your dick and then she begins teasing you, edging you. She shows off her body, plays with herself, bringing you closer and closer.You know what she wants you to do next....but you gotta make sure that load is nice and big! Eat up

Please video by Alannav

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I finger myself and then ride big dick while telling you about all the naughty things I've done at your request. Gangbangs, being used like a cum dumpster, groveling and begging. Wearing tiny white g-string pulled to the side

Wednesday Addams Ass video by Alannav

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Wednesday Addams Ass

Wednesday Addams is going to tease you with her big fat juicy and jiggly ass. Shes Going to shake it and threaten you with it. You love it Pugsley, don't deny it. Think about her cute little asshole while you get ready to give her your entire piggybank

G/G Skype Call video by Alannav

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G/G Skype Call

HayleeLove and I have been talking and decided to play on Skype! This is a very unique video recorded in two places, and spliced together in time sync, and with split screen. We gave each other control of our lush toys, so we can tease each other the entire time! We edge, humping pillows, and dirty talk about what kind of naughty things we wanna do to each other...then we watch each other climax, imagining what it will be like to meet!

Wonder Woman video by Alannav

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman wants to help fight bad guys, in any way possible. If that means she has to finger be it Fingering& beautiful ag0ny and super creamy cum

SPH Private Time video by Alannav

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SPH Private Time

AsteriaG and I are camming together when we are taken private by someone who wants to show off his dick. Low and behold there isn't much to show off! We both laugh and make fun of him for quite some time while he sadly stokes it. So gross! will small dick boys ever learn? Took his tokens anyways though:P

Detention Fisting video by Alannav

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Detention Fisting

Bella and I have been very bad and are being sent to detention....but this time we have a whole new punishment. Principal Arwen is going to teach us a thing or two, and begins by instructing our classmates Payslee and AsteriaG to spank us, then finger us. We don't know what we are in for, and move on to a hitachi session that makes us cum. That was only to get us super wet though, because now we are getting FISTED. This was my first time doing it and Arwen taught us well

Tied Up by Bella video by Alannav

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Tied Up by Bella

I've been a bad girl, but SexyIsabella is going to make me into a good one! She drives me crazy and teases me in many ways: blindfolding me, tying me up, gagging me.....she even spanks me till my ass is red and pours hot wax all over me. She leaves me shaking and wanting more

Panty Stuffing and Asslicking with Bella video by Alannav

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Panty Stuffing and Asslicking with Bella

Bella and I are naughty, naughty girls when we get together. We take turns licking each others ass, fingering our pussies and filling those cute pussies with out panties! Lots of doggy style view:D

Kissing Every Girl At the Party video by Alannav

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Kissing Every Girl At the Party

Arwen wants to makeout with all of us and damn, she succeeded! Watch her complete her quest with me AND MelodyKush, AsteriaG, Payslee, Alexia, Burr Suicide and SexyIsabella

You Love My Titties video by Alannav

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You Love My Titties

It's time to worship my titties in all their glory! You love my pierced nipples and how they poke through my top. Can you make it to the end of the video

Stapon Surprise video by Alannav

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Stapon Surprise

Lets get naughty tonight! I have a surprise and it's what you have been begging for

Afternoon Cum video by Alannav

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Afternoon Cum

I am horny on this sunny afternoon among the flower pots....I just want to undress myself and finger fuck myself till I cum

SPH Kicked Out video by Alannav

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SPH Kicked Out

I'm all sexy and ready for you, but then you pull down your pants and EEEEK this is not gonna happen anymore because your junk is super tiny

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