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I'm a succulent sweetie who knows how to have fun. If you like your girls natural, with a bit of a bush to show off, look no further. I like to explore various fetishes, and I'm always down to try new things if they sound enticing. If you'd like a custom video or show don't be afraid to ask!

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  • Amateur Porn Model AJ Jupiter
  • Amateur Porn Model AJ Jupiter
  • Amateur Porn Model AJ Jupiter
  • Amateur Porn Model AJ Jupiter
  • Amateur Porn Model AJ Jupiter
Amateur Porn Video : Jerk off and fuck your ass for me (1080p)

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Jerk off and fuck your ass for me (1080p)

For this video you'll need a butt plug and a dildo of some kind. I'm not going to dominate you, I'm not going to humiliate you. I just want you to have the best orgasm you can have, and you and I both know that involves prostate play. You'll be using your fingers and toys to follow my instructions exactly, I'll show you everything I want you to do. With your butt plug in your ass, I'll demonstrate the pace and method I want you to use on your cock. Pretty soon you'll be pumping your cock and that dildo in your ass for me, looking at my bare tits as you milk yourself dry. Take a walk on the wild side with me.

Amateur Porn Video : Pillow humping in jeans and thong to orgasm (1080p)

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Pillow humping in jeans and thong to orgasm (1080p)

Humping my pillow was the first way I started masturbating and it's still one of my very favorite ways to get myself off. Today, I start in a little translucent bra and a dark wash pair of jeans. The jeans put even more pressure on my wet pussy, the rough seem in between the legs rubbing my cunt with every hump. I grind my hips into the pillow in several different positions and angles, going harder and faster until I cum so hard. I can feel my panties and jeans drenched in cum after I orgasm with my beloved pillow, and at the end of the video I turn around and pull my pants down to show you my ass in my little thong.

Amateur Porn Video : Smell my ripe, horny, sweaty ass (1080)

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Smell my ripe, horny, sweaty ass (1080)

With the camera nearly as close to my ass as possible, I spread my cheeks and dirty talk to you. I've been wearing the same panties for two days, and I added a couple extra miles to my morning run today. That means this ass is sweaty, and all the more ripe for your pleasure. I use the words ass, asshole, dirty, stinky, and even shithole a couple of times when I describe my potent, raw and real hole. Come even closer, I don't want you to miss out on a single note of my own, very personal fragrance.

Amateur Porn Video :

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"Knock me up" dirty talking 1080p

I know you want to fuck me, but I don't just want that. I want more. I've been tracking my cycle and to be honest, I'm quite fertile right now. Are you going to take advantage of that? No condom, nothing. Knock me up. I tell you how I want you to cum inside me and impregnate me, repeating the phrase "knock me up". I'm horny, and only one thing will make me satisfied. Make me yours, knock me up, right now. I want that hard cock in my fertile little pussy, you aren't going to deny me it, are you?

Amateur Porn Video : Sucking his cock hard and messily 1080p

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Sucking his cock hard and messily 1080p

I love having his cock in my mouth, and I show my appreciation whole-heartedly. My gag reflex is strong like always, but I'm able to get his hard cock quite deep my throat, it just makes it a big sloppy mess. Drool spills from my mouth as I alternate between bobbing my head up and down on his dick, and sucking and licking that soft pink head. My panties get really wet the entire time I suck him off. When he finally cums, I carefully make sure not to let any cum drip out of my mouth so that I can bring it to the camera and show you up close as it spills over my lips. What a hungry little slut I am.

Amateur Porn Video : Christmas treats- Being bad for Santa 1080p

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Christmas treats- Being bad for Santa 1080p

This Christmas, I've been informed by the big man himself that I'll be on the naughty list for everything I've done! He says there's only one way to get out of it, and that's if I send him a little video treat of me punishing myself. Can Santa blackmail? No matter, I like showing off for older men. I lick my peppermint candy paddle, making it nice and wet so it stings even more, and then I start working on my tits. I smack them, wincing each time it touches my sensitive nipples. Next, I move on to my round ass in these tiny, festive panties. I spank it until it's nice and red, and then roll over onto my back. I smack my pussy and inner thighs before spreading my pussy wide and rubbing my clit from excitement. What about you, have you been a bad boy this year?

Amateur Porn Video : Cumming with my butt plug, fingers and hitachi 1080p

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Cumming with my butt plug, fingers and hitachi 1080p

After a long day I decide to unwind in the best way I know how. On this night, my hitachi and a butt plug, and I relax on the chaise lounge. I start out by rubbing my pussy, getting it nice and wet. Then, I suck on the butt plug and press it into my tight little ass. Once it's in deep, I start fingering my pussy, making it nice and creamy. It feels so very good and brings me closer and closer. I grab my hitachi and push it into my clit, loving the feeling of the vibrations going through my body. I moan and look into the camera throughout the clip, until at last I'm brought to a super strong orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Drooly, gagged puppy humps her pillow to cum hard 1080p

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Drooly, gagged puppy humps her pillow to cum hard 1080p

What a cute puppy! She wags her butt at you with a tail plug in her ass and a bone gag in her mouth. The gag makes her drool, long clear lines of spit, as she whimpers from desire. She scoops up the pillow at the head of the bed and presses her cute little pussy into it over and over again, rocking her hips on it. She moans and whimpers louder as she goes faster and faster. She changes angles so you can watch her plump ass shake as she works to get her orgasm. Holding onto the pillow tightly, she humps it harder until she feels even better, and cums loudly, drool dripping from her mouth all the while.

Amateur Porn Video : Jerk off and eat your cum for me, I'll tell you how 1080p

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Jerk off and eat your cum for me, I'll tell you how 1080p

Let's spend some quality time together. I'm going to tell you exactly what I want you to do to your cock, and you're going to do it for me. Sometimes I control the pace, other times I control your hand positions. You masturbate with a couple fingers and thumb at times, playing with the head of your cock, playing with your balls, twisting your wrist, only up strokes, only down strokes, and only using your hips to penetrate your tight fist. I'm going to lead you through a fun session, even make you go really fast, but you can't cum until I let you. You see, I want something special from you today. I want you to eat your cum for me. I tell you about it throughout the session, how I love when a guy can clean up after himself, and isn't too scared to try something like this. You'll lap it up for me, won't you?

Amateur Porn Video : Strap on anal pegging 4

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Strap on anal pegging 4

His ass gets some play tonight. We kiss, and I ease a butt plug into his eager hole. Then, I move up to my glass dildo, pushing it in and out while stroking him. When I think he's ready, I put my on my strap on, and get ready for business! Finally, I fuck his ass until his cock explodes! I don't know if I've ever seen it shoot that far, he sure loves it in his ass. Can you blame him?

Amateur Porn Video : Two toy bath time 1080p

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Two toy bath time 1080p

Two vibrators for some good clean, sudsy fun! One in my pussy, the smaller in my ass. It's been awhile since I've let myself bring toys into the tub, and I've definitely missed it. It felt so good I came twice!

Amateur Porn Video : I'll help you jerk off if you cum in my mouth

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I'll help you jerk off if you cum in my mouth

"Let me tell you how to jerk it. Start at this pace. Oh, yeah, that's good. I'm so excited for you to bust in my mouth, baby." I lead you along with my instructions, telling you to play with your balls, the head of your cock. I want that cum in my mouth so very bad. After giving you instructions for awhile, and showing you my size C boobs, I realize that I just can't wait for you to cum, I have to take matters into my own hands... or mouth. I suck you off, gagging on your cock and telling you how much I want that cum sliding down my throat. "Please give it to me, I need to feel it pulsing in my mouth." Are you going to fill my mouth with your hot, sexy cum?

Amateur Porn Video : Double penetration with my fingers

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Double penetration with my fingers

Sometimes you just want a little something extra, and today... I want more. I bend over and show you my cute asshole before sticking my middle finger deep inside. It feels so good, but I bet a finger in my pussy would make it even better. What do you know, I was right! I finger fuck myself in my pussy and ass from behind, and then I lay on my back so you can see more clearly. It feels great and when I cum, I cum hard. With the camera close, I show you my pulsing asshole post-orgasm. I even stretch it a little wider.

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbate to my all natural smells, my pussy and pits (1080p)

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Masturbate to my all natural smells, my pussy and pits (1080p)

Let's take part in some sensual play together. Not everyone has the same tastes as us, but we know how to enjoy all of the body's pleasures together. My pussy smells divine, natural, slightly sweet, slightly musky. I tell you to stroke your cock, giving you gentle encouragement as I smell my panties and encourage you to do the same. I want you to smell all of me, to be so very intimate with me right now. I lift my arms for you so you can inhale the unique scent of my underarms. Keep stroking for me. I'm going to spread my pussy for you to smell next.

Amateur Porn Video : In a G-string, shaking, smacking and rubbing my ass and natural pussy (1080p)

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In a G-string, shaking, smacking and rubbing my ass and natural pussy (1080p)

In this video I use several camera angles to enjoy myself in my tiny black g-string. The back is minuscule, the front is see through. I shake it back and forth, dipping my round ass in front of camera. When I slip my hand down the front, you can see through my panties to my fingers caressing my eager pussy. I bounce my ass with my hands, making the cheeks jiggle everywhere. I slip the little thong off and spread my cheeks wide in front of you. Don't you want a taste?

Amateur Porn Video : Messily sucking and gagging on dragon cock (1080p)

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Messily sucking and gagging on dragon cock (1080p)

Ever since I got this Bad Dragon toy I can't seem to keep my hands, or mouth, off of it! I got it custom, to match my sea monster fantasies. I slide it into my mouth, sucking on it and loving how it feels at the back of my throat. This dragon has a little surprise... if I suck hard enough, a little cum will fill my mouth. Throughout the clip I suck that pre-cum out, playing with it in my mouth. The pointy tip of the cock really triggers my gag reflex, sometimes just a quiet cough, sometimes a really large choke. Come watch me please this monster in a best, sloppiest way I know how.

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