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Hey guys, I'm Afiya, thanks for stopping by! I'm still in the process of getting most of my videos uploaded, so keep checking back for new goodies! I make custom videos as well, shoot me a message to order one :)

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  • Amateur Porn Model Afiya Foxx
Amateur Porn Video : Twerking Workout

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Twerking Workout

This was a custom video, please send me a message if you would like your own! No names are used in this clip. In this video I twerk the entire video to an upbeat hip hop song. This was a workout! my poor legs were so tired afterwards :)

Amateur Porn Video : Topless Spit Fetish

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Topless Spit Fetish

I have had a lot of request to do videos involving spit, so this is my first one, but I've had a lot in private cam shows! This video involves spitting on my hands and breast mostly, I use a dildo to make more spit throughout the clip.

Amateur Porn Video : Makeup Brush Clit Massage

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Makeup Brush Clit Massage

I saw a gif of a woman having her clit rubbed with a brush and I thought "Hmmm that might feel pretty good". So I take one of my makeup brushes, lie back, and enjoy this amazing clit massage that got me soaking wet. This session lasted about half an hour so I cut it down to make it shorter. Amazing contracting orgasm at the end.

Amateur Porn Video : Sloppy Slurping

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Sloppy Slurping

I bought a new dildo recently and wanted to know how it would feel in my mouth. This is a short video, but definitely a goody if you love the sound of a woman slurping on a wet cock. I get the dildo really wet and begin slurping and sucking, I also attempt to deepthroat it a little as well.

Amateur Porn Video : Ass Ass Ass

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Ass Ass Ass

Please excuse my wet pussy guys, I've just been so horny!!!! This is for the men or women that love ass! No talking just showing off my beautiful round brown, oiling it, and spreading it open to give you a view of my tight asshole. This is not an anal masturbation video. Yes, that is olive oil

Amateur Porn Video : Creaming Like Crazy!!

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Creaming Like Crazy!!

Guys! This has to be one of my messiest videos I've ever made. My blanket was covered in my cum! This clip starts with me oiling my body completely until I'm glistening. After that, I take my dildo and begin stroking my pussy until a stream of cum starts creaming out of my pussy and running down my ass. I wasn't finished with myself just yet, because I then grab another toy, and being to fuck myself more giving different angles and positions. If you guys like my dirtier side and want to see me pleasure myself until I moan "I can't take anymore" then this is the perfect video for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Sexy Oiled Stipdance to Reggaeton

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Sexy Oiled Stipdance to Reggaeton

This was a custom video in which I was instructed to dance to an upbeat song. The video begins with a short twerking introduction, then the music changes to another song and I begin my choegraphed routine gradually removing my bikini. You get to enjoy watching my naked oiled body bounce , roll, and jiggle to the beat. I had a lot of fun performing for this video!

Amateur Porn Video : Phone Sex With My Crush

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Phone Sex With My Crush

*Roleplay* Lonely, single, and horny Afiya spends another night wishing she had a man to please her. She decides to text her crush some sexy pictures and he tells her to call him right away. When they get on the phone it's obvious that the two are hot for one another and both want to fuck...but have to resort to the n next best thing, phone sex. Afiya talks dirty to her crush explaining all of the nasty things she wants to do. She instructs him to stroke his dick while she rubs her pussy until they both cum. *Audio in the very beginning is a little unclear, but improves greatly in the remainder of the video. *

Amateur Porn Video : FIRST Girl on Girl video

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FIRST Girl on Girl video

Yes, it's true! I've finally recorded a girl on girl video with the beautiful Raven Bliss @ChocloateParadi. In this video you will see A LOT of sensual pussy eating and fingering in different positions including 69!

Amateur Porn Video : Anal Orgasms

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Anal Orgasms

Work and school have been driving me CRAZY! I've been so stressed and I need a good orgasm. I rarely do anal because my asshole is so tight and it takes awhile to get any kind of toy in it. I get my ass nice and lubed up, and insert my new vibrating anal beads. Then I bring out my Hitachi wand, to make my experience even more pleasurable!

Amateur Porn Video : The Roommate

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The Roommate

Poor Afiya just moved to a new city and the loneliness and horniness is starting to take a toll on her. She's been eyeing her sexy roommate for some time now and decides to finally make a move on him tonight. Afiya grabs her phone and texts him to come into her room so she can seduce and fuck him. Unfortunately, the roommate has just broken up with his girlfriend and is not ready to be sexually active again. Afiya is not giving up yet because she's been dying to see his cock so she suggest that they engage in some "mutual masturbation" while she dirty talks to them...and one day when the time is right they'll do the real thing.

Amateur Porn Video : Control It While I Tease

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Control It While I Tease

How long can you hold your orgasm? How long can you watch me tease and talk dirty talk to you until you explode? How long can you imagine fucking me on my bed with nothin but my cute heels on until you've had enough? Let's try it out. You have to promise me you want skip through or fast fast forward this video to see me naked. I want you to control that orgasm until the very end when I tell you to release your cum. Good luck!

Amateur Porn Video : Edging to My Own Porn

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Edging to My Own Porn

I've been so fucking horny lately, and I rarely post masturbation videos anymore. I had just gotten off cam, and wanting to finish myself off with an orgasm using my favorite toy. In this video I turn on one of my videos "Eye Rolling Orgasm with Three Toys" and edge until I can't take anymore and have to release.

Amateur Porn Video : Leave Your Wife!

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Leave Your Wife!

"You damn right I'm mad! I saw you with your ugly ass wife at the mall yesterday and it looks like you two were having a great time! When you gave me this ring you told me that you were going to leave her, and be with me! So what's it gonna be? Either you leave her or I'm gone and I mean it this you serious?....well we're stil not having sex because I'm upset with you but I guess I can help you a little. We have to hurry so you can get back home and let your wife know that you're leaving her for a younger and hotter woman!" *Roleplay, and jerk off instruction video w/ cum countdown at the end

Amateur Porn Video : Undressing After An Intense Workout

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Undressing After An Intense Workout

Whew! I just worked out so hard, and I sweated so much that I could feel it running down my shorts! It's time to remove my waist cincher and let you see all the sweat that it collected as well as the sweat on my stomach and back. Now I have to remove all of my damp clothing including socks and shoes so I can jump in the shower!

Amateur Porn Video : Porn Makes Me Wet

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Porn Makes Me Wet

I find it amazing how my pussy starts off dry and gradually gets crazy wet as I rub my clit. In this video I watch porn and rub my clit until I orgasm , watch how my vagina contracts and pulsates at the end =] *Face is not shown in this video*

Amateur Porn Video : Sexy Fashion Show

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Sexy Fashion Show

*This was a custom video if you want your own please email me!* This fashion show has three categories topless, no bottoms, and then completely nude with an accessory. I walk back and forth showing off my outfits and beautiful body. There are a total of 18 walks.

Amateur Porn Video : Dancing Jerk Off Instructions

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Dancing Jerk Off Instructions

This was a custom video name used is "Brandon". I was to give a jerk off instruction in the beginning, strip out of my top and skirt of the video, and then turn on a song and give a sexy slow dance in the fishnets and thong I have underneath. After the song was over I come back to the camera for a little more dirty talk and end with a cum countdown from 10 instructing to cum all over my face.

Amateur Porn Video : You're Addicted JOI

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You're Addicted JOI

I've seen the way you've been watching me, how you come by to talk to me. You are absolutely addicted to me, and you had to come back for me. It's ok, I can help you out with that , you're not ready to be completely unfaithful to your significant other so let's do the next best thing. Pull down your pants, take out your cock and let me encourage you to stroke it for me. Now this will take some hard work, because the catch is you can't cum until I say so. Take it slow, and control that orgasm until I count down from 5 and allow you to drain yourself. Can you do that?

Amateur Porn Video : 14 full length Hitachi videos!

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14 full length Hitachi videos!

Yup! I've compiled 14 old and new videos using my wand and Hitachi, I have an orgasm in ALL of these videos. Enjoy!

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