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I'm Acid-Kitty. I like weird dildos, bondage, powerful vibrators, doing slutty things in public (and private too of course! ;) ) costumes and sooo much more than I can even list!! I love making fetish content!

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Fidgeting Fatty Ignores You video by Acid Kitty

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Fidgeting Fatty Ignores You

I sit and play with my fidget spinner. I am clearly bored, I glance around the room and adjust my clothes, but I never acknowledge your presence

Cumming Outside video by Acid Kitty

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Cumming Outside

My satisfyer is a super intense clitoral toy that is very easy to disguise under pants! This gives me the great idea to turn the toy on & place it in my underwear, and go outside! I sit on my balcony and wait for the toy to make me cum, pretending to be playing on my phone. I cum multiple times, eventually getting so turned on that I show off my tits & pussy for the camera.

I need Your Dick video by Acid Kitty

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I need Your Dick

Your dick is all I have been able to think about lately. I can't stop masturbating while imagining you inside of whatever part of me you choose to fuck. I tell you how obsessed I am with your dick, and eventually pull out a huge, ejaculating dildo and ride it until I cum. While I am cumming, I slip up ana accidentally call you Daddy. Afterwards, I show off my cum filled pussy for the camera.

Struggling to fit into XL Shorts video by Acid Kitty

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Struggling to fit into XL Shorts

I bought these shorts roughly a year ago, and now they barely fit! Watch as I struggle to get these tiny shorts over my ass. Eventually I succeed, but my belly proves to be too much for the tiny shorts. As I bounce around, my belly pushes the shorts down until they are nearly completely hidden under it!

May Measurements video by Acid Kitty

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May Measurements

This is the latest installment in my series of measurement videos! I measure my hips, waist, and breasts, and even my arms and legs! I feel fatter than ever, after measuring myself I describe all the delicious fatty foods I've been stuffing myself with, and talk about how much I hope to get fatter!

I want Him to be my Daddy video by Acid Kitty

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I want Him to be my Daddy

In an extremely unique video, I reveal a part of myself that I have never shown before. I talk about a man who I have feelings for, well, one feeling: Lust. He is an older man, at least twice my age, and while he doesn't even really know I exist, I want him desperately. While masturbating with my most intense clitoral vibrator, I describe all the dirty things I want to do with him, and have multiple orgasms just thinking about it.

Belly Button Exploration video by Acid Kitty

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Belly Button Exploration

I show off my belly button, just for you! I use a q-tip to measurement the depth, and invite you to smell it once it is covered in sweat from my deep, sexy belly button. As I tease you, I get more and more turned on and every touch of my belly button starts to feel as if I am rubbing my clit. I quickly build myself up to an intense, surprising orgasm and I loudly cum for you while caressing my belly button.

Slow Motion Fat Jiggle video by Acid Kitty

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Slow Motion Fat Jiggle

I love to jiggle my big, squishy body for you! To make it even more fun, this video has various speeds of slow motion. At the slowest points of the video, I am jiggling my body the hardest, and you can see every little bounce and movement of all my fat rolls. The slowed down sound of my moans and breaths are transformed into a whale song that matches perfectly with my big, beautiful body.

Interview JOE video by Acid Kitty

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Interview JOE

Your name is David, you are a guitarist in a band, and you're interviewing a new personal assistant. Your stuffy manager has been weeding out the more interesting applicants, and so far, no one has appealed to you. That is, until I walk in. My good girl act was enough to fool your manager into giving me an opportunity to impress you. After some small talk, I tease you with my big tits, and when I see your massive boner through your pants, I BEG to see your huge cock. I kiss it, and encourage you to jerk off for me, until you finally finish on my face at the count of '10'. I thank you absolutely profusely for your cum! Originally a custom.

Holographic Hottie video by Acid Kitty

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Holographic Hottie

Wearing only a holographic bodysuit, heels and a collar I dance for you, enticing you with a slow strip tease. Once I am naked, I cover myself in oil mixed with iridescent glitter that makes my entire body sparkle and glow. Everything gets so slippery that I can't take it any more and just HAVE to fuck myself with a glass dildo until I cum.

Trying on Tiny Bikinis video by Acid Kitty

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Trying on Tiny Bikinis

I try on three of my favourite swimsuits that I have grown far too big for, along side footage of me wearing them in the past when I was much smaller. My belly bulges out over the bottoms of each bikini, covering them almost completely while my huge tits spill out of each of the tops, my back fat overlapping the tiny strings as they struggle to hold all of my fat in place. This video really highlights just how much I have gained in the past two years!

Fat Goth Hates Small Dicks video by Acid Kitty

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Fat Goth Hates Small Dicks

I use two dildos to give you a very clear image of just how small your dick is. One is about eleven inches total, while the other is barely a single inch. I'm sure you can guess which one represents you, right, bitch boy? I laugh at your tiny dick, calling it a pinky, and flick it painfully. I know all you want is to suck on the other, massive dildo, but at the end of the video I order you to go do some chores for me instead.

Fat Goth Chick Loves Dick video by Acid Kitty

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Fat Goth Chick Loves Dick

I begin by showing off my body for you, and then fuck myself with one of the largest dildos I own. Eventually, the camera swaps to more of a pov-style angle as I begin to ride the dildo. My big tits and soft stomach are bouncing right in the camera, and I finally cum while riding the thick dildo.

Fat Slut Needs Your Cock video by Acid Kitty

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Fat Slut Needs Your Cock

I spend this entire video begging you for your cock, telling you how much I need it. This is one of the very first porn videos I ever made to sell, and it was originally a custom. I cum multiple times in multiple positions, showing off my pussy and asshole. Since this is older content, it is only 720p.

Ultra Fattening 1260 Calorie Stuffing video by Acid Kitty

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Ultra Fattening 1260 Calorie Stuffing

I eat a whole cake in one sitting! The entire cake totals a delightfully fattening 1260 calories, and I eat every last bite, stopping only to get a glass of chocolate milk. At first, I try to take it slow, but the cake is so delicious that soon I am stuffing it into my mouth with my bare hands, what doesn’t end up in my mouth covers my face and titties. As I finish the last of the cake, I move up close so that my fat belly fills the frame, and you can hear as I am swallowing down the cake.

Opening Sun and Moon Base Topless video by Acid Kitty

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Opening Sun and Moon Base Topless

A very casual, almost candid video. I open up three packs of sun & moon base set while my big titties are out. I manage to pull a solgaleo GX!

Christmas Lights Cum video by Acid Kitty

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Christmas Lights Cum

I get bored while decorating and decide to film myself playing with a glass dildo, while laying on colorful Christmas lights. I reedited this so it is now brighter than the first time it was uploaded!

Festive Farts And Holiday Burps video by Acid Kitty

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Festive Farts And Holiday Burps

I drink a peppermint mocha & eat some gingerbread cookies in the first, sped up portion of this video. Then, I burp and fart loudly for you, showing off my smoothly shaved asshole with each fart.

All I want for Christmas is Cock video by Acid Kitty

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All I want for Christmas is Cock

I've been so horny lately, any cock will do. I masturbate with my big, red canine dildo while wearing christmas lingerie. After my first orgasm, I move the camera in for a close up and cum again.

First Farting Clip video by Acid Kitty

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First Farting Clip

In my first farting clip ever, I wear a tiny red thong that covers absolutely nothing and display my tiny little asshole just for you. The camera is so close that you can see my asshole expanding with every fart, and even the tiny blonde hairs lining my ass that are normally invisible!

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