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I'm Acid-Kitty. I like weird dildos, bondage, powerful vibrators, doing slutty things in public (and private too of course! ;) ) costumes and sooo much more than I can even list!! I love making fetish content!

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Fat Schoolgirl Farts in Your Face video by Acid Kitty

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Fat Schoolgirl Farts in Your Face

I'm so embarrassed! I couldn't stop farting at school today! What? You want to see? Well, okay, I can't believe you like this, though! I bend over and fart right in your face, giggling you and teasing you while releasing some of the biggest and loudest farts I've caught on video yet! Includes some bonus burping as well.

Anal Dildo Ride video by Acid Kitty

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Anal Dildo Ride

Beginning on my side, I attempt to fuck my asshole with one of my largest dildos. As it slips into my asshole, I writhe in pleasure. I switch to riding it, and though I can't manage to fit much of the massive thing inside of me, I quickly cum from the intense pleasure.

Wetting the Bed video by Acid Kitty

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Wetting the Bed

I suddenly have to pee REALLY badly! I don’t have time to get to the bathroom, I’m going to burst! Watch as I pee right in bed, soaking my panties and a towel all the way through to my blankets.

Fatty Gets Winded Riding Dick video by Acid Kitty

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Fatty Gets Winded Riding Dick

I'm getting so fat that riding dick exhausts me now! I bounce enthusiastically on a 9" dick, slamming my pussy down on it again and again. It doesn't take long before I am panting in exhaustion as well as pleasure. When I cum, my leg cramps up and I collapse into an exhausted puddle, as I struggle to catch my breath!

A Fat Girl's Revenge video by Acid Kitty

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A Fat Girl's Revenge

I'm so frustrated, all my friends keep giving me shit for gaining weight! It was one thing to hear it from my doctor, but these skinny bitches do nothing but smoke weed and eat fries all damn day! And they think they have a right to be 'concerned' about MY health? Well, I know they're just jealous, but I have a plan to get them back. I'll feed them 'special' brownies laced with weight gain powder and extra butter! Soon they'll be even fatter than me!

Plugged Ass Dildo Fuck video by Acid Kitty

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Plugged Ass Dildo Fuck

I begin by stretching my asshole with a black, glass plug. I struggle with it, but eventually I manage to fit the entire thing in my ass. I then fuck my pussy with a huge 9" dildo, but the plug begins slipping out! So, I find a MUCH bigger plug, a large, jeweled one, and fill my asshole with it. I struggle with it, convinced it won't fit, but eventually it too makes its way into my asshole! Finally, I am able to cum while my ass is plugged and my pussy stuffed with the massive silicone cock.

Farting in Lingerie video by Acid Kitty

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Farting in Lingerie

I bend over in front of you and pull my sexy black panties down. As my ass spreads open for you, I begin to fart loudly right in your face! This video contains the best farts I've managed to capture on video yet!

Taco Tuesday video by Acid Kitty

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Taco Tuesday

While wearing sexy black lingerie, I stuff my belly full of tacos! I moan in delight with every bite, and burp throughout the video and towards the end, I also fart for you. I even challenge myself to finish a whole taco in just two bites! Once my belly is full, I show you just how huge it has become.

Hooked on Anal video by Acid Kitty

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Hooked on Anal

It's been such a long time since I had an opportunity to play with my anal hook! I decide to insert it into my asshole, and tie it into my pony tail! Every time I move my head, I can feel my asshole being stretched. The feeling is incredibly intense, and when I add a clitoral toy to the mix, it all becomes too much and sends me over the edge!

Fat Pain Slut video by Acid Kitty

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Fat Pain Slut

I need to be punished! But since I don't have a dom, I'm just going to have to do it myself! I gag myself with a spider gag, attach clover clamps to my nipples, and alligator clamps to my pussy lips. Next, I begin to slap myself all over with a leather strap. My tits, pussy, thighs and tummy are all bright red by the time I finish. The pain turns me on so much that I begin to masturbate while I continue to slap myself all over. By the end of the video, I am absolutely covered in drool!

Fatty Loves Riding Dick video by Acid Kitty

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Fatty Loves Riding Dick

I love riding dick! Watch me bounce on this incredibly realistic dildo until I cum. My big ass jiggles with every bounce, as I bring myself closer and closer to orgasm.

Sleepytime Cum video by Acid Kitty

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Sleepytime Cum

It’s been a long day and I just want to nap, but my body won’t allow it! I lay there, frustrated, squirming around and removing more and more clothes until finally I realized I need to cum, NOW, before I can pass out. I sift through the drawer beside my bed in search of a vibrator that is charged until I locate my satisfyer, and make myself cum three times!

Fatty Spanks Herself video by Acid Kitty

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Fatty Spanks Herself

I NEED a spanking, but there’s no one around to give me one! I guess I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands, and redden my own fat ass!

I'm In Love With You video by Acid Kitty

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I'm In Love With You

I’ve fallen for you! What began as an intense physical attraction has evolved into so much more. Imagine how romantic it would be for us both to spend the day together, both playing skyrim on our own computers! I prefer solo gaming just like you. I’d love to fuck you, and even though I am sure you are into someone else, I’d be more than happy to let both of you use me for sex! As I talk about all the things I’d like to do with you, I get more and more turned on and start masturbating until I finally cum while describing the threesome I’d love to have with you!

I Love My Bikini video by Acid Kitty

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I Love My Bikini

I spent a long day at the beach, and realized I just HAD to tell you all about it! I wore my tiniest bikini, and the stares I got were just so arousing! I even brought snacks, and seeing the disapproving looks as I chowed down on my massive sandwich made me wetter than I've ever been! 

Close Up Pussy Play video by Acid Kitty

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Close Up Pussy Play

I give you the perfect, up close and personal view of my pink, dripping wet pussy. Originally I intend to just show it off, but doing so makes me so horny that I can't help myself, and I start masturbating. I make myself cum twice before I am finally satisfied!

I Split my Shorts video by Acid Kitty

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I Split my Shorts

I recently managed to split open the belly of my XXL comfy shorts! To think, just last summer these were BAGGY on me! They began to rip while I was out in public, and it became harder and harder to conceal! It was so embarrassing, but so arousing at the same time. I can’t wait til I’m fat enough to bust out of all my clothes! I get so turned on talking about it that I start absent mindedly playing with my pussy as I discuss just how fat I wish to get!

Showing My Ass video by Acid Kitty

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Showing My Ass

While wearing sexy black stockings, I spread my fat ass for you, showing off my pussy and asshole. Doing so makes me so horny that I have to start playing with my clit! It isn’t long before I am moaning, and cumming for you!

Fatter by the Day video by Acid Kitty

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Fatter by the Day

I talk about how much fatter I've been getting, and all the sugary, carb heavy foods I've been eating recently. My tummy spills out from beneath my bustier no matter how I try to conceal it. Even my pussy is fat and squeezable now! I show off and wiggle all my jiggly parts for you while talking about how much fatter I hope to get.

Surprise Swimsuit Squirting video by Acid Kitty

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Surprise Swimsuit Squirting

My brand new swimsuit is so hot and revealing that it gets me wet just wearing it! The more I show off my body, the more turned on I become until I need to start masturbating right then and there! I grab a glass dildo and fuck myself, hard, until I cum and to my surprise, I even squirt!

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