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Height 5'11"
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Bra Size 34D
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O hello there! I'm Alanna & I like fitness, vintage, and making amateur porno!

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You Love My Titties video by Alannav

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You Love My Titties

It's time to worship my titties in all their glory! You love my pierced nipples and how they poke through my top. Can you make it to the end of the video

Stapon Surprise video by Alannav

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Stapon Surprise

Lets get naughty tonight! I have a surprise and it's what you have been begging for

Sweet Nothings video by Alannav

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Sweet Nothings

I'm in my nice lingerie, whispering to you from our bed, begging for your dick. I undress for you and then slide you in, fucking myself till I cum

Big Boots video by Alannav

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Big Boots

I am wearing GIANT over the knee boots thats are shiny and sumptuous....I tease you with them and tell you to lick and worship them

Afternoon Cum video by Alannav

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Afternoon Cum

I am horny on this sunny afternoon among the flower pots....I just want to undress myself and finger fuck myself till I cum

SPH Kicked Out video by Alannav

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SPH Kicked Out

I'm all sexy and ready for you, but then you pull down your pants and EEEEK this is not gonna happen anymore because your junk is super tiny

Belle of the Ball video by Alannav

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Belle of the Ball

I got an invite to a sexy party so I get all dolled up and get there ready to be the belle of the ball and boy was I ever. All the party guests were waiting for they could cum all over me bukkake style! Blowjobs, face shots galore

Sunny BJ video by Alannav

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Sunny BJ

Its a nice sunny afternoon and I want your cock. I tell you about how much I need that load and get to sucking...and start sucking deep enough that I'm spitty and my nose is running down my face

A Gift For Goddess video by Alannav

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A Gift For Goddess

You need to give your goddess a pretty gift, since you are obsessing about her all day

Booty Countdown video by Alannav

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Booty Countdown

I tease you with my big soft booty, holding it just above you & rubbing in your face how powerless you are to it. After humiliating you i count down because I know you can't hold it any longer

Sensual Shower video by Alannav

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Sensual Shower

I am feeling myself as I strip off my black satin slip/robe combo and start playing with my pussy. I show off, teasing you with my body so that you are just waiting for me to touch myself again....and I do. I cum with my fingers as I am wet all over

Blow Your Loads video by Alannav

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Blow Your Loads

First I suck you off but then I tell you I want to be covered in cum, so you invite your friends over to blow load after load on me! My face is covered when we are all done( bukkake)! Says name john during, POV view

Cum With Bush video by Alannav

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Cum With Bush

Wearing knee high boots & hair up~ I cum one last time with my lil bushy. I never have a bush, this is rare:P Lots of close ups

Judgment video by Alannav

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You have been a bad fucking boy and you are being charged with many offences, I can't wait to put you and your filthy little cock away for life

How Do You Compare video by Alannav

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How Do You Compare

Watch me play with your cock, touch it, measure it, talk about its width and length and how it makes me feel. Am I a size queen? Do you measure up??? Can you make me cum

Big Squirty Dick video by Alannav

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Big Squirty Dick

I just love your insane dick, the bigger and messier the better. I suck it, gag on it, ride it , then take a load in the face from it

Flight Attendant Gets Caught video by Alannav

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Flight Attendant Gets Caught

Flight attendant gets caught having too much fun looking at herself in the mirror and has to barter her way out of trouble. POV bj, clit rubbing and POV riding

Tied and Horny video by Alannav

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Tied and Horny

I've tied myself up for you again, to seduce you sensually...I use my fingers, i dance for you, and I cum nice and close beautiful agony style so you can see my face as I do

Fingering and Toy Cumshow Feb 1 video by Alannav

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Fingering and Toy Cumshow Feb 1

A live cumshow recording~ talking edited down, mostly just the juicy stuff left ;P

Ride You All Night video by Alannav

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Ride You All Night

POV style, I ride you alllllll night long, moaning & working my hips back and forth. I can't get enough of you

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