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Joined Jul.12, 2015
Height 5'9"
Weight 130 lbs
Body Type Athletic
Bra Size 34B
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black

Adi Lockheart

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I'm a trans cam girl, you can catch me regularly on chaturbate. I'm not always covered in blood, I swear.

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Amateur Porn Video : Smoking in Red

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Smoking in Red

Smoking a cigarette by the window

Amateur Porn Video : ~cUmMiEs~

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you want cummies u got em

Amateur Porn Video : Friday Night

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Friday Night

Armpit licking. Playing with tits, ass and jacking off while standing over you lit in LED lighting

Amateur Porn Video : My Messy Room

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My Messy Room

In this 20 minute clip you'll see me tease my cock through my tights. I'll cut and shred the tights to pieces and tease and fuck my asshole with my fingers and a small dildo while laying in a pile of clothes in my messy room. Then I'll get off from stroking and playing with my wand.

Amateur Porn Video : Bathroom Cleaning

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Bathroom Cleaning

Watch me scrub the bathroom clean on my hands and knees. I gag myself and drool plenty in this clip.

Amateur Porn Video : Brushing Teeth

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Brushing Teeth

You know you've been real dirty when you have to brush your teeth twice. Wearing red lipstick and having fun spitting all over myself in a variety of lighting.

Amateur Porn Video : Excercises & Booty

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Excercises & Booty

Doing some excercises and yoga, working on my booty. I got a big mystery bruise on my ass somehow... I end it with some butt jiggles and spankings.

Amateur Porn Video : Birthday Cake

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Birthday Cake

I'm gonna eat this fucking cake. Like reeeeeal sloppy.

Amateur Porn Video : Birthday Cake Cam Show

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Birthday Cake Cam Show

I set up my camera during my birthday cam show surprise! In this clip I play with the icing and tease my nipples with icing before I start to devour the cake and smear it on my body.

Amateur Porn Video : After Shower Orgasm

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After Shower Orgasm

Watch me masturbate after my shower in this very oh so purple clip.

Amateur Porn Video : Balloon Popping

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Balloon Popping

Watch me sit on and squeeze these balloons until they pop!

Amateur Porn Video : Shower Tease

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Shower Tease

Watch me wash my body, tease my cock and ass and shave my legs in the shower!

Amateur Porn Video : Lotion Legs and Toenail Painting

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Lotion Legs and Toenail Painting

I lotion my legs and feet after a hot shower and paint my toe nails.

Amateur Porn Video : Louise 13 and Adi

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Louise 13 and Adi

Lucky Louise 13 (cis woman) and Adi Lockheart (trans woman) in a sexy scene, including oral, rimming, fucking (adi penetrating louise,) etc. We both cum in this 36 minute video and its a little dark since this was a spontaneous idea to turn on a camera and it wasn't planned at all. <3

Amateur Porn Video : Aubrey and Adi Cam Show

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Aubrey and Adi Cam Show

Aubrey Bix and I recorded our cam show from early 2015. Over an hour with lots of oral and 69ing.

Amateur Porn Video : Butt Plug and Jerk Off

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Butt Plug and Jerk Off

My ass is so tight! In this video I play with my new butt plug and jerk off.

Amateur Porn Video : The Hitachi Strikes Back

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The Hitachi Strikes Back

Adi cums, using a good 'ol fashion hitachi.

Amateur Porn Video : Cupcake Smashing

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Cupcake Smashing

Taylor and I smash cupcakes with our feet and rub them together in the tub. :)

Amateur Porn Video : Self Bondage and Hitachi Cam Show

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Self Bondage and Hitachi Cam Show

Watch me spank myself, tie myself up and cum with my hitachi in this 21 minute cam show. (edited to save you the trouble of skipping around and the file size.) and yes my makeup is all kindsa bizarre on this show... and yes thats a pigeon on my stomach... :p

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